August 1, 2016

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Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 

Hey Beatle Brunchers! Happy Awesome August. This month just got more awesome with some great news from our "Live Shows and Sailing Department". I am officially inviting you to join me on 3 Fab adventures next year.

You know about The Flower Power Cruise right? That's a star studded 5 night voyage on the Celebrity Summit that's packed full of 60's super stars: Micky Dolenz, Eric Burdon and The Animals, Chad & Jeremy, The Lovin' Spoonful, Vanilla Fudge, The Yardbirds, The Zombies and so many more, including two of the best Beatle bands: Britbeat and The Jukebox. This one sails February 27 to March 4. Click here to register to WIN the cruise from The Brunch, no purchase necessary.


Then two weeks later, I'll be back on to "show you the way" to get back to the 70's on The 70's Rock & Romance Cruise starring Peter Frampton, America, Little River Band, Christopher Cross, Ambrosia, Orleans, Steven Bishop and many more. I'll be your Music Host and I'm honored to be hosting alongside Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady from The Brady Bunch. So if it turns out that you couldn't fit the Flower Power Cruise into your schedule, or you really wanna hear the inside scoop on Marsha, consider booking The Rock & Romance Cruise sailing March 11-16, 2017 out of Ft. Lauderdale.  Or, book'em both like I'm doing!

If you're reading this from a city that's as cold as ice in February and March, come on down to my port in Ft Lauderdale and sail in the sunshine with a shipload of 60's and 70's super stars!

Now from our "As if That's Not Enough" department, I'm really stoked to be the host of my second Abbey Road on the River, happening Memorial weekend on the other side of the river in Jeffersonville, IN. We'll have some musical memories of the first Flower Power Cruise with Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits live in concert, plus Peter Asher, The Family Stone, The Grass Roots, Mark Lindsay, along with 60 Beatles tribute bands rocking several stages for five Fab-Filled days, May 25-29th.

Beatle Brunchers: use promo code BeatleBrunch (one word) when you book here and save $30 on your full "Ticket to Ride" weekend package. So full speed ahead, Mr. Captain! Book your space to join me, and that's only the first half of the year.

A Bowl of Beatles in Your Brunch Basket

While we celebrate all the Beatle events in Augusts past like Shea Stadium, The Hollywood Bowl, meeting Elvis and Bangladesh, next month promises to be even more Fab with the release of The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl CD coming out September 9th. Of course it's August-related because the songs were recorded at two of The Beatles Hollywood Bowl concerts: August 23, 1964 and a year later, August 30th, 1965. The release, the first time officially on CD, is in conjunction with the highly anticipated Ron Howard Beatles film, "Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years".

Here's a little background on the title and image. According to the press release, the photo above was the one that John had suggested they use for the 1977 album. Instead, Capitol went with the one on the right, which of course shows the date "August 29, 1965" on the second ticket. The Beatles did play that night, but none of the songs on the album are from the 29th, instead Capitol and George Martin wisely chose performances from the 30th.  

The album's title was also slightly changed to "The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl". It was also John's suggestion to add the word "live", which they omitted in 1977. Perhaps Capitol thought the fans wouldn't buy a live Beatle's album, but they were mistaken. It was a million seller a dozen years after the last Bowl show.  Listen to The Brunch for your chance to WIN the new CD, which comes with four Fab tracks not on the original album.

By the way, make sure you see the Ron Howard film at a theater, because they'll be showing a preview: The Beatles Live at Shea Stadium, fully restored for clarity and adding the two songs that were dropped from the TV film. This will be the 30-minute concert only, in its entirety. "Can you hear me?" don't miss this film and preview.

Here's the newest trailer, out last week

Hollywood Bowl CD Review
By Tom "Tee Eff" Frangione 

Much as I suspected, the unnatural sequencing of the bonus tracks will make things a bit disjointed. Of course, it's a quintessential "damned if you do, damned if you don't" scenario, since re-sequencing would have pundits screaming about ruining the flow of the 1977 album.

A "deluxe" edition with the original album on one disc, and one complete show each from 64-65 on the other would have mitigated this nicely.

Finally, it confirms that Baby's In Black is the same as the one issued in 1996 on the B-side of "Real Love". So the press release about 4 previously unreleased bonus tracks is z' bit misleading. There are indeed 4 bonus tracks but only 3 are previously unreleased.

Here's the Yosi Noz (yes, that the cat's name) take, referencing the original 1977 release for comparison.  READ MORE
 The Magical History Tour 
The Fab Four Invade Henry Ford Museum

Visit The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan and discover The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition thru September 18, 2016.

You don't have to be a Beatlemaniac to appreciate the most influential rock band in music history. Follow The Beatles iconic story from the beginning, to the years of experimentation and dissention, to the inspiration of peace and love they instill today.  Told from the quoted perspective of John, Paul, George and Ringo, the artifacts on display, immersive galleries and the recreation of The Cavern Club place fans right in the thick of The Beatles and their unprecedented journey through time. You'll see instruments, clothing, rare original photos and many never-before-displayed artifacts, The Magical History Tour is the most comprehensive Beatles exhibition ever assembled.

Plan a holiday around The Fab Four and visit The Henry Ford Museum.

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Deciphering Strawberry Fields Forever
By Dr. Louis Abbott  

"The Singing Drummer" - Musicologist and BBC Residing PhD, Dr. Lou, strikes again, this time with a complete analysis of SFF.

You might have read through several of his other "Deciphering" reviews featuring Ringo's drumming technique and if you haven't, it's never to late to check out his latest in FEATURES on 

The Final Concert    Original Air Date August 27, 2006
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August BBC Winner, Robert Usiak, Jr.  

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