September 1, 2016

LIVE CHAT 1st Thursday @ 8pm ET
Thursday Night, September 1st at 8 PM EST, give us your impression of Alice Cooper who said, "Working with Gene Wilder was like 'Jamming With the Beatles'."  

Among many of Gene's accomplishments The Brunch recalls a sitcom entitled Something Wilder, where Alice Cooper once made a special appearance and now, a fitting Facebook homage by Cooper, who wrote:

I count working with  #GeneWilder on his TV sitcom #SOMETHINGWILDER to be one of the most precious memories of my entire career. Doing "one on one" comedy with Gene was like jamming with The Beatles. It doesn't get any better. Gene Wilder is IRREPLACEABLE and will always be an American treasure.

Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host  
Here we are on the heels of a Labor Day weekend, and while the kids are "back in school again" as The Beatles sung in 1969, this weekend we'll spotlight some of the Fab events in Beatle history the first week of September's past. One highlight I'll share now is John Lennon leaving for Almeria Spain on September 4, 1966 to film "How I Won the War" with Michael Crawford. The film was directed by Dick Lester, who asked John as a personal favor, to appear. Anyone know the name of his character in the movie? No Googling, I'll tell ya at the end of this column (no scrolling). Perhaps the most notable thing that came from John's living in Spain for a few months, was that he composed one of his most poignant songs of all time. This weekend, we'll hear the story and clips from the movie, and Paul's amazingly moving tribute to John, live from Liverpool in 1990.

This week, we're all anxiously awaiting the release of The Beatles Live @ The Hollywood Bowl, the same track listing from the 1977 Capitol million-selling album, but this one includes four bonus tracks. You can hear many of the tracks in the on-demand section of The Beatle Brunch Club, where members not only hear the show with bonus tracks, but get to listen a day early, Saturday, the only day of the week missing from "Lady Madonna".


While we're talking about unreleased audio from the Hollywood Bowl shows, there is a bit of a controversy. One track, "Baby's in Black" HAS been previously released. It was on the CD single of "Real Love" in 1995, however that version had John Lennon's intro from August 29, 1965 while the performance was from August 30th. That's been corrected on the remastered CD, but while A-B'ing the two tracks (the 1995 mix and the 2016 mix), Rock & Roll Detective and author Jim Berkenstadt and I did determine that the 2016 release of the performance of the song, is actually 4-seconds longer than the 1995 release. The difference being the new release has 4 seconds more applause at the end, so it's the "new" applause that's never been released. Just some of the things The Rock & Roll Detective and I discovered while having dinner and beverages in Ft Lauderdale last week, with Jim's buddy Scott Faulkner (pictured left), who listens to The Brunch on 949 WOLX in Madison, WI.


I'm also very pumped about the release of "Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years", all about The Beatles in concert, featuring tons of never before seen footage and interviews with The Four and our friend Larry Kane, who found that some of his historic interviews made it to the final cut.


Listen for my interview with Larry about it on The Brunch. BUT, if you'll be in the South Florida area on September 15, why not join me as I host the premiere of the film at FLIFF, The Ft Lauderdale International Film Festival's Cinema Paradiso. Get tickets HERE. They also have limited-edition commemorative tee shirts for sale for $10.

Hope you had a safe and happy Labor Day. I'll see ya on the radio, oh, and if you see happen to see "How I Won the War" this weekend on the tube, give my regards to Private Gripweed.

Oh Yeah, Wait a Minute Mr. Postman

Beatle Brunch Club member Steve Zinser visited The Magical History Tour exhibit at The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. Check it out for yourself. The exhibit closes on September 18th. Here's what Steve wrote to us at Beatle Brunch:

Joe, Hi! Cincinnati Steve here! Hope all is well! I took my beautiful grandchildren to the Henry Ford this week! We had a great time! They are ages 4 thru 10 and have listened to The Beatles since they were babies! They enjoyed the exhibit, also! It is worth the trip if you live close enough to drive. It was only a little over 4 hours from Cincinnati.

The kids had fun listening to the individual Beatle headsets that played some of the Fab Four's favorites. There is also a "psychedelic" room that plays some of George's "Indian" music and songs like "Tomorrow Never Knows" It has swirling colors and lights on the walls, sort of like the old light shows from the late 60s early 70s. The Kids danced around to the music. One of George's sitars was there, also!

Anyway, we had a great time. Included are 2 shots of my crew - the kids and I, in front of "The Cavern" and my kids in The Beatles' suits. Hope to see you out and about. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Steve Z.

Wilder Times for Lennon Come to a Boyle

Fans who grew up with The Beatles and their offbeat brand of comedy probably LOVED Gene Wilder. This week we've been thinking about his incredible talent and that always leads us to the classic " Young Frankenstein". Now, to get 6-degrees Wilder, we go to its co-star Peter Boyle, who played Frankenstein's monster and of course, Ray's dad on "Everybody Loves Raymond".  But did you know that Boyle and John Lennon were such good friends, that when Peter married in 1977, John was his best man? The Lennons and the Boyles were often seen out together in New York in the 70's and reportedly in Florida in February of 1980.

Photo Credit:
You had to know that John would have been a huge fan of Peter's work in "Young Frankenstein". I could picture them trading lines from the movie back and forth at dinner. Maybe those historic wedding photos will surface one day.

RIP: three great talents: Gene Wilder, John Lennon and Peter Boyle.  

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Here's your last chance to see some of the most comprehensive Beatles memorabilia including instruments, clothing, rare original photos and many never-before-displayed artifacts. Follow The Beatles iconic story from the beginning, to the years of experimentation and dissention, to the inspiration of Peace and Love they instill today.  Told from the quoted perspective of John, Paul, George and Ringo are immersive galleries and the recreation of The Cavern Club placing fans right in the thick of The Beatles and their unprecedented journey through musical history . GET TICKETS    
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 Come Together at Abbey Road on the River   
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