March 1, 2016

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Check out the New Newsletter banner above sent in by BBCer, Abby T. She does free hand calligraphy in the Ol' English design.We think it looks FAB and maybe she might inspire you to send us your rendition.  
This Thursday why doncha put a little spin o f yer own in The BBC Chat Room at 8 ET so the Beatle Brunch Gang can knock around a few things with you.  Lotsa Beatles stuff going on - GeorgeFest, Ringo's Summer Concert Tour and Joe's out to see the Caribbean Sea with Micky and Company. 
Please drop by and say Hello. It's FREE to enter and a fun time to spend an hour with great friends.
Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 

As you read the news today, I am sailing aboard The Flower Power Cruise with more than 20 pop superstars from the 60's like Micky Dolenz, Peter Noone , Gary Puckett , The Grass Roots and many others. On board are also our Beatle-cruise buds, Britbeat , and this Thursday night, while I can't internetingly attend the live chat, the Boys will be rockin' The Celebrity Constellation in your honor. Why not come aboard next year? Some of the lineup is posted already at  

So here's a novel idea Beatle Brunchers: As we continue to move through the digital revolution, we're marching the show in that direction too with great applause from our Brunch listeners like Ed Hartnett from Boston, who wrote:
Hi Joe -I loved the show this morning -and hoped it would last longer -it went by so fast.  Love the change of pace of today's show. Don't get set in your ways --venture out -like you have done! Good Luck, Beatle-On Joe   ED
Of course Ed's referring to the enhanced flavor of our recent shows, like "Cellophane Flowers" - songs with color; "Uncovering The Covers" - Fab cover songs; and coming up in two weeks, "Any Time at All" - Fab songs to mark daylight saving time. I always post the topic ideas on and mention your name on the show when you contribute suggestions. So keep 'em coming. I can't think of everything. As George said, "I Need You".
Now with the smartphone revolution in full bloom, I thought I'd also engage your app!

Look for the "voice memo" in your phone's utility, or download a free audio memo app from i-tunes. Open it, speak in your request or comment and email an mp3 of your voice to me - I'll play them on the show! Try and keep 'em under 60-seconds so they travel by email easier. I've also been using my smartphone to take pics of some personal Beatle items, like this Fab watch I found in my top drawer. Send me your cool pics too!


Check my watch set to my favorite Beatle time.
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"Happy Days" Coming for Beatles Live Film
From Steve Marinucci's Beatles Examiner
Our pal Steve Marinucci recently posted a column on the upcoming "Beatles Live Movie Project". Steve writes that Universal Music Group's Japanese website reports that "The Beatles Live," the long-awaited documentary of The Beatles on tour directed by Oscar winner Ron Howard will be out this autumn. The posting gives no specific date. You might recall the project was made public in 2014 when the filmmakers asked fans to send in home movies and personal memorabilia and stories from The Beatles touring days.

Ringo's All Starr Band Dates

Ringo loves his current All Starr Band so much, that he's starting his 4th year with nearly the same lineup. Ritchy takes the band back on tour beginning June 3rd in Syracuse and wrapping up as usual at The Greek Theater in L.A. on July 2nd . Click here for tour dates.   


One Flu Over The Line
By Don E. Gee 
Everyone's weaving it. Everyone's saying it. Coming on strong all the time and flowing more freely than wine. It's that time of year, have you gotten your flu shot?  
We recently received a serious scare that Yoko might have suffered a stroke, but accordingly to ABC News and her spokesman, Elliot Mintz said she went to the hospital on her doctor's recommendation, with what appeared to be "just an advanced case of the flu."
"Only stroke @yokoono had was a Stroke of Genius! :-) She's really fine. Thanks for all the well wishes!" her son Sean Lennon posted on Twitter.
Oh Yoko, OUR love will turn you on. Be well!

The Beatles: Better Than 1
By Jeff Walker  
The Beatles' 1 came about in 2000 when some 'genius' at Apple noticed that all 27 of their #1 hits could just fit nicely onto one CD. Thirty-two million copies later, I have to concede that that it was a pretty good idea. What I didn't like about it, though, was the assumption that this was the ultimate representation of the best of the Beatles. No, not necessarily.
The Beatles were masters not only of #1 hits but of classic album tracks and classic B-sides. I always thought that 1 was begging for a companion CD consisting of just such fare, fare notable for critical and popular acclaim rather than chart position. Let's boldly call this would-be CD Better Than 1. Because it would be, I believe.
It would feature 27 tracks, by way of complementing 1, but it would have to be a 2-CD set given the length of many an album track-such as A Day in the Life or some portion of Abbey Road's medley. The thing is, Brunchers, YOU have to decide upon the lineup and order of Better Than 1's 27 tracks, because the folks at Apple just never got around to it. Look through your Beatles collection, decide on what Better Than 1 should consist of and then e-mail us your thoughtfully-considered suggested track-listings and sequencing. I'd bet that YOUR Better Than 1 would be better than any other pop CD or CD-set previously released.
Joe J will decide on the best listener submission, and then he'll pass it on to Apple. Perhaps Apple will be inspired to assemble and release the real thing. In fact, Apple could truthfully claim that they hadn't thought about releasing such a set until a certain Bruncher 'genius'--in the name of Beatles fans everywhere--insisted, spelling out exactly what it should look and sound like.
Okay Brunchers, we received a few last month, but please send your The Beatles Better Than 1 set list to,

Blackbird is a story about a black girl trying to get into a segregated Beatles concert. The story follows Abbey's life leading up to a Beatles concert on September 11, 1964 at The Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, FL. It touches on the disturbing reality of segregation at the time, an atypical black female who goes against the norms society has placed on her, and the love of The Beatles music.

The writer, Shannon Joy Rodgers, is an actress/writer/editor in Los Angeles, CA. She is someone who loves going to concerts and imagined living in a time when segregation was the law and would back then disrupt the type of lifestyle that she lives now.

She is funding this film through Kickstarter and there is a little over a week left to pledge. To find out more about the project and to view the teaser, PLEASE VISIT Kickstarter  CLICK HERE.   

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