August 4, 2015

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Gene Simmons couldn't believe how odd the Beatles looked when he first saw them. He says they looked weird, but they looked like what they sounded like. Gene was inspired to work it out the same way and now you know why Kiss sounds like they look! Every First Thursday we talk about all music, so come to the Chat and tell everyone what song's on your mind.

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Things He Said Today 
By Joe Johnson 


Well, it's shaping up to be quite the Summer of Love for your ol' Beatle Buddy. To quote Sir Paul, "I'm not half the man I used to be", so on August 11th, I'll be adding a better-half: Coop. Many of you have met my fiancé and fell in love with her just like I did. So, we'll be getting married at Stewart's Cove Beach in Carmel, California in a private ceremony: just Coop, yours truly and a loving deer or two!  

Coop helped make the Allure of Beatle Brunch cruise go off without a hitch when she came on board back in February as Production Manager for all of our live shows, coordinating sound checks, lighting and actual show production, as seen here with Greg and Tim Piper.


If you're a regular listener to Beatle Brunch , you've heard Coop's voice and probably didn't even realize it. She's the quite-cute announcer at the close of every show who says, "On The Compass Media Radio Networks" ... Ah, such a star!

So look for the "Two of Us" "Here There and Everywhere" Beatle Brunch goes.
Shea Turns 50, Yeah Yeah Yeah It's Still Not Out

"Ladies and gentlemen, honored by their country, decorated by their queen, and loved here in America, here are The Beatles" - Ed Sullivan, August 15th, 1965, Shea Stadium, Flushing New York. 

Though it hasn't aired on network television since 1967, and has NEVER been officially released on video, DVD or Blu-Ray, everyone reading this knows that this was Sullivan's intro to The Beatles concert at Shea Stadium, which on August 15th, turns half a century.  

To mark this golden anniversary, listen to a special Beatle Brunch program the weekend of August 15th.  We've interviewed an expert on the subject, Dave Schwensen, whose book, " The Beatles at Shea Stadium: The Story Behind Their Greatest Concert" is being re-released with a gold 50th Anniversary sticker. You'll also hear from John Lennon artist, Tim Piper in a special recording segment.

"When you talk about Shea Stadium, this deal was being done during The Beatles 1964 tour of North America, actually right after the tour finished, Sid (Bernstein) came up with this idea of Shea Stadium, the state-of-the-art stadium built out there in Flushing Queens, and no one had ever attempted that before," Dave told Joe J for the program.

There are so many interesting facets to this concert you'll read about in Dave's book, like the fact that not one bit of extra footage from the cameras was saved. It was in the contract that all extraneous film of The Beatles and the show be destroyed 6 months after ABC aired the film (which didn't happen until nearly two years later), or, the fact that out of the 12 songs they played that night, only 4 originals made it to the film, 7 were "sweetened" or re-recorded months later, and one, "She's a Woman", was not even filmed that night, the crew was changing film in the cameras when that song was being performed.

Of course, the ONE question Dave gets over and over is "will the Shea Stadium film ever be released commercially?"

"The main print of that concert has been remastered. It's all been color-corrected; the songs have been remastered. The little bits that I've seen or heard of it, it's brilliant", says Dave.  But brilliance isn't always rewarded so we may never witness the film's release (think "Let it Be"). You can hear Joe J's complete interview with Dave in the On Demand section of The BBC for the August 16th Beatle Brunch, and by clicking VOX on the home page of on the anniversary week. Look for Dave's book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, plus, listen to The Brunch and you can win a signed copy on the special Shea Stadium show.

The Flower Power Cruise At Full Power, Win Your Cabin

Last year, Beatle Brunch listeners celebrated The Beatles' 50th with us in Cancun and this year, on board The Allure of The Seas, Rockin' and Rollin' The Caribbean. Well, for 2016, we're steering our way clear to more than 20 live performances on board The Flower Power Cruise and we want you to join us on board. Win your cabin for two.

Joe J will be your host along with Micky Dolenz, on The Celebrity Constellation February 29th to March 5th, 2016. It's a leap-year and a leap back in time to the Flower Power era. You'll hob-nob with more than a dozen rock and pop superstars, who will be playing and hanging out with us for 5 full days and nights, having lunch, chit-chatting and posing for selfies with you!

