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Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 

As we get ready to wrap up another year of Beatle Brunch and the celebrating of more Beatles milestones (Shea Stadium, Yesterday, Rubber Soul) I feel very blessed to have some FAN-tastic Beatle Brunch family members, who always give Love Love Love to the show no matter where they are in the world.
The dapper guy below is Mark Bruns (wow I almost typed "Brunch"),That just goes to show how much I think of Mark and his daughter Katie when it comes to The Brunch.

Mark just returned from London where he attended a lecture from the one and only Alan Parsons, who was one of the engineers during the recording of the Abbey Road album. Of course, Alan went on to his own "Project" and was quite successful, as was Mark, posing above in Liverpool with the BBC logo in front of John Lennon's boyhood home and bringing The Brunch to meet Paul below. So thanks, Mark!

Before I go on, wait, oh yes wait a minute Mr. Postman! Check out the very warm letter we received from Brunch listener Clair Reed, who was so excited when she won The Beatles A Hard Day's Night blu ray playing Mind Games, that she dashed off a letter in her own hand wroter! 

Thank you Clair. I'd love to reply personally to all the letters, but I haven't enough pens.
One Beatle guy I got to know a few years ago was drummer Andy White , who has his mark in Beatle history firmly in place. Andy drummed on the album version of "Love Me Do" and "PS I Love You" during The Beatles September 11, 1962 recording session. Sadly, Andy passed away on November 10th, but he re-made history when he drummed on The Smithereens remake of "PS I Love You" from their CD "B-Sides The Beatles" and appeared with them in concert in August of 2008. Hear my interview with Andy by clicking on the VOX amp on the upper left of the Beatle Brunch home page. PS, we miss you.
Joe J and Andy White, August 2008

Andy with The Smithereens and Tom Frangione

 Sold! The Image That's Been Drummed Into Our Head
Every Beatles tribute band member knows who Russ Lease is. Russ is the guy who sells exact replicas of Beatle jackets and suits, mainly to Beatles tribute bands, through his website And he's not just sewing and selling suits, Russ also owns a closet full of Beatle jackets once owned by the fabulous foursome, like Paul's Shea Stadium Jacket and Ringo's coat that he wore crossing Abbey Road, as well as Lennon's suede jacket seen on Rubber Soul 50 years ago this week. But the most famous Beatles DNA that Russ has kept in his collection since 1994, is the Beatles drop-T drumhead that made its first U.S. television showing on the three Ed Sullivan Shows in February of 1964.

Seen above with Russ, it's known as drum head #2 and it's been in his collection since 1994 when he and his wife used every bit of cash they could gather together, $41,000, to purchase the skin as a future collectible. Well, it paid off handsomely. Russ's drum head sold last month at auction for $2,125,000, bought by the owner of The Indianapolis Colts, Jim Irsay.
Russ and are currently taking orders on their newest jacket, The Hamburg Jacket, seen here being worn by The Beatles (with Pete Best).


More Beatles For Sale!

The same company that sold Russ's dropped T drumhead is drumming up more business this week by handing the auction of hundreds of items of owned by Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach , December 3, 4 & 5 in Beverly Hills, California.

Julien's Auctions' once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to own a piece of Beatle history will feature personal items from Ringo and Barbara's London, Beverly Hills and Monaco residences. The couple met 35 years ago on the movie set of Caveman, and have enjoyed an enduring love ever since. The auction celebrates their lives together and consists of musical instruments, including drums and guitars, career memorabilia from The Beatles era and Ringo's solo career including his All-Starr Band, fine antiques and custom-made eclectic furnishings, as well as fine art and personal items.

Highlights include seven of Ringo's stage and studio used drum kits: His s first Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl drum kit used to record some of The Beatles biggest early hits like "She Loves You". It was also used by Paul on his album McCartney; the custom built Jumbo Silver Sparkle kit used in the "Hello, Goodbye" film from 1967; the Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit used on Starr's inaugural Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band tour; a kit of toms commissioned for Starr by George Harrison; among others. Also included are instruments gifted to Starr by bandmates and friends: a George Harrison Gretsch guitar, John Lennon's "Beatle Backer," and a Gibson Les Paul from Marc Bolan.

See this video featuring the items up for auction

Also sold at the Julien's auction, the J-160 E Gibson acoustic guitar once belonging to John Lennon . The guitar, which John helped write songs like "She Loves You" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand" on, sold for a record $2,410,000.

Must Love Beatles Authors
Many thanks to 'The Authors' - Stan Soocher, Jeff Walker and Jim Berkenstadt featured on The Brunch Radio Special, Meet The Beatles Authors.

We'll be collecting Mind Games players' answers all week, but only ONE
person will WIN a very special prize.

Stan and Jeff want to keep you ON TOP of the BEAT right here with a few excerpts from their books!

The Case of the Beatles' "Merry Christmas" Messages
By Stan Soocher

Baby You're a Rich Man: Suing the Beatles for Fun & Profit, details many of the legal disputes the Beatles faced. Yet, even the Winter Holiday Season didn't give the Beatles a break from this legal thicket. Fans loved the band's annual recorded Christmas messages. But in the early 1980s, the Beatles had to file suit in New York court to stop the unauthorized release of an album of those Christmas messages. The defendants featured the names "John, Paul, George and Ringo," instead of "The Beatles," on their album package.

Ruling for the Beatles, the state judge emphasized, however: "Four persons named 'John, Paul, George and Ringo' will not be taken by the public as a reference to ... the Pope [at that time Pope John Paul] and two other people, or to anyone else except the members of the best known singing group in the world."

1968's Father and Mother Xmas with Angels
By Jeff Walker from his book, Beatle Irony

Having made the mistake of saying 'stop in at Apple anytime you're in London' to some Hell's Angels he met on America's west coast the previous summer, George found himself posting the following December 4, 1968 memo to Apple staff:
"Hell's Angels will be in London within the next week on the way to straighten out Czechoslovakia (Note to Younger Readers: USSR had just Invaded/Occupied that Nation) - complete with black leather jackets and motorcycles...[T]hey may try to make full use of Apple's facilities [and] may look as though they are going to do you in but...don't fear them or uptight them. Try to assist...without letting them take control of Savile Row."

What is Christmas without a Visit from Angels?
Ah yes, the annual Christmas party at Apple, this time with John as Father Christmas and Yoko as Mother Christmas doling out gifts to the office staff. Seems, though, that some Hell's Angels were a tad impatient. The enormous turkey was taking too long to cook. Journalist Alan Smith tried to quiet them down, provoking an irate Frisco Pete to take a swing at him. Beatles biographer Philip Norman describes Smith keeling over onto a tea- sipping John. Ignoring the tea dripping down his specs, John heroically shielded Mother Christmas (or 'Mother' for short) from the fray. Post-fracas, when the turkey finally arrived, the Angels seized it, ripped it to pieces and devoured it like - like turkey vultures. They were not invited back the following year.

Joe's McCartney Interview    Original Air Date November 27, 2005
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Tee Shirtime Is Here Again
December BBC Winner, Kevin Shields recollects a Lennon Christmas lyric:

And Christmas time is all, and your bonnie clay us through.
Happy breastling to you people all our best from me to you.
When the beasty brangom button to the heather and little inn.
And be strattened oot in matether to yer arms once back again.
Och away, ye bonnie.

We honestly appreciate your support, Kevin, especially to our blind Brothers and Sisters in The Beatle Brunch Club who sometimes need assistance navigating the Clubsite. Please pick out a PostFab Tee Shirt from our collection on SPOTLIGHT and PostFabDan will fulfill your well-deserved award.

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