May 5, 2015

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Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson

Paul McCartney can finally put the "Saturday" back in Lady Madonna.  Left out of the lyrics in 1968, it seems as if he was saving it for the night he inducted his old friend Ringo into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, April 18, 2015.

The last Beatle to join the group was reunited with the other three as the last to make it in and he was welcomed with a heartfelt speech from Paul, who then walked back out on stage during Ringo's acceptance speech and pointed to his watch as if to say, "hurry up".  Though the program did go on for hours with lots of stage delays, it will be trimmed back to the greatest hits when it airs on HBO May 30th.  Look for Ringo, Paul and the night's fellow classmates to blast through "With a Little Help From My Friends" and "I Wanna Be Your Man".

And since we last tapped on the keys here in the newsletter, you can hear my exclusive interview with Ringo conducted on March 31st, when he released his new CD, "Postcards from Paradise",  CLICK HERE to hear Ringo ask Joe if he's finished with the Brunch yet.

Congratulations Ringo on your new CD and recent induction. 
Looking forward to catching you on your upcoming All Starr Band Tour.

Paul Debuts "Another" Song 
At Macca's recent make up date April 28th on his "Out There" tour playing Japan's historic Budokahn Hall (where The Beatles played in '66), fans in the stands could be heard shouting "For I have got another song", as Paul debuted a "new" Beatles track from his vast memory, the "Help!" number, "Another Girl". The crowd erupted when the first few words of the song left his lips, the first time it's been sung publicly since it was recorded in 1965.  We'll be saluting "Help!" on its anniversary this summer on The Brunch.

CLICK HERE and check out the News Story, "A 1st Performance" on

Check out the YouTube video - CLICK HERE  

Paul's also just added three new U.S. dates to his "Out There" tour. 
Here's the U.S. itinerary. The BOLD dates mark the first time he's played those cities.

June 19 - Dover, DE