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Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 
Beatle fans always seem to be subject to feast or famine. We go for a year or more with no Beatles or related releases, then all of a sudden the Strawberry fields open wide. That's the scenario this Fall as two of Paul's most celebrated solo albums make their remastered release this week: Tug of War from 1982 and Paul's Pipe's of Peace from the following year. Both albums feature #1 duets with two of the Motown's biggest stars: Stevie Wonder, the self-professed Beatle fan who covered "We Can Work it Out", teamed up with Macca on two tracks on Tug of War, but it was the celebrated "Ebony and Ivory" that spent 7 weeks at number one.

Thinking back on the album, I remember I located a Parlaphone single back then that featured only Paul's vocal, no Ebony, just Ivory. It was pre-ebay so I responded to an ad in the back of Goldmine magazine and mailed away for a copy. Truth is, I can't recall ever playing it, but I did this week, as it's one of the stand-out bonus tracks on Tug of War.  

These albums do stand out because they were Paul's first releases following the death of his original music partner. On it, he offers up a fresh remix of his tribute to John, "Here Today" on Tug of War, along with the 11 bonus tracks and 5 videos.

For Pipes of Peace, Paul says Motown pop star Michael Jackson rung him up at home one Christmas day and said, "Let's make some hits".  After confirming it was no ordinary wacko on the line, Paul agreed, and the two hit makers did just that. The result was the #1 hit Say Say Say (The Girl is Mine was on Thriller) and The Man, an album track that might have been a hit had Paul released it as a single, but it was during these sessions that Michael told Paul, "One day I'm gonna own yours", referring to Paul and John's publishing in the Lennon-McCartney song catalog that was up for sale. Jacko purchased it for $47.5 million, pretty much ending the friendship and the two recording together. You don't Say Say Say.
Hear Paul Talk about it in a press conference I recorded in Miami in 1990.  
More of the Fall feast: On November 6th, Apple will release 50 Beatles films on blu ray and DVD, all painstakingly remastered by hand in pristine clarity and 5.1 Dolby Digital and DTS HD surround audio mixes. "Apple works slow", the press were told at a recent screening, so there's no announced plans for other films like Shea Stadium, The Hollywood Bowl or Let it Be.  "Get Back" in the vault, you trouble makers!

The Beatles on DVD
The Beatles 1 + Deluxe Edition celebrates the sight and sound of The Beatles in film and video with new Stereo and Surround audio mixes. Pre-order today or wait for its release November 6, 2015.

Deciphering AYNIL
Here, is yet another "Deciphering" phenomenon by the illustrious, musical medicine man, Dr. Louis Abbott who delivers a brilliant, in depth analysis of All You Need Is Love. The song was performed by The Beatles on "Our World," the FIRST LIVE global television link, seen by over 400 million people in 25 countries.

Please READ Deciphering AYNIL
and listen to a few sound clips as well. Imbibe a dose of musical intellect by Dr. Abbott, a master of percussion who happens to be teaching college students a few cool things about The Beatles - especially one of the world's greatest drummers, Ringo Starr.

A Tribute to Abbey Road
By Stan Soocher
In the new book, Baby You're a Rich Man: Suing the Beatles for Fun & Profit, author Stan Soocher reports that John Lennon's "Come Together" from Abbey Road sparked the first significant copyright infringement suit against the Beatles. This happened when gangster-affiliated label exec Morris Levy sued the Beatles' Apple Records claiming Lennon's song infringed on a Chuck Berry song that Levy owned. But the infringement suit was settled, and Levy and Lennon began hanging out together. John even rehearsed his solo-backing band at Levy's dairy farm in New York. "I was intrigued by him as a character. That's one way of putting it," Lennon said. Levy, however, later sued John for not including-per the "Come Together" settlement-at least three Levy-owned songs on John's 1974 solo album Walls and Bridges. Lennon won the key issues in that suit. 
Look for Joe J's interview with Stan Soocher featuring his new book in our traditional Fall Radio Special - Meet The Beatles Authors, scheduled November 29, 2015.

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Olivia Wins FlowerPower Cruise

Congratulations goes out to Olivia P. from Arizona who was the winner of The FlowerPower Cruise. Her and husband, John will party hearty during their memorable trip to exciting Caribbean ports of call. Get ready to meet a few fabulous musicians and make a whole lotta new friends.

Many thanks goes out to our Beatle Brunch host Radio station in Miami, Florida, MAGIC 102.7, the cruise producers, StarVista LIVE and Celebrity Constellation® for making it all possible.
Give us the Peace Sign, Olivia, it will do you no harm!

Sir Ringo Please

It looks like the 'SUSPENSE' is killing him, but many people think that music legend, Ringo Starr should be awarded a knighthood.

All the Beatles were appointed MBEs in 1965 and Paul McCartney was made a Sir in 1997 - but not drummer Ringo.

Shadow Culture Secretary Michael Dugher said the Beatles' drummer had waited far too long and should finally get a top honor.

In 2011, Sir Paul was asked why Ringo had not been knighted yet, and he replied: "Yeah, well, don't look at me."

Asked whether he could make a request on behalf of his former bandmate to the Queen, he said: "The last time I went by she was out. "Otherwise, I would have popped in and said: 'Look love, Sir Richard Starkey'. Because I do think it's about time, but she was probably a bit busy with Sir Brucie."

Hot Air Play
By Jeff Walker
who submitted these 3 Anecdotes from his book, Beatle Irony

'Yesterday' has been mythologized as exclusively a McCartney song that John Lennon had nothing to do with. Yet according to Lennon biographer Tim Riley, Lennon made a key intervention while the song was still called 'Scrambled Eggs (Oh Baby How I love Your Legs)'. Often McCartney's filler lyrics at the outset of writing a song would leave a substantial mark on the finished product, in terms of feel as well as content. Can you imagine where Paul might have headed with this song had John not set him straight?
John suggested the word 'yesterday' where 'scrambled eggs' was. And what an absolutely spectacular contribution that was! Moreover, because of the melancholy tone of the music, the rest of the lyrics would just possibly involve loss and a longing to go back to the days before that loss.
Did John Bother with Other Peoples' Birthdays?    Lennon was the caustic put-down artist. Not even his friends were safe after a few drinks. So whose birthdays would he meticulously keep track of, if anyone's? Answer? The birthdays of practically everyone he knew, including business associates and neighbors at the Dakota. He was even famous for custom-making visual or audio collages for friends' birthdays.
The Ultimate Birthday Card for Status-Mongers    For October 9th, Sam Havadtoy--the soon-to-be Mr. Yoko Ono--had organized a skywritten 'Happy Birthday' greeting for John and Sean. Ironically, at the appointed hour John, exhausted from several hours at the recording studio, was napping. Yoko, asked earlier if she planned to venture onto the roof with everyone else to witness the spectacle replied, "Are you kidding?" Calm blue skies allowed for small planes to write out 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN AND SEAN' above New York City. All went according to plan, except that neither John nor Yoko were on the roof to appreciate it. You know you're too wealthy when you can afford a skywritten birthday card and not even bother to give it a glance.



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