June 1, 2016

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Thursday, June 2nd at 8 PM EST, please drop by and celebrate a new beginning - our 25th season on Radio. SAY SAY SAY Hello Goodbye to Beatle Brunch and make way for The All New 'Brunch with Joe Johnson'. In anticipation of achieving this milestone several members wrote articles for your reading pleasure, just scroll down.

We hope you will enjoy the new standard of The Brunch. Joe has taken exceptional measures in production to offer a contemporary slant to the show's content without disturbing The Beatles tradition. In fact there's more enlightening, new found content that will entertain the audience like never before on Radio.

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Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 

This past weekend The Brunch landed in Louisville for our first ever Abbey Road on The River festival. Though the fest has been celebrating The Boys history for 16 years, this was OUR first Magical Mystery musical tour to this incredible event.  It was the perfect spot to kick off year 25 of Beatle Brunch, which began on May 31, 1992 on 5 radio stations across the country and today airs nationwide & worldwide in streaming audio and downloadable via The Beatle Brunch Club.  

Abbey Road on the River (AROTR for regulars) gave The Brunch the chance to catch up and in some cases, meet for the first time, many Brunchers who have wondered where we've been for the past decade and a half while this incredible 60-band festival was playing to thousands of fans every year. The fab fans welcomed me with open arms. Lots of Brunch regulars were in attendance too, like our old friends Tim, Nancy, Jennifer and Rebecca. 

Friends of The Brunch, Jill Finan with her BeatleBud and it was a cool surprise to see Mike 'Ringo' Streeto, drummer for The Hofners.

Seems we got here just in time, because this AROTR will be the last one in Louisville but not the end of the festival. The show is relocating across the river to Jeffersonville, IN next year. "They made me an offer I couldn't refuse", said fest creator Gary Jacob, who's sad to leave Louisville's great venue, The Belvedere right on the river.

The festival also gave me a chance to gather up all the Flower Power Cruisers from this year for one Fab-Foto taken from the main stage.  

Good news:  The Brunch will back on board The Flower Power Cruise II sailing out of the Port of Ft. Lauderdale February 27 - March 4, 2017, with me as your "Music Host".  I'll have an expanded role next year so please plan on attending. See the amazing FPC lineup here.  And listen to win your way on board. We have a cabin for two to give away to join us on the Celebrity Summit. Get ready to enter to win in just a few weeks via The Brunch website.

In closing, I just want to say thank you and how grateful I am to all of the Fab Beatle Brunch listeners who have become family members to me, as we kick off our 25th year of The Brunch on The Westwood One Radio Network, distributed by Compass Media. Special thanks to Rick Peters, Bill Stedman, Don E. Gee, my wife Coop and especially YOU for making this journey the most fulfilling. Imagine being able to deliver your passion to thousands of people with similar interests every week. It's easy if you try...to just be yourself.  Do what you love and you'll always love what you do.

Dear Prudence: Glad You Finally Came Out to Play 
When The Beatles traveled to India in the spring of 1968 to study transcendental meditation with The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, it had a profound effect on George and John. They carried meditation with them 'til their final days, George's ashes even sprinkled over the Ganges River, we've come to believe.

But listen to the stories told on The Beatles Anthology and through the more than 40 songs written in India and you might think that Prudence Farrow, Mia's sister, for whom the famous song "Dear Prudence" was penned by John Lennon, was a recluse who was too shy or afraid to mix and mingle with The Beatles at the camp. The truth is, she was SO into the teachings and the meditation, that she didn't have time to "come out and play".

Joe J had the privilege of interviewing Prudence at the Abbey Road on the River festival and found her to be a very engaging guest, who helped fill in the missing elements of the "Dear Prudence" story for several hundred fans. 

Prudence told us that after her trip to India, she had no idea John had written the song for her, and when she found out, she waited months before listening to it. She had heard some of the other India-influenced White Album tracks like "Sexy Sadie" and "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill", which didn't paint those subjects in a very kind light, so she was afraid that John was out to put her down and chastise her in his song.  

She finally heard "Dear Prudence" when her mother, screen actress Maureen O'Sullivan, bought the album and gathered the family together to listen to the song for the first time.  She said these days she's proud of "Dear Prudence" and how her small role in its creation gives her even more strength to continue on her path of spiritual studies. Prudence has a PHD in sanskrit and still meditates for an hour a day, also teaching courses on TM and yoga.  Read her new book "Dear Prudence: The Story Behind the Song" available everywhere books are sold. 

And People Say We Monkee Around!

Some new summer releases are making musical noise at the cash register and download links and listeners to The Brunch can win 'em.

Rhino Records has sent us the new Monkees album "Good Times" and currently it's Number 1 on Amazon. We featured a track last weekend on the show.  The 13-song CD includes classic Monkees compositions that were left unfinished some 45 years ago including songs penned by Harry Nilsson (who also sings on the song), Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart, Neil Diamond and others, plus new compositions. Many Beatle and Monkee fans are calling it a hit, with positive reviews flooding the net, including Scott Erickson's review.  

