June 2, 2015

First Thursday June 4th @ 8pm ET

T he question is, "Will Good Ol' Freda show up for Beatle Brunch FIRST THURSDAY?" Actually we never know who'll take the plunge, but the door opens at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Just days after Beatle Brunch steps into its 24th season on national radio, we look back to say Thanks to all the FAB FANS who help us keep The Beatles music alive. It's not an easy job appealing to a mass audience and we have Ringo and Paul to thank as well for bringing the music to a new generation of Beatles fans.  So if you're around this Thursday night please drop by, if for nothing, just to say hello. You're Such a Lovely Audience!

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Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson 



This past Sunday, May 31st, marked another milestone in the history of Beatle Brunch; we began our 24th year. That's right, Beatle Brunch has been on the air two and a half times longer than The Beatles were together, and like birthday greetings bottle of wine, it's getting better all the time (hey great lines! I should write those down).


Of course, the show could not have come together as well and for as long as it has without our amazing, dedicated listeners, radio station affiliates and program directors who've kept the show on the air all this time. Thank you! Now let's look at how far we've come.


The very first Beatle Brunch was recorded on 12-inch reel-to-reel tape, and sent out to 4 radio stations for broadcast.  A few years later we switched to DAT (digital audio tape), you can see an actual master in this month's Old Brown Show listing below. Back in those days, with DAT tapes costing about $15 a piece, I kindly asked the radio stations to send them back to me so I could re-record over them. Funny, that's how many of the original Tonight Show tapes were lost, NBC recorded over them, thinking they'd have no future value.  Hay Oh!


Back on May 31st, 1992 our storage and recording abilities were limited. Today the show is delivered to the syndicator, Westwood One via upload to Google Drive with a link sent to the affiliates to download the show from an FTP site. As Beatle Brunch Club members know, we now archive the shows commercial free in the On Demand section, with bonus tracks, and like the DAT tape you see below, we've started converting those to digital for eternity.  So please indulge with me as I send this reminder to myself in the future:


"Dear Joe 2100, remember to zlip the Gizzywat dot file to the digital Astrocloud so that the listeners on Mars Earth Colony II will get to hear this week's show on time.  As you know, The Beatles have never been more popular in the solar system as they are today, and we don't want to disappoint the six quintillion fans."


All the Beatle Best,  Joe J.



Sunday Mornings Go for a Ride (to Yoko's?)

An Article from RealDeal.com


Money can't buy him love, but it sure snagged him and wife Nancy a gorgeous New York penthouse with Central Park views. Sir Paul McCartney and his wife Nancy Shevell picked up a $15.5 million duplex co-op at 1045 Fifth Avenue, the New York Post reported.


No word on whether the Yoko Welcome Wagon will stop by with a gift basket, but with a view like this, the Maccas should be able to see anyone coming from across the park for miles. 

The five-bedroom, five-bathroom penthouse features wraparound balconies and was built by developer Manny Duell before he died in 1977. His wife lived there until her death last summer at 92. 

Paul's Back Out There to Play his Hometown, Liverpool


Last Thursday night, Paul returned to his birthplace to play live there for the first time in  

three years, to a packed crowd at the Echo Arena at King's Dock, Liverpool Waterfront.  

He tweeted "What a night Liverpool! It's brilliant to be back! 


He was greeted backstage by his old friend Sam Leach (below center)  
and one of his original Liverpool mates, Ian James (left)  
who was there the day John and Paul met in Liverpool. He helped Paul learn guitar. 
We think he's got it, Ian.

Thanks to our friend Sam for this awesome photo!

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Deciphering Paperback Writer
By Dr. Lou Abbott

You bought the single for less than a buck, rushed home to unwrap the disc and carefully placed it on the record player. You joyfully absorbed all the energy packed into the A side, "Paperback Writer," then out of both curiosity and habit, flipped the record for the psychedelic B side: "Rain."

Welcome to life of a Beatles-influenced teenager in the mid-1960s!



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Yoko Ono Shows at the Museum of Modern Art
By Tom Frangione

If there is one thing to be proven from "One Woman Show 1960-1971," it's that Yoko Ono wants you to know that she was very much an artist in her own right, long before the world (and John Lennon) came to know her name.  John once described Yoko as the 'world's most famous unknown artist. Everybody knows her name but no one knows what she actually does.' Whether by ignorance, animosity or just plain disinterest, this is a perception of her that unfortunately still seems to exist, though there are many in the art world that are highly complimentary towards Yoko's art.
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Walker's Words
By Jeff Walker

Joe Johnson should have hosted this 'Give Peas a Chance' Brunch. And the story goes: One early morning in 1973 when the Lennons' friend and publicist Elliot Mintz was staying at the Plaza Hotel, a phone call from John and Yoko roused him from his slumbers. They wanted him to meet them right away in the Edwardian Room for split-pea soup. Elliot protested that he was still in his pajamas. You'll be sitting with John and Yoko, John reminded him. Who the heck is going to notice you're wearing pajamas?

Beatle Brunch Salutes Affiliate,
WOGB & Dan Markus

Here's a letter we recently posted on BrunchRadio.com LETTERS - Very kind words from a sincere supporter of our Radio Show for the past 20 years, Dan Markus, Station Program Director and Personality from WOGB in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Hey Joe,

I have to share this with my comrade-in-Beatles.

February 8th of LAST year (2014), for the 50th anniversary of the first Ed Sullivan Show, WOGB aired "The Beatles: Every Single, Single," a three-hour chronological rundown of every single that The Beatles placed on the Top 100. I conceived, wrote, produced and voiced it. A labor of love.

Last weekend, at the Wisconsin Broadcasters Associations' 2014 (in 2015) Awards Banquet, it took First Place in the State for Best Specialty Program.

Here's a link to the 12 minute scope that I submitted


It's not exaggeration at all to say that listening to Beatle Brunch every Sunday not only informed me, but inspired me to meet the standard you set every week.

Thanks for that! - Dan Markus Radio Personality & Program Director WOGB 

Petition for Let It Be
By Margot Winick


For The Beatles 5th film, why not make a documentary about how their own creative process works?


In January 1969, filming began on what was to become an aural and visual epitaph of The Beatles, "Let it Be."


Read about JJ ORTIZ CARLO from Puerto Rico who started this petition.   


AROTR 2015
By BBCer Jill Finan


Abbey Road on the River 2015 offered a FAB time no matter what musical tastes fans brought to the party. Imagine 73 bands from all over the world (Sweden, Holland, Germany, South America, the United Kingdom) as well as all corners of the United States, performing on 8 stages, indoors and out, for five full days.

For a break from Beatles, Classicstone (from Colombia, S.A.) offered perfect tributes to Queen and Pink Floyd, while Bruce in the USA provided note-for-note covers of Bruce Springsteen. The Orchestra (former members of Electric Light Orchestra) gave a dynamite concert on Friday night - I looked around to find that John Lennon's sister Julia Baird was dancing next to me!

Tim Piper beautifully portrayed John Lennon in his "Just Imagine" and "Working Class Hero" shows; we were celebrating Lennon's upcoming 75th birthday and could be forgiven if Tim brought a few tears. Add in the great new Beatles bands such as Boston's Studio Two and Brazil's Starclubbers, late night singalongs in which the line between performers and fans was nonexistent, and the many reunions of Abbey Road friends - the result was a joyous few days of peace, love, and music. Can't wait to do it again!


The Beatles' Liverpool    Original Air Date June 11, 1995         

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