February 2, 2016

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Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 
Everyone's hungry for Brunch these days and they seem to be enjoying some of the new ingredients we've added to spice up the show. You may have noticed the addition of new themes to our weekly celebration of The Beatles . We think it gives the show a new dimension. What do you think? Send your comments to, info@beatlebrunch.com.
One of the most well-received shows of late was called "Uncovering The Covers" which aired January 24th. The idea was to reveal the backstory behind the most famous Beatle album covers, from the shadowy "Meet The Beatles" to the image-filled "Sgt. Pepper", we'd offer up the story behind these culture-changing fronts while featuring the songs inside them. But then we thought, "why not play ALL covers of Beatles songs on the show as well?" So we went to our worldwide polling place: Facebook. The result was an hour of (sometimes campy) covers like Shatner's "Lucy in the Sky", but it set the stage for us to showcase superstars like Elton and Billy, the late Joe Cocker, Earth, Wind and Fire, Aretha and others doing Beatle tunes.

The Beatle Brunch studio showing the mixing of the Valentines Day Brunch show

The future track of Beatle Brunch is to ride the wave of social media. We take to Twitter and Facebook during the week to engage your response. I just put the finishing touches on the "Valentines Day Brunch", an hour of silly love songs requested by you, complete with listener shout-outs. Listen for it Sunday, February 14th. Make sure you're following us and join in the conversation.

We have another very tricky themed show coming up in a few weeks. I can't tell you the topic. You'll have to Wait, Listen and Guess what it was at the end of the program for a chance at winning a FABulous prize.

We've also gotten great response to something new: "Behind The Brunch", a short video shot in the Beatle Brunch studio each week showing a day in the life of The Brunch, with assorted stories tossed in for good measure. We've also unearthed a treasure trove of historic Brunch videos, like from 1995, when I was a guest on a Miami entertainment show, "The Scene" to talk about the upcoming Beatles Anthology program. BBC Members can find these and hundreds more Beatle Brunch videos on our club site www.beatlebrunchclub.com and also on our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/beatlebrunch.

The Beatle Brunch YouTube channel.

We're constantly raiding archives to bring out more unseen videos. Subscribe so you don't miss a Beat(le).

Speaking of Fab Shows: The Fab Faux Hosted by Jaux!
The note-perfect Beatle tribute band The Fab Faux is about to do what every New Yorker would like to do in Winter: Come to Ft. Lauderdale.

Called "The Champagne of Tribute Acts" by Rolling Stone, The Fab Faux will once again rock the stage of The Parker Playhouse on Saturday night March 5th. Led by former Late Show bassist Will Lee, and Conan's Jimmy Vivino, not to mention Rich Pagano, Jack Petruzzelli and Frank Agnello, The Faux pride themselves on reproducing the most intricate Beatle songs live, in most cases, songs The Beatles never dared play on stage. Will recalled a story to me about the night he played with Paul at The Concert for New York in October of 2001.

"I told Paul I play in a Beatles' tribute band", said Will. Paul said, "Do you do 'Tomorrow Never Knows"? "We open with it", said Will. You can hear that actual conversation caught on camera in the DVD, "The Love You Make". Meanwhile, make a pilgrimage to South Florida to see The Fab Faux.

Get tickets or VIP Meet and Greet and look for Joe J to host the show. Afterward, he'll take your requests on the portable recorder.

We've Lost Him Now for Sure: RIP Paul Kantner
Wow, what a year of loss it's turning out to be, and it's only the beginning of February. Music fans were stunned at the passing of rock legend and Beatle buddy David Bowie a few weeks ago, followed by Eagle Glenn Frey, then just last week we learned that co-founding member of Jefferson Airplane, Paul Kantner, had died at 74.


I had a chance to introduce the Starship live on a Miami stage one year ago and took this cool shot of Paul and his Ricky. He was a warm and wonderful guy to me and the crowd. #rippaulkantner.

Ringo's All Starr Band 2016 Tour Schedule

The 12th and longest running incarnation of Ringo's All Starr Band, together since 2012, is planning to hit the road again.

Read Todd Rundgren's take in the News on brunchradio.com - Truth Be Told


The Beatles: Better Than 1
By Jeff Walker  
The Beatles' 1 came about in 2000 when some 'genius' at Apple noticed that all 27 of their #1 hits could just fit nicely onto one CD. Thirty-two million copies later, I have to concede that that it was a pretty good idea. What I didn't like about it, though, was the assumption that this was the ultimate representation of the best of the Beatles. No, not necessarily.
The Beatles were masters not only of #1 hits but of classic album tracks and classic B-sides. I always thought that 1 was begging for a companion CD consisting of just such fare, fare notable for critical and popular acclaim rather than chart position. Let's boldly call this would-be CD Better Than 1. Because it would be, I believe.
It would feature 27 tracks, by way of complementing 1, but it would have to be a 2-CD set given the length of many an album track-such as A Day in the Life or some portion of Abbey Road's medley. The thing is, Brunchers, YOU have to decide upon the lineup and order of Better Than 1's 27 tracks, because the folks at Apple just never got around to it. Look through your Beatles collection, decide on what Better Than 1 should consist of and then e-mail us your thoughtfully-considered suggested track-listings and sequencing. I'd bet that YOUR Better Than 1 would be better than any other pop CD or CD-set previously released.
Joe J will decide on the best listener submission, and then he'll pass it on to Apple. Perhaps Apple will be inspired to assemble and release the real thing. In fact, Apple could truthfully claim that they hadn't thought about releasing such a set until a certain Bruncher 'genius'--in the name of Beatles fans everywhere--insisted, spelling out exactly what it should look and sound like.
Okay Brunchers, let's help make some Beatles history, send your The Beatles Better Than 1 set list to, info@beatlebrunch.com

Classic Rock TAROT CARDS™
By Anthony Parisi 

With a successful track record and loyal fan base that spans over half a century, you don't need a tarot deck to predict that Rock and Roll will be around for a long time. It's loud, it has presence, it has dictated fashion trends, ignites passion and has a rich history. It's infectious, addictive and rebellious. It's CLASSIC ROCK. 

You can say that Tarot Cards with their 15th century origins, are quite the classic as well, which is why this award-winning illustrator, Anthony Parisi, felt that the two would pair nicely.  And so came the birth of CLASSIC ROCK TAROT CARDS™.

Whether you do tarot readings or love classic rock, you will enjoy this fully illustrated 78 card deck which includes the likes of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Ozzy, Jim Morrison, Alice Cooper, Freddie Mercury, Janis Joplin & Spinal Tap. Painstaking detail went into creating a creative likeness of each musical artist and their historic instruments that they wield. 

Now, if Buddy Holly had done a tarot reading on February 3, 1959, would he have gotten on that plane? Would Elvis have fired Dr. Nick in 1978 and gotten a real doctor or would John Lennon have taken a cab instead of walking home in 1980? We will never know, but I do know that if you love Classic Rock and want to see into the future, you will LOVE CLASSIC ROCK TAROT CARDS™!

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George Harrison    Original Air Date February 25, 1996
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