Just check out this amazing lineup!

Micky Dolenz of The Monkees
Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone
Felixe Cavaliere's Rascals
Blood, Sweat and Tears featuring Bo Bice
The Grass Roots
Peter Asher of Peter and Gordon
Gary Puckett and The Union Gap
The Guess Who
The Turtles featuring Flo & Eddie
Jefferson Starship
Mark Lindsey, former lead singer of Paul Revere & The Raiders
Circe Link & Christian Nesmith
The Family Stone
Jukebox and Hal Bruce
And...BritBeat, returning from our Beatles Tribute Cruise!

This time, the entire ship is ours!  Every event on board will be just for our group, because the entire ship is ours!  We'll have:

  -  Meet and Greets
  -  Concerts
  -  Music Discussions & Demonstrations
  -  Game Shows & Trivia
  -  Cooking Demonstrations
  -  Trivia Contests & Dance Parties
  -  Karaoke
  -  Costume Contests
  -  Pool Parties & SO MUCH MORE!

Book Now - CALL 800-518-3794 OR CLICK for FlowerPowerCruise 
Mention promo code BEATLE BRUNCH and save up to $150.00.

and, click on the "Enter to Win" button on Home. You could win a deluxe ocean-view cabin for two, with round trip airfare to Fort Lauderdale (see official rules).

So full speed ahead Mr. Captain, full speed ahead! Which means, "book soon before it sells out!"

CLICK for Micky's Video Invitation

"Tug of War" and "Pipes of Peace" 
Coming Out w/Tons of Bonus Tracks October 2, 2015

The Tug of War is over and the winner is the fans, who can smoke their Pipes of Peace with the new release news! Paul McCartney has announced the official remastering and re-release of his two highly acclaimed albums from the early 80's "Tug of War" with 11 bonus tracks, and "Pipes of Peace"

See Video Presentation 

Tug of War 
Super Deluxe (CD/DVD - BOOK + Slipcase) 

* Super Deluxe Edition 3 CD/DVD plus a 112 page book and 64 page scrapbook, housed in a limited edition HAND NUMBERED ACRYLIC slipcase, including 5 exclusive 8×10" hand numbered photo prints

* Personally supervised by Paul McCartney

* Newly remixed using the original analogue multi­track tapes and mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London


Disc 1 - Remixed Album

1. Tug of War (Remixed 2015)
2. Take It Away (Remixed 2015)
3. Somebody Who Cares (Remixed 2015)
4. What's That You're Doing? (Remixed 2015)
5. Here Today (Remixed 2015)
6. Ballroom Dancing (Remixed 2015)
7. The Pound Is Sinking (Remixed 2015)
8. Wanderlust (Remixed 2015)
9. Get It (Remixed 2015)
10. Be What You See (Link) (Remixed 2015)
11. Dress Me Up As a Robber (Remixed 2015)
12. Ebony and Ivory (Remixed 2015)

Disc 2 - Original Album

1. Tug of War
2. Take It Away
3. Somebody Who Cares
4. What's That You're Doing?
5. Here Today
6. Ballroom Dancing
7. The Pound Is Sinking
8. Wanderlust
9. Get It
10. Be What You See (Link)
11. Dress Me Up As a Robber
12. Ebony and Ivory

Disc 3 - Bonus Audio

1. Stop, You Don't Know Where She Came From [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
2. Wanderlust [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
3. Ballroom Dancing [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
4. Take It Away [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
5. The Pound Is Sinking [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
6. Something That Didn't Happen [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
7. Ebony and Ivory [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
8. Dress Me Up As a Robber/Robber Riff [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
9. Ebony and Ivory [Solo Version] (2015 Remaster)
10. Rainclouds (2015 Remaster)
11. I'll Give You a Ring (2015 Remaster)

DVD ­ Bonus Film
Tug of War Music Video (Versions 1 & 2)
Take It Away Music Video
Ebony and Ivory Music Video
Fly TIA - Behind the Scenes on Take It Away

Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace - Deluxe (CD/DVD - BOOK)

