November 3, 2015

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Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 
Just like American Pickers or Pawn Stars, each of us has the hope of coming upon that long-lost treasure to add to our collection, or better yet, make us rich! If you're a Beatle Fan reading this, you're probably one day hoping to find a box of sealed Beatle Butcher Covers at a garage sale for $5 or a set of all four signatures (verifiable) on the back of an envelope in your neighbor's trash.  Well, I had a similar experience, though not quite as lucrative, but fun! Roll up for the Mystery Tour,  won't you?

Cleaning out the closet in a radio studio I used to occupy, making room for "The Shark", a new station in our building that was taking over that space, I happened upon a tape that read: Beatles Unreleased Album Circa 63-64. Well, naturally my head saw the world spinning 'round, imagining getting a cash-call from Paul, or sitting front and center at a Sotheby's auction awaiting my windfall to land.

I snuck through the halls like Spy vs Spy to an available studio with a Studer: The same brand of tape machine The Beatles used. It was kismet!  Before I spooled on the hill, the 50 plus year-old tape on the spindle, I took a moment to dream about my new Hawaii mansion, big enough for the entire Brunch family! "Enough" I said! Let them buy their own place LOL.  Let's get on with MY retirement, though I did power up my video recorder to get it all down for when Brad Meltzer's Lost History calls.

Next month, I'll share the audio from a 44 year-old Beatles radio show demo I found in the same closet.  So far, I'm still not living in Hawaii, but I think I can UBER to the auction.

Beatles 1+ DVD / CD Out Now! Here's What's Inside!
Courtesy Apple / EMI  Copyright Apple Corps, LTD
Brunch pal Steve Marinucci was one of the lucky few in the country to get an advance copy of The Beatles 1+ DVD / CD. Steve writes The Beatles column for and is also one of the hosts of the podcast, "Things We Said Today" on
Listen for Steve to join Joe J on the November 14th weekend of The Brunch.

READ MORE about 1+ at 
And The Faux Shined On For Lennon's 75th - by Tom Frangione

Brunch buds The Fab Faux reeled in fans from across the globe, (including our own Tee Eff who trekked in from Jersey) for the Faux's tribute, "Celebrate A Life in Song", a 75th birthday salute to John Lennon at New York's famed Beacon Theatre, located just a few blocks from John & Yoko's Dakota apartment. 

Other highlights included Rich Pagano's throat-shredding vocal on the funeral-bells-and-all "Mother", followed by the contrasting optimism of the wishing bells and spot-on lead vocal by Frank Agnello, alongside Jack Petruzelli's lead-guitar driven "I Found Out".  Stretching their legs, the Faux jammed on an extended "Yer Blues" and launched into John's  "Happiness Is A Warm Gun".

Pictured L-R: Lisa Murray, Tee Eff, Freda Kelly and May Pang

Dozens of other Lennon classics filled out the set, and in true form, The Fab Faux   knocked each one "out of the park" (sorry, had to get a baseball reference in there to honor my Mets, a fact not lost on Agnello, a rabid Mets fan as well)!
The show opened with a full-throttle audience participation rendition of "Power To The People", then coming full circle, closed with John's anthem, "All You Need Is Love" blended into a chorus of "Give Peace A Chance" to which the band and accompanists exited the stage one by one, leaving the show in the hands of the fans until the house lights came up. Classy, and quite an effect.
We all shined on, indeed!

Paul's Wrapped Up Hit Out There Tour! 
A great shot of the band, Rusty, Brian, Wix


The Beatle Brunch Club Member Drive

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For Those Who Keep Up with Such Things
By Tom 'Tee Eff' Frangione
VARESE-VINTAGE  has just issued new compilations of hits by Billy J Kramer and Cilla Black. Both are very well done.
Of particular interest are Billy J Kramer's version of Lennon & McCartney's "I'm In Love", originally released by the Fourmost. This one was on a (long out of print) UK disc years ago but makes its US debut here and  "It's For You" as introduced by John Lennon, on Cilla's disc. This originally appeared on the ultra-rare Capitol promo-45 "The Beatles Introduce New Songs" back in 1964 - pictured here.

Meet The Beatles Authors
Our traditional Fall Special, "Meet The Beatles Authors,"  airs November 29, 2015.

