May 3, 2016

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Prince left his final prints on a few guitars and keyboards as countless worldwide mourn his sudden death; many impressed by his incredible talent and all stepped up with good things to say about his life.

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And for the duration of a special occasion we can pause and make a Toast to Prince on Cinco de Mayo. Via Con Dios, Prince!

Original pastel drawing by BBCer, Rob Korhonen.

Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 

When Doves Cry, everyone hears their tears. The pop music world was shaken for the 10th time in four months with the sudden death of pop icon Prince on April 21st. As soon as the news broke, rock star tributes began flooding twitter and facebook. Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr tweeted immediately:  

as did Stones frontman, Mick Jagger:

The recent deaths of music legends David Bowie , Glenn Frey , Sir George Martin , Frank Sinatra Jr , Maurice White , Merle Haggard , Paul Kantner and Billy Paul , lead to a viral facebook post that read, "Somebody please bubble-wrap Paul, he's all we have left".
The Prince tributes poured in from the stage as well. One of the most haunting, was Bruce Springsteen's opener in Brooklyn two weeks ago, when he played Prince's "Purple Rain". See the performance here. The Boss immediately made the live track available as a free download, or if you're a Member you can easily access BBC Audio in The Beatle Brunch Club . And one of the most spectacular Prince tributes was posted by radio icon Howard Stern , who released the video  of Adam Levine wailing on Purple Rain at Stern's 60th birthday bash.

Above, is my actual ticket to see Prince 31 years ago at The "Purple Bowl", the venue formerly known as The Orange Bowl and for $17.50, no less.

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Getting Back to Where We Once Belonged - Flower Power!

(left to right) Peter Asher, Joe Johnson, Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits,
Alan Rubens from Star Vista Cruises and Monkee Micky Dolenz

Beatle Brunch host Joe J had so much fun on the first annual Flower Power Cruise that sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale on February 29th, that he'll be back on board in 2017 along with more of The Beatle Brunch gang, including Don E. Gee. Next year's lineup boasts 3 Dog Night, The Lovin' Spoonful, Chad and Jeremy, The Fifth Dimension, Rare Earth, Spencer Davis, The Yardbirds and the return of Monkee Micky Dolenz, who will share songs from The New Monkees Album "Good Times". Many more superstars will be added between now and the sailing date, so click here for the best rate and the best cabin. Don't miss this cruise!!


Meanwhile, Paul continues to add new cities to his "One on One" tour. He seems to have heard the fans shouts of "Let's go crazy" as he's added some "new" tracks to his playlist, most notably the show's opener, "A Hard Day's Night", the first time a Beatle has played that song in concert since The Beatles 1965 tour. See one of the many youtube videos of Paul and his band working like a dog here.

Incidentally, at the Little Rock, Arkansas concert Saturday night, April 30, 2016, Paul met the woman who inspired the song, "Blackbird".

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As for The Brunch, a tip of the hat to Beatle Brunch contributor and friend Margot Winick (above with Don E. Gee), who's also been workin' like a dog, helping me design some new shows for broadcast, most notably the "Earth to The Beatles" Brunch, which celebrated Earth Day with songs like "Save the World", "Looking for Changes" and "A Love Song to the Earth". You can hear the stellar show that gives "Hope for the Future" by joining The Beatle Brunch Club and listening to the April 16th show, as well as all the others, going back many years from now.

As I close out this month's column, don't forget to honor the mom in your life, past, present and maybe even you!  A special nod to my mom Flo. I'm looking forward to getting together with her this Sunday for brunch following our "Mother's Day Brunch" broadcast.   

Till then, All You Need is Love.

 The Magical History Tour 
The Fab Four Invade Henry Ford Museum

The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan leads you through their door to exploration and discovery - How did four boys from Liverpool change pop culture and the world of music forever? Find out by visiting The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition making its U.S. debut inside The Henry Ford, April 30 - September 18, 2016 - a perfect family destination to a well-deserved Summer vacation. Start planning today!
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Ode from a Beatle Fan
By BBCer Ed Hartnett

I have a couple of things to Say Say Say about The BBC and The Beatle Brunch Radio Show.
You may have thought, what's different about the show?  Everybody 's Got Something To Hide, but not Joe. First of all, Do You Want To Know A Secret - do you promise TO TELL? Beatle Brunch has changed. It is a brand new Baby You're A Rich Man and It's Getting Better All The Time. Joe Johnson, our Beatle host in residence, has kicked Beatle Brunch up a notch.  Ask Me Why.  It's NEW - A Day In The Life of Joe Johnson, today. He's not doing The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill - Not A Second Time - He is, in fact, Fixing A Hole - Kind'a Climate Changing, which I am sure will Carry That Weight into the future. The Brunch is going Here, There And Everywhere from now on. Joe's delivering more Beatles Music and interviews - solo sounds from John, Paul, George and Ringo, live performances, and Smiles Returning To The Faces of many performing artists in a contemporary tribute to The Beatles  - the changes will Rain on you. The All NEW Brunch will Turn You On Dead Man, and I know you'll Dig It.
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The Beatles: Better Than 1
By Jeff Walker  
The Beatles' 1 came about in 2000 when some 'genius' at Apple noticed that all 27 of their #1 hits could just fit nicely onto one CD. Thirty-two million copies later, I have to concede that it was a pretty good idea. What I didn't like about it, though, was the assumption that this was the ultimate representation of the best of the Beatles. No, not necessarily.
The Beatles were masters not only of #1 hits but of classic album tracks and classic B-sides. I always thought that 1 was begging for a companion CD consisting of just such fare, fare notable for critical and popular acclaim rather than chart position. Let's boldly call this would-be CD Better Than 1. Because it would be, I believe.
It would feature 27 tracks, by way of complementing 1, but it would have to be a 2-CD set given the length of many an album track-such as A Day in the Life or some portion of Abbey Road's medley. The thing is, Brunchers, YOU have to decide upon the lineup and order of Better Than 1's 27 tracks, because the folks at Apple just never got around to it. Look through your Beatles collection, decide on what Better Than 1 should consist of and then e-mail us your thoughtfully-considered suggested track-listings and sequencing. I'd bet that YOUR Better Than 1 would be better than any other pop CD or CD-set previously released.
Joe J will decide on the best listener submission, and then he'll pass it on to Apple. Perhaps Apple will be inspired to assemble and release the real thing. In fact, Apple could truthfully claim that they hadn't thought about releasing such a set until a certain Bruncher 'genius'--in the name of Beatles fans everywhere--insisted, spelling out exactly what it should look and sound like.
New entries keep coming in, but we haven't seen yours yet - send The Beatles Better Than 1 set list to

The King of Fuh
By Tom "Tee Eff" Frangione   
While guests Billy J. Kramer, Peter Asher, Mike Pender (of the Searchers) and Chad & Jeremy made for a solid British Invasion at this year's Fest for Beatles Fans, Apple Records fans and collectors (deal me in) delighted in the appearance of one Stephen Friedland, AKA, Brute Force, the man responsible for perhaps the rarest single the label ever produced.
He - or more accurately, his song, " King of Fuh" caught the fancy of both George Harrison and John Lennon, who championed its release on Apple. READ the whole story HERE.

Ed Rudy on Tour with The Beatles    Original Air Date May 23, 2004
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