Personally supervised by Paul McCartney / Newly remastered at Abbey Road Studios

See The Video  

* Deluxe 2 CD + DVD Numbered Edition


* Bonus audio includes previously unreleased and rare tracks, plus a new remix of 'Say Say Say'


* DVD features music videos, behind the scenes footage and previously unreleased home videos


* Includes 112 page essay book & 64 page book about the music video for 'Pipes of Peace'


* PLUS downloadable high-resolution audio


Track List


Disc 1


1. Pipes of Peace (2015 Remaster)

2. Say Say Say (2015 Remaster)

3. The Other Me (2015 Remaster)

4. Keep Under Cover (2015 Remaster)

5. So Bad (2015 Remaster)

6. The Man (2015 Remaster)

7. Sweetest Little Show (2015 Remaster)

8. Average Person (2015 Remaster)

9. Hey Hey (2015 Remaster)

10.Tug of Peace (2015 Remaster)

11.Through Our Love (2015 Remaster)


Disc 2 - Bonus Audio


1. Average Person [Demo] (2015 Remaster)

2. Keep Under Cover [Demo] (2015 Remaster)

3. Sweetest Little Show [Demo] (2015 Remaster)

4. It's Not On [Demo] (2015 Remaster)

5. Simple As That [Demo] (2015 Remaster)

6. Say Say Say [2015 Remix] (2015 Remaster)

7. Ode to a Koala Bear (2015 Remaster)

8. Twice in a Lifetime (2015 Remaster)

9. Christian Bop (2015 Remaster)




1. Pipes of Peace Music Video

2. So Bad Music VideoSay Say Say Music Video

3. Hey Hey in Montserrat

4. Behind the Scenes at AIR Studios

5. The Man (duet with Michael Jackson) Home movie footage filmed by PM and Linda


Interview audio taken from 'Fresh Air' filmed at AIR Studios, London, 1982  

Thomas Wins The Box Set

The Beatle Brunch Club Has a WINNER!  Tom Lazour from New Hampshire will receive the Box Set of The Beatles on Vinyl - ALL 14 MONO LPs.

Hey Tom, start warming up the ol' turntable because it's gonna get a work out when you start playin' The Beatles in Mono, newly mastered from the original analog tapes.

Many thanks to everyone who participated and please 'feel fine' because there are more opportunities 'full speed ahead' - BUT REMEMBER Join The Beatle Brunch Club  - sign up for a 1-year or 2-year Beatle Brunch Club membership.


My Brush With a Beatle
By Margot Winick

  I saw him standing there.
Chatting on his cell phone, standing on the corner, just outside the bakery.
Could it be him? I wondered.
Beatle Brunch Club Member, Margot Winick was at the right place at the
right time (she often is), and she wrote about an experience she'll never forget.

Danny Collins & John Lennon
By Jeff Walker

Author of several notable recent books, Beatle Laughter: 500 Droll Quips & Anecdotes and Beatle Irony: The 1,111 Craziest Twists of Fab History & 888 More Thru the Solo Era,  Jeff Walker steps up to the plate with a review of the movie, Danny Collins, featuring Al Pacino and the music of John Lennon.


Our World is a Little Black Today. RIP Cilla
Cilla Black enjoyed more than half a century at the top of British show business, which saw her moving from Liverpool's Cavern Club where she sang alongside the Beatles, to becoming the queen of TV's light entertainment.

Continue Reading


Beatle Ballads    Original Air Date October 3, 1993           

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It's The Kind of Tee You Want So Much
BBC Member Idalmi Horton from New Jersey who was at The Plaza on February 7, 1964. She says, "My life has not been the same ever since. I love everything Beatles! They inspired me to learn to play guitar and write songs." We think that's very cool, Idalmi and find it a great surprise that you are the Beatle Brunch Club August Winner. will deliver your choice Tee from The Beatle Brunch Collection on SPOTLIGHT.

Please send us a recording of the most recent song you wrote and we'll load it on BBC Audio. All the best to you and thank you for supporting our Club. We certainly appreciate it!

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The Concert for the Bangladesh

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The Beatles at Shea Stadium

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Live @ The Hollywood Bowl '65

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The Beatles and Brian

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