Please mark your calendar and tune in

A Hard Day's Night II?
By Stan Soocher
Stan Soocher is author of the new book 'Baby You're a Rich Man: Suing the Beatles for Fun & Profit' (ForeEdge/University Press of New England). He is also Associate Professor of Music and Entertainment Industry Studies at the University of Colorado's Denver campus, an entertainment attorney and the long-time editor-in-chief of the monthly publication Entertainment Law & Finance. Stan is a guest on the November 2015 Beatle Brunch "Meet the Beatles Authors" program special - scheduled broadcast, November 29, 2015

Mark your calendar, play Mind Games during the Special and one lucky cat will WIN an autographed copy of Stan's new book. Order Yours Today - CLICK HERE

The Beatles have always been a band with so many levels and dimensions that even today, years after they broke up, new insights and information still emerge.


November to Remember
Excerpts from 'Beatle Irony' By Jeff Walker

Release of Double Fantasy Nov. 17, 1980, 35 Years Ago

Goodbye Hello - 'Watching the Wheels' is all about saying goodbye to showbiz and retreating into private life. During the recording of Double Fantasy John did not give Yoko his okay to tell the press they were making an album until after he'd laid down the vocals for Watching the Wheels and heard the playback. Ironically, the song recalling his decision to retire brought him back out of retirement.
Those Who Can--Do. Those Who Can't--Become Critics - Melody Maker raked Double Fantasy through the coals as "a god-awful yawn...[that] reeked with self-indulgent sterility." Doubtless that's why at least five of John's tracks on the album still get tons of airplay a third of a century later.
November 29 Death of George Harrison

Would Paul have Guested on Brainwashed? - In the last year of John Lennon's life, he was at odds with George. John was not at all pleased that in George's book I Me Mine there was scarce mention of the Beatles' founder. And in 1995 it appeared that Paul and George were at odds as the Beatles Anthology recording sessions unravelled after 'Real Love' was done.

So did George leave this world with bad feelings between himself and Paul, as John had left it with bad feelings toward George unresolved?
Ironically, in the year 2000 things were so good between Paul and himself that George was hoping to get Paul in on the recording of some tracks on his new album. Joked George, "I must say I look forward to Paul's input. I hear he's had a few hits." He added, "Paul and I are different. But I think that destiny has brought us together. It was written that we find each other." Is that a nice thing to hear, or what?
November 2001 Deadline - In 2000 George had pencilled in November 2001 as a new-album release date to shoot for. Indeed it would to be the most important month since his birth, for that's when he would die.

Of the re-mastered All Things Must Pass release of 2000, he said, "It's not going to be the end--it's going to be one of a lot of records." Ironically, the return of his cancer would rule out any further records, except posthumously.

John Lennon was in a similar buoyant mood musing about future recording work, just before he was murdered.

The Author Who Did NOT Vanish
By Jom Berkenstadt
Rock And Roll Detective®, Jim Berkenstadt, author of the Amazon Best Seller, The Beatle Who Vanished, recently got together with his buddy, Beatle Brunch's Joe Johnson to attend the Cheap Trick Concert at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Fort Lauderdale.
"It was a fantastic show," says Berkenstadt. "Who better to go to a rock concert with than Joe Johnson, the premier rock DJ in Florida, and in The Beatles world?
Whenever I am in town, I like to send a text to Joe while he's on the air, requesting 'You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)', but he never seems to play it. LOL." When asked about the best part of the Cheap Trick show, Berkenstadt replied, "I think the highlight of the concert for us, was hearing Cheap Trick perform a spot-on cover version of The Beatles' 'Magical Mystery Tour'."
The signed, first edition of Berkenstadt's Quilly Award winning book, The Beatle Who Vanished, is now sold out, but still available (in paperback and eBook) at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other fine bookstores and libraries BUY IT NOW. Berkenstadt has been in discussion with film producers who want to option the Jimmie Nicol story to create either a Bio Feature Film or a Documentary. Stay tuned. 

The Beatles World Series
By Tom "Tee Eff" Frangione

Ok - we all know Paul recorded a great live album at Citifield (those were three terrific shows) back in 2009.

But did you know there are TEN different commercially released McCartney vocal performances of the song "Kansas City" ?

1. The Beatles track on "Beatles For Sale"

2. The alternate studio version on the Beatles Anthology CD

3. Paul's Russian album "Choba B CCCP"

4. The music for Monserrat DVD

5. Paul sings it in a medley in the Let it Be movie (long out of print but was released on VHS back in the 80s)

6. A live version by the Beatles at the Cavern is heard in the Anthology DVD
(the full, clean copy was aired on the BBC a couple years ago too)

7. The Beatles live at the BBC (vol 1), from 1963

8. A different performance on live at the BBC (vol 2), from 1964

9. The "Paul is Live" album and accompanying DVD (recorded live in KC yet !)

10. The Beatles live at the Star Club

Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey, indeed !

We Hope That You Enjoyed The Series! (Did you play the Citifield CD for good luck? Didn't work, eh?)

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