December 13, 2016
Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host  

Interplanetary remix, page 444!  Well, here we go! Christmastime is here again. It ain't been 'round since who knows when.  To quote Ringo, "It's been a funny year". For me, it's the first time since I started in broadcast radio in 1978, that I'm not working a day-to-day radio station job. That means that I get to spend most days in my home-studio, below, producing the show and segments for, voicing local and national commercials, doing some video work and on camera hosting, and massaging our Beatle Brunch social media channels with the "Help!" of the amazing Cait!   

It's been a fantastic time for me to slow down and enjoy this amazing journey I'm on. As a newlywed, I get to have more fun adventures with Coop. We've driven to Big Pine Key singing "Deer Prudence" on the way down (the island is home to thousands of Key Deer), ridden our bikes on Hutchinson Island, FL, we've traveled to the northeast to see family, and hit the left-coast where we renewed our vows in breathtaking Carmel-by-the-sea, topping off the day with dinner at Clint Eastwood's Mission Restaurant.  Do I feel lucky? You bet I do.

Opening up my life and schedule to new things has given me the spark to open up Beatle Brunch as well. So that's where this is going! I've added new and exciting blended themes to the show, introduced more cover bands and tribute artists like The Jukebox and Peter Conrad, wrapped the show around themes by grouping songs together by color or lyrics, and playing a greater amount of solo and peripheral music from Badfinger, Billy Preston and the cover songs that are splashed all over Netflix' awesomely animated Beat Bugs television series.

So now that I've opened up the show to new ideas, I really need yours too. I love posting theme suggestions on our facebook page, Beatlebrunchshow, and then watching the page fill-up with ideas from all you passionate fans. You can post ideas to me too! I read them all.  And to take it another step further, beginning December 14th, we're going to open up The Beatle Brunch Club to everyone on the planet for 12 Beatle-ful days. We call it The 12 Days of The BBC, because you and your friends can log on and try out the site as a member, our gift to you, with full access for these dozen days, December 14-25, our Christmas gift to you.

Get 12 Free Days of The Beatle Brunch Club!

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Of course, we hope you like The BBC so much that you decide to become a family member for just pennies a day, or give the gift of The Beatle Brunch Club to a friend or family member.  Try it here, and let us know what you think. The free-view starts this Wednesday 12/14. "Happy Christmas Kyoko. Happy Christmas Julian".   O-U-T spells "out".

It's My Freedom! Livin' in The BBC

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Paul's Grammy Nominations are a Tug-of-War

Once again Sir Paul finds himself among rock, pop, rap country and spoken word royalty.  Paul's in the mix to pick-up two Grammy Awards on February 12th, 2017.
As a Beatle, he had a hand (or voice) in 8 awards, and as a solo artist, he was recognized in 11 more, most recently for "Live Kisses", which won for Best Music Film in 2014.

The first nomination this go round is for Best Boxed Set or Limited Edition Package for the excellent remastering and re-release of:

Tug of War (Deluxe Edition) - Simon Earith & James Musgrave, art directors (Paul McCartney)

And the second Grammy nod for Best Remixed Recording, for the funky and spacey dance mix of:

Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Five (Timo Maas & James Teej Remix) - Timo Maas & James Teej, remixers (Paul McCartney & Wings) You can hear this remix on our home page in Brunch Bytes.

Good luck Sir Paul! Of course, let's not remix back to 1968, when "Hey Jude" lost to "Little Green Apples". We're so sorry, Uncle Albert.  Hey, THAT won in 1972!

Eight Days a Week:
Is Just Enough to Show They Care

The newly released "Eight Days a Week The Touring Years" blu rays have hit the streets, but Brunchers have been winning copies for several weeks already!  Hint: Listen to Beatle Brunch to win yours in Mind Games & Twitter.

Of course you get the full theatrical release on disc 1, with subtitles in 8 languages and various audio settings. Two things you won't find: A director's track for narration or behind the scenes info, and the Shea Stadium concert you may have seen at the theater following the feature, are not included. That will most likely be its own release down the road. Bonus disc 2 DOES have 100 minutes of supplemental material, including interviews with Peter Asher, Alan Williams, Elvis Costello and Ronnie Spector that didn't make the original cut.

You'll also get five previously unseen live performances (below), though the "Help!" performance from Blackpool Night out, 1965 can be found on The Beatles Anthology CD volume 1, released in 1995.

We know you will enjoy the show, but we've already heard Beatle fans asking, "What's next?" We hope the full Shea stadium concert will come out next. The theatrical showing was missing one song and it placed "She's a Woman" at the end of the concert.  It would have made much greater sense to edit it into its proper sequence in the film.  Or, perhaps Apple is fine-tuning "Let it Be" for release. Ha! That's hilarious!  I make myself laugh!

At least we have this nice 2-disc package that ANY Beatle fan would appreciate finding under their tree this holiday season.

And Who's This Susan When She's at Home?

We know who she is and right now she's scribbling out her packing list to join Joe Johnson and a shipload of 60's rock & roll superstars on The Flower Power Cruise sailing February 27th from The Port of Ft Lauderdale. Susan Gaetano is the grand prize winner of the cruise, chosen from hundreds and hundreds who entered to win through Beatle Brunch and Star Vista Live.

We've reserved a few deck chairs for your bum, so click this link to get the best Flower Power Cruise cabin price but make sure to use Beatlebrunch as your code.  Last year's winners (below) are still recovering! 

Abbey Road Turns the River into an Ocean!

Speaking of The Flower Power Cruise, huge news came down two weeks ago as Star Vista Live has teamed up with Gary Jacob at Abbey Road on the River to produce ALL future rock n' roll cruises and land events together, like the one happening May 25-29th in Jeffersonville, IN, starring Peter Noone, Peter Asher, The Family Stone, The Grass Roots, Ambrosia and at least 5-dozen Beatle bands rocking 10 stages all weekend long.

Book your tickets to join Joe Johnson hosting the weekend. Use Beatlebrunch as your code too, to get $30 off your "Ticket to Ride".

Remember, tickets make an excellent holiday gift! Click the banner below to get the special Beatle Brunch deal!

 Come Together at Abbey Road on the River   
with Joe Johnson as your Emcee


The Beatles' Classical Influence    Original Air Date Oct 14, 1997
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