January 5, 2016

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Artist, Robert Korhonen sends a reminder for the New Year ... "All You Need Is Love" - we certainly agree that's a good idea!  Thanks Rob.  And so when the sun slowly sets this Thursday night please remember to jump on line with all yer BeatleBuds from The Brunch and say hey - it's a wonderful world when music fills our life and we have each other to spread the word of The Beatles into the New Year.
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Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 
It's a new year and my head is streaming Beatle memories from 2015, one of them of course, is the online streaming of Beatles songs on Spotify. No Googling, but do you know what the most streamed Beatles' song was in the first three days? Don't let me down, I'll have the answer in a minute.

The most exciting news of last year was the induction of Ringo Starr into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, though he was given "The Award for Music Excellence". It was nice to see Ringo get in on his own, but it's funny how nearly all of the tribute was for his notoriety with The Beatles (with a nod to Pete Best and passing gas?) and NOT for his invention of the super group concept: The All Starr Band . I think they missed the beat there. But congrats Ringo and for releasing your reflective album a week before, "Postcards From Paradise". Of course, a highlight for me was interviewing Ringo one on one for 10 minutes last year. 

Who couldn't love The Beatles
1+ CD/DVD that came out November 6th? But there were so many incarnations and different packages released that we practically had to phone Dr. Robert to decipher them for us. The best part was not only the crystal clear quality of the newly remastered and created videos, but many of the songs were remixed in 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS HD surround audio. Do you want to know a secret? How many of you knew that "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love" have some rearranged verses and in FAAB, an alternate ending? Listen again.

Paul wrapped up his "Out There" tour and he also rapped with "singer" Kanye and real talent, Rihanna for two chart topping hits. Listen closely you can almost hear Paul. We DID hear him loud but not so clear, on Saturday Night Live's 40th and we enjoyed his opening spot with the other Paul for "I've Just Seen a Face".  

Sadly we lost some friends in 15. Cynthia Lennon , who became the first Beatle wife, was given a touching tribute by her son Julian (hear it as a bonus track in on demand section of The BBC).

We also said farewell to Cilla Black , the former Cavern coat check girl who had a musical career of her own, lucky enough to have two of the greatest songwriters of our generation pen a hit or two for her. And short-term Beatle drummer Andy White' s heart didn't miss a beat when he was asked to play drums for The Beatles in September of '62. Hear Joe J's interview with Andy in the On Demand Section as well.
And what can you "Say Say Say" about the two remaster re-releases from Sir Paul last year? Both Tug of War and Pipes of Peace got the deluxe treatment with remixes, demos and bonus tracks.

The Lennon and Harrison camps were The Quiet ones in 2015, with the only notable Lennon event being "Imagine: John Lennon's 75th Birthday Concert" featuring Steven Tyler , Peter Frampton, Cheryl Crow, John Fogarty, Chris Kristofferson, Yoko Ono, Willie Nelson and others, broadcast on AMC December 19th, making it a Happy Christmas for fans who DVR'd the show and even happier for those who attended in person on the 5th.


As for The Brunch , we have some Fab show themes coming up this year, some of which we'll ask you to guess the theme of during the show. That should make for some coming together during the broadcast. Oh, did you catch that? "Come Together" was the most streamed Beatles' song in the first few days of their music being available online, logging 2.2 million streams globally from Dec 24-26, 2015 according to Spotify's public streaming data. You have to know that John would have just love love loved reaching today's internet audience. He and Yoko would have proudly taken the megaphone marches and bed-ins to a whole new level. Let's Give Peace a Chance in 2016.
Happy New Year Beatle Brunchers!

The Fifth Beatle Rocks
By Frank Branchini

Best wishes to Sir George Martin on his 90th birthday (January 3rd, 1926).
We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.
The Beatles, as we know them, would not exist without George.

Raising the Roof and Lowering the Boom
By Stan Soocher

The Beatles' January 1969 rooftop performance at their Apple Corps headquarters in London, of songs that appeared on Let It Be, quickly drew police over noise and traffic concerns. But that wasn't the only law enforcement attention Let It Be attracted.
In April 1979, a U.S. federal jury found the Beatles' last manager, the notorious Allen Klein, guilty of filing false tax returns related to his illegal-and unknown to the Beatles-sale of promotional copies of Beatles albums, including Let It Be, to record distributors for unreported cash.
Klein got a two-month jail term. As ironically noted in my book Baby You're a Rich Man: Suing the Beatles for Fun & Profit, " The man who had once managed the high-powered financial affairs of the Beatles - was assigned to work in the prison kitchen, where he was given the delicate task of preparing fruit salads for his fellow inmates."

I Am The Eggman, Not You Lot
An Excerpt from Jeff Walker's book, "Beatle Laughter"

When the Brisbane Aussie kids who had hurled eggs at the Beatles were invited to meet the group and explain why they did it, they said they were sick of the girls screaming at the Beatles.

Oh, said John, if it's Beatlemania you're against, then throw your eggs at the crowd, not us. Interestingly, at a Liverpool party two years prior to this lecture, John had cracked raw eggs over the beehive hairdos of two girls.

Of course, any attack on those aesthetic monstrosities was a public service.

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