Hear Joe J's interview with Monkee Michael Nesmith

We also have "Pure McCartney" 4 and 2-CD sets to give away, courtesy of Concord Music Group. Paul's 67-track CD set of songs from his solo years, coming out this week. 
 The Magical History Tour 
The Fab Four Invade Henry Ford Museum

Explore The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan and discover The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition thru September 18, 2016 - a perfect family destination, so start planning today!

You don't have to be a Beatlemaniac to appreciate the most influential rock band in music history. Follow The Beatles iconic story from the beginning, to the years of experimentation and dissention, to the inspiration of peace and love they instill today.  Told from the quoted perspective of John, Paul, George and Ringo, the artifacts on display, immersive galleries and the recreation of The Cavern Club place fans right in the thick of The Beatles and their unprecedented journey through time. You'll see instruments, clothing, rare original photos and many never-before-displayed artifacts, The Magical History Tour is the most comprehensive Beatles exhibition ever assembled.

Plan a holiday around The Fab Four and visit The Henry Ford Museum.

Be the 1st Bruncher to write about your experience and send it to info@beatlebrunch.com 


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Beatle Brunch at 24 - Better Late Than Never
By Dr. Jennifer Sandi - BBC Member   
Being a second generation Beatles fan, you have to take advantage of what gets you as close to the lads as possible. I found this with Beatle Brunch, although not until 2012. I lived where the longstanding syndicated program was not aired, so my magical mystery tour began in the Caribbean. " The Cruise for Beatles Fans" brought the show to life for me, being up close with Beatles-related artists and made entertaining by Joe's humor and depth of Beatle knowledge and resources. As I became a Beatle Brunch Club member and listened weekly, I would regularly be surprised by songs I had never heard (and I am someone who has an extensive Beatles music collection). The themes of the shows became more creative. The musical artists, authors, and significant others interviewed on the show have broadened my musical interests (not to mention my book and record collections). May these Beatle Brunch radio productions continue to evolve and bring generations to come the same love of the Beatles I have. Here's to many more Fab years, wherever the Long and Winding Road takes THE BRUNCH with Joe Johnson.

Sitting in the Louisville Airport
By Jill Finan  
Happy Anniversary to The Brunch!  It was about 20 years ago when I started listening and Joe Johnson opened up a new world to me. As a first-generation Beatles fan (saw them live in 1965 and loved being there for the birth of Beatlemania).  I wasn't aware that there were so many others like me, people who had kept the faith all these years.  Joe not only kept me updated on what was happening across The Beatles' Universe, but he introduced me to Beatles festivals (I've just attended my 15th Abbey Road on the River), Beatles-themed cruises, and other events enabling me to build an extended family and make friends for life.   The Brunch has truly made a difference In My Life.  Here's hoping we rock on for many years to come!

BTW - AROTR 2016 was outstanding and it was great to see Joe enjoy it so much.  The caliber of music definitely went up a notch, it was amazing.

The Beatles: Better Than 1
By Jeff Walker  
New entries keep coming in, but we haven't seen yours yet - send The Beatles Better Than 1 set list to info@beatlebrunch.com.

The Beatles' 1 came about in 2000 when some 'genius' at Apple noticed that all 27 of their #1 hits could just fit nicely onto one CD. Thirty-two million copies later, I have to concede that it was a pretty good idea. What I didn't like about it, though, was the assumption that this was the ultimate representation of the best of the Beatles. No, not necessarily.

The Beatles were masters not only of #1 hits but of classic album tracks and classic B-sides. I always thought that 1 was begging for a companion CD consisting of just such fare, fare notable for critical and popular acclaim rather than chart position. Let's boldly call this would-be CD Better Than 1. Because it would be, I believe.

It would feature 27 tracks, by way of complementing 1, but it would have to be a 2-CD set given the length of many an album track-such as A Day in the Life or some portion of Abbey Road's medley. The thing is, Brunchers, YOU have to decide upon the lineup and order of Better Than 1's 27 tracks, because the folks at Apple just never got around to it. Look through your Beatles collection, decide on what Better Than 1 should consist of and then e-mail us your thoughtfully-considered suggested track-listings and sequencing. I'd bet that YOUR Better Than 1 would be better than any other pop CD or CD-set previously released.

Joe J will decide on the best listener submission, and then he'll pass it on to Apple. Perhaps they will be inspired to assemble and release the real thing. In fact, Apple could truthfully claim that they hadn't thought about releasing such a set until a certain Bruncher 'genius'--in the name of Beatles fans everywhere--insisted, spelling out exactly what it should look and sound like.

The McCartney Years
By Frank Caesar Branchini   
There are 6000 Beatles tributes all over the world, but few celebrate the genius of Paul McCartney. Sid Bernstein had good things to say about The McCartney Years as did fellow Bruncher, Frank Branchini who caught the show in the Washington DC area. 
Please check out The McCartney Years according to Frank.

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Black, White, Green, Red Can I Take My T to Bed?
June BBC Winner, Kathy Geary

One thing that really knocks us out are members who have been supporting The Brunch for years and Kathy's one loyal fan.  She joined The BBC in April 2008 just about 1 month after we opened the door. We love ya!

Her favorite album is Revolver and favorite song, In My Life - 2 FAB things that are definitely politically correct!  Kathy, please pick out your favorite Tee from our collection on SPOTLIGHT courtesy PostFab.com.  
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