November 2, 2016

All The Chatter That Matters

We don't start until 8 pm eastern, so it won't interfere with your early voting, but if you vote "John Paul George or Ringo", we'll elect YOU to come inside the Beatle Brunch Club chatroom this Thursday night, November 3rd from 8 to 9 pm.

We'll discuss everything Beatles - and nothing political, except, "who's your favorite Beatle first lady? Cyn, Yoko, Linda, Heather, Patti, Olivia, Nancy, Maureen or Barbara?"  See ya Thursday!

Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host  
Hey Brunchers, welcome back to another Fab read in the month we give thanks, November. Even though my Halloween cavities haven't even begun to hurt, a man with a flaming head tells us that the holidays are about to get very Beatley!   

First off, we've got the Yellow Submarine LEGO available now (see more below), plus in just two weeks, "Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years" will be out on DVD and blu-ray with hours of bonus footage to take us into the new year.

The frequent question we get is, "Will the Shea Stadium concert be included in that release?"  We can say with near certainty, "NO".  There are two reasons: One, there seems to be some litigation between Sid Bernstein's family, who owns the film footage, and Apple, who's been showing it in theaters, and two,  if and when it does come out, our sources say that Apple would want a dedicated Shea Stadium release and wouldn't just put it out as an ad-on to a film.  But now that we know it's available and looks Fab, we're happy to  "Wait".

Meanwhile, here at Beatle Brunch Headquarters  (above), we've been churning out new shows every week, with lots of Brunch listeners contributing, most recently to our "Sweet Apple Slices" show that aired last weekend, so thanks Mo!  And as you can also see in the photo above, Brunch host Joe J is planning our special "Remembering George" show airing later this month, with more fab contributions from fans and Beatle musicians, so if you wanna know a secret, listen. 

In The Blink of Paul's Eye-A NEW Song!

Sir Paulie has a new song out and we're excited to play it for you on this weekend's Beatle Brunch, but if you can't wait, click on one of the Brunch Bytes on our home page. Look for the graphic on the left.

Brunch Bytes are your new Ticket to Hear Fab clips and audio that we happen upon during the week, so Thanks Paul for your new song, "In the Blink of an Eye". We love  it!


Join the Club as a Member of the BBC!

 "I don't want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member", He Said He Said.

When legendary funny man Groucho Marx wrote those words in 1949, there was no Beatle Brunch Club.  Well, seeing as The Beatles liked being compared to The Marx Brothers in their first feature film, we just know that Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo (the 30's version of JPG&R) would all love hearing years of Beatle Brunches on-demand, plus Old Brown Shows going back to when Groucho was knee high to a beetle.

Members get SO many benefits, as listed above, including listening to the show a day early on Saturday.  So don't be a Groucho, join The Club!

Win-stagram With the Brunch Instagram!

Hey Brunchers, we now have an Instagram account for the show, it's " Beatle Brunch" and we'd love for you to follow us and share with us.

Speaking of sharing, we have YET to make our first Instagram post because we NEED your "Help!", so here's a deal for you: Send us an email with your post suggestion, if you can, include a photo that we can legally share to our followers. If we choose YOURS, we'll share it, plus Joe J will send you a copy of "The Beatles Live at The Hollywood Bowl" CD.  

So send your first post suggestion to OR post it on our facebook fan page.

LEGO My Ringo! (& Paul, George and John)

And our friends are all aboard, many more of them live next door, but they may move closer when they hear that the new LEGO Yellow Submarine, surfaces this week! By the time you open this, you can be opening THIS:

Click on their LEGO link for ordering and more. Ouch! Who left a LEGO piece on the kitchen floor?

Our John Lennon in The USA - Should He Go or Should He Stay?

A new book out now, details the struggles that John Lennon had in his quest to stay in the land of the free: the USA.

The struggle took place in the mid 70's and there were serious connections to President Richard Nixon, who wanted Lennon deported.  John was eventually awarded his "U.S. Resident Alien Registration" on July 4, 1976, but died before he could apply for U.S. Citizenship in 1981.

You can read all about it in the new book, " John Lennon vs. The USA: The Inside Story of the Most Bitterly Contested and Influential Deportation Case in United States History", by Lennon's attorney Leon Wildes, with foreword by Michael Wildes.

Look for Tom Frangione's excellent review in the latest Beatlefan Magazine.

Indiana Wants Him and So Does the Brunch! 

Congrats to Beatle Brunch Club member who always stands stout when it comes to his favorite band!

Tim Stout from Bloomington, Indiana wins the Bloomington our case, that's his choice of tees from Post Fab! Tim's "grandfather" will appreciate being off his chest for a few weeks!  Congrats Tim, and thanks for your loyalty in the Beatle Brunch Club!  pssst,  Hey you, non BBC member, listen up!

Join the Club like Tim and you could be our next winner of our monthly BBC Prize, plus get to hear every week's Beatle Brunch program on demand, with bonus tracks!

Full Speed Ahead, Mr. Captain!

Since the last time we spoke, or wrote, The Flower Power Cruise, sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale on February 27th with nearly 2 dozen rock superstars, is nearly sold out! BUT you can still join us on board! A very limited number of cabins remain for us to Rock and Roll at sea Flower Power style, so book your cabin while you still can!

OR how about this? Why not book your cabin on The '70s Rock & Romance Cruise, sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale March 11-16, 2017? The headlining talent will power the Celebrity Constellation for five full days: America, Peter Frampton, Little River Band, Steven Bishop. I could go "On and On" but you can just CLICK THE BANNER BELOW

Some of our favorite Brunchers who came along on The Flower Power Cruise this year, have jumped ship to The Rock & Romance Cruise (Jill, you out there?), so let us "Show You The Way" right now.

Just use the promo code BEATLEBRUNCH to get the best rate available.  Joe J will be your Music Host on both, so you won't be a "Lonesome Loser" whichever one you choose.  
 Come Together at Abbey Road on the River   
with Joe Johnson as your Emcee


Paul's "In the World Tonight"    Original Air Date June 15, 2003
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