April 5, 2016

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Our Flower Power Cruise Winner, BBCer Olivia Angeloro-Pilgrim with her husband John and Joe J.
Olivia writes: My head is still reeling (and rocking), and I realize how blessed and lucky winning the grand prize was.  We really had the time of our lives.  Music, music, music filled all of the corridors, and you couldn't stop yourself from dancing, smiling, and laughing all of the time.  For five days everyone onboard was a teenager again, and boy did everyone of us party.
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Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 

The year 2016 has been chock full of Beatle Brunch encounters, with lots more to come.  I danced out of February and stomped into March on board The Celebrity Constellation for the first ever, Flower Power Cruise, pictured below kicking off the cruise with the legendary Peter Asher.  

Photo By Tom Konisiewicz

The music, camaraderie and celebrity-hanging on board was Fab, but for me, the best part was catching up and breaking bread with some of The Beatle Brunch gang. We love to cruise with "family"! Special thanks to longtime BBC member "Cincinnati" Steve Zinser, who heard his request on the recent Beatle Rooms show, which you can hear ON DEMAND inside The Beatle Brunch Club.  READ MORE ABOUT FPC 

Photo By Rafael Murciano

TA special congrats to our Beatle Brunch grand prize cruise-winning couple, Olivia Pilgrim-Angeloro and her husband John (below) from Green Valley, AZ, who brought along a new acoustic and got it signed by all the artists.  

Photo by Rafael Murciano 

Meet The Beatle-Nut

Kudos and a warm welcome back to a long lost Beatle Pal, Cait Larkin, who is composing social media postings for Beatle Brunch.

I'm sure you've seen some of Cait's clever updates on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER pages! Please follow both. We first met Cait at The Fest in Las Vegas in 2010 where she begged us for a job. Sorry Cait, your application fell down between my car seat and the seat belt and it took me 6 years to get it out. She currently works at The Hard Rock Orlando and is a huge Beatlefan. Who wouldn't be, surrounded by all that Beatle DNA? You can also follow her HERE Welcome Cait!

The Magical History Tour
The Fab Four Invade Henry Ford Museum

If you missed the original Beatlemania in 1964 - The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan is giving you a second chance to rediscover how four boys from Liverpool changed pop culture and the world of music forever. The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition makes its U.S. debut inside Henry Ford Museum beginning April 30 - September 18, 2016.
Beatlemaniacs young and old will be able to follow the Beatles' iconic story from the beginning, to the years of experimentation and dissention, and finally to their far-reaching inspiration today. Told from the quoted perspective of John, Paul, George and Ringo, the artifacts on display and the immersive galleries place fans right in the thick of the Beatles' unprecedented journey. Featuring instruments, clothing, rare original photos and many never-before-displayed artifacts, The Magical History Tour is the most comprehensive Beatles exhibition ever assembled.
Here's a sneak peak photo - reproduction of "The Cavern Club" inside The Henry Ford.  READ MORE & GET TICKETS

Pure McCartney CDs Due Out June 10th

After teasing fans with a video & sound collage of McCartney song snippets, then following that up with a 5-second video with imbedded song titles, Paul finally released complete details on his new offering, his first solo retrospective since 1987's All The Best ( Wingspan was comprised mostly Paul McCartney & Wings tracks).
But now,  after teasing us with titles and snippets, The Word is officially out: Pure McCartney is coming out June 10, 2016  showcasing 67 highlights from Macca's solo career. The Examiner's Steve Marinucci had the earliest info on the set, but over this past weekend, Sir Paul released the official McCartney version.

This classic pic from the upcoming CD, showing Paul with a beard, seems like a Lovely Linda photo.

Meanwhile, Paul's "One on One" tour kicks off April 13th at The Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA.  We will post additional Tour Dates on brunchradio.com. Keep in touch.

Golden Numbers
By Stan Soocher

Beatles fans know that Paul McCartney has long tried to gain ownership of the Beatles' songs. First, in 1969 the Beatles lost a bidding war to purchase Northern Songs-which originally housed their compositions to British conglomerate ATV. Then in 1985, Michael Jackson, Paul's duet partner on "The Girl Is Mine" and flush with cash from mega-success album Thriller, famously bought ATV for $47.5 million. In 1995, Sony paid Michael $90 million for 50 percent of ATV. Now in 2016, Sony has paid Michael's estate a whopping $750 million for the estate's remaining share.

