April 5, 2017
Things He Sailed Today 
By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host  

If flowers lead to romance and romance incorporates music, then consider me married! Ok, I AM married, but except for August of 2015, the recent months of February and March were my most romantic in rock history, because yours truly fell in love with a double dose of rock & roll on board The Flower Power Cruise & The 70's Rock and Romance Cruise a week later.

On The Flower Power, we got reacquainted with Micky Dolenz, Spencer Davis, The Zombies, Vanilla Fudge, The Family Stone, Eric Burdon, The Yardbirds, Three Dog Night, The Lovin' Spoonful, Rare Earth and The Fifth Dimension.

Plus we "danced through the night and we held each other tight" with Beatle bands Britbeat and Jukebox, along with the guitar-artistry of Hal Bruce and Jimmy Maddox on the keys.

Each band played at least two shows, then took part in up-close-and-personal Q&A's that had us all in stitches. 
Best of all, it was easy to say hello to the stars and get something signed, shake a hand or take a quick pic as they were all easily accessible and friendly.

Five nights left me and the 2000 other classic rockers on board yearning for more, so next year's FPC will be 7 nights and includes a stop in Aruba. Book early for a guaranteed cabin.

Use promo code "Beatle Brunch" to $ave.

We had 400 fans on stand-by for this last one so don't miss the boat.
Rockin' and Romancin':  

Having returned smelling like incense and peppermints, many of us jumped back on the ship a week later for The 70's Rock and Romance Cruise (R&R). Hard to say which cruise was better. Both! For me, I checked off a box on my bucket list by personally interviewing Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell from America, asking them of their memories recording with George Martin and which of their songs is most "Beatlesque".

Listen for their answer on The Brunch and on video soon.
We really tested the limits of the ship's amps when The Orchestra took the stage to play a 90-minute set of note-perfect ELO songs.

We enjoyed shows by Peter "F-'n" Frampton, Little River Band, Christopher Cross, Ambrosia, Orleans, Firefall, Player, Chuck Negron and the hilarious & supremely talented, Stephen Bishop, who helped us re-live, vicariously through him, the legendary guitar-smashing scene from Animal House.
We close out with the story of a man named Brady, actually Barry Williams. What a blast!

Introducing Beatle Brunch to The Brady Bunch was a personal thrill and sharing the stage and mic with Barry was comedy gold (wait till you see the DVD).

Barry was generous and loveable to the fans, even though he's no Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!
Hey Guess Who's gonna be on next year's R&R Cruise? That's right, The Guess Who, along with a dozen others including Styx, War and Grammy® Winner Michael McDonald. Book now! And check out the pics on the Beatle Brunch Facebook page. "Like" the page, then scroll way down for lots of photos from both cruises. 
Our Favorite Stars Walk on Water @ Abbey Road on the River

We've just toweled off from The 70's Rock and Romance cruise, but now we're getting ready to kick off summer by heading to our annual pilgrimage in Louisville north, Abbey Road on the River, Memorial weekend May 25-29. 

This new venue, just across the river from Louisville will have more than 10 stages for top talent to perform, including Peter Asher, Peter Noone, Mark Lindsay, The Family Stone, The Jake Clemmons Band and at least 60 Beatles Tribute Bands, plus a mini Wing's reunion starring Laurence Juber, Steve Holley & Denny Laine.

There will be lots of chances for pics, selfies and autographs and of course days and nights filled with Fab Four tunes. This is the most amazing music Beatles festival you can imagine, limited only by your ability to get up early and stay up late!

Save on your full weekend "Ticket to Ride" passes by using the promo code " BeatleBrunch" when you book here.

Pepper Turns 50 and What Are They Up To?

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is officially old enough to get their AARP subscription, but listening to the music makes us feel 15 again! But, what's up at Apple and The Beatles website? A few weeks ago, they posted this cryptic color collage.

The Beatle blogs have all come alive with reports that just two copies of the remastered "Pepper" were sent out: One to Paul and one to Ringo. The ringed one was said to have listened to the new mix from start to finish with Keith Allison, former bassist for Paul Revere and The Raiders, who said Ringo invited him to an exclusive listening party (just him and Ringo), where they listened to the remastered Pepper in Ringo's personal Man Cave. Read his story here. 

Ringo's Tour 2017 a Flashback to Previous ASBs

Ringo's 2017 All Starr Band is looking a lot like his 2016, 2015 and 2014 bands! I guess when you've got the formula, why mess with it? Ringo's back on the road beginning in October with Steve Lukather, Greg Rolie, Todd Rundgren, Richard Page and Warren Ham. 

Ringo's playing many cities for multiple nights, so you should finding tickets Should Come Easy! Click here for the tour dates and cities. 

She Keeps on Playin' Those
Mind Games!
...Stop oh yeah, wait a minute, Ms. Jennifer sent us a note!

Hi, Joe!
Thank you so much ~ I definitely hit the jackpot playing Mind Games! I'm glad I forgot what the prize was because it was so much fun being surprised ~ especially by this extraordinary album sitting on my doorstep in the sunshine when I opened the door this morning! WHAT a nice, classy, beautiful prize! And it smells so good! Ha, ha, ha! You know the way freshly cracked open albums smell! And the packaging creaks! I love that! All of that and the sound is so pristine, like you said! Wow! Thank you! I hope you have a really happy week! Happily, Jennifer (Mind Games Winner)

You too can win our weekly prize. Just listen to The Brunch for the question in the last segment. Answer @ brunchradio.com or tweet your answer @beatlebrunch.

No Games, Just Beatle Buds This Thursday Night

It's almost time, and we're thirsting for First Thursday, our monthly live chat with Beatle Buds in and out of The Beatle Brunch Club. This Thursday at 8 pm eastern, we'll be waxing poetic about Paul's newly remastered "Flowers in the Dirt" CDs, plus trying to put the Pepper Puzzle together about the upcoming re-release of The Beatles' landmark album. Join us won't you?

Just log on to The Beatle Brunch Club at 8 pm Thursday and pop in and say Hello Goodbye. There's no cost of course, so look for this red banner and click it Thursday at 8.

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