Yet, all is not lost for Paul. For pre-1978 compositions like the Beatles', copyright law allows songwriters to recapture their rights from publishers 56 years after the copyrights were secured. Turns out, in December 2015 Paul began sending recapture notices to the U.S. copyright office for when the earliest Lennon-McCartney songs reach 56 years beginning in 2018!   

My Daughter, Juliet Piper - It's "Inevitable"
By Greg Piper

When Juliet was only 11 years old I recorded a song that she wrote and performed called "Press Send."  WOW - I knew right away she had that something special as a songwriter and singer.  It's hard to believe that was almost 14 years ago and she's still amazing me with her talents and popularity here in Los Angeles.

Her latest tune, "Inevitable", was written and performed by Juliet.  It's a song about holding tight to your beliefs and desires in a world where nothing is guaranteed.  The accompanied video was produced and edited by Juliet.

I would say my influence on Juliet came mostly from many years of her observations of my musical experiences both on the road and in local theater work.  As her Dad, I advise her to ignore distractions, stay focused, and be true to herself and her art.  Whenever I'd bring the family on my numerous Beatle Gig Cruises, Juliet would have her recording gear and acoustic guitar with her, creating music while on vacation.  She is truly dedicated!

Juliet's music, lyrics, performances and self-produced videos are beautiful, timeless, and quite sophisticated!   I'm so proud to be her Father!  It's inevitable that powers of the music world will discover this gem ... my daughter!  But Juliet's not waiting for that ... she truly lives in the NOW!

See and Hear for yourself - Follow this LINK to The Juliet Piper Official Website.

The Beatles: Better Than 1
By Jeff Walker  
The Beatles' 1 came about in 2000 when some 'genius' at Apple noticed that all 27 of their #1 hits could just fit nicely onto one CD. Thirty-two million copies later, I have to concede that it was a pretty good idea. What I didn't like about it, though, was the assumption that this was the ultimate representation of the best of the Beatles. No, not necessarily.
The Beatles were masters not only of #1 hits but of classic album tracks and classic B-sides. I always thought that 1 was begging for a companion CD consisting of just such fare, fare notable for critical and popular acclaim rather than chart position. Let's boldly call this would-be CD Better Than 1. Because it would be, I believe.
It would feature 27 tracks, by way of complementing 1, but it would have to be a 2-CD set given the length of many an album track-such as A Day in the Life or some portion of Abbey Road's medley. The thing is, Brunchers, YOU have to decide upon the lineup and order of Better Than 1's 27 tracks, because the folks at Apple just never got around to it. Look through your Beatles collection, decide on what Better Than 1 should consist of and then e-mail us your thoughtfully-considered suggested track-listings and sequencing. I'd bet that YOUR Better Than 1 would be better than any other pop CD or CD-set previously released.
Joe J will decide on the best listener submission, and then he'll pass it on to Apple. Perhaps Apple will be inspired to assemble and release the real thing. In fact, Apple could truthfully claim that they hadn't thought about releasing such a set until a certain Bruncher 'genius'--in the name of Beatles fans everywhere--insisted, spelling out exactly what it should look and sound like.
We are receiving new entries, but PLEASE keep'em comin' - send your The Beatles Better Than 1 set list to info@beatlebrunch.com

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Blackbird Sitting in a Tee All Night
April BBC Winner, Charles Ligato

Charlie joined The BBC in 2011 after listening to The Brunch on the Pittsburgh, PA station WWSW.  Now, as a Member he gets the Show ON DEMAND and he plays Mind Games almost every week.
Charlie we Love Ya! and in the end we hope you don't leave your "Blackbird" T-Shirt out in the dead of night.
BTW, in case you wonder, Charlie responded to his WIN in a matter of minutes after being notified and that's how we know his favorite design from The Beatle Brunch Collection, courtesy PostFab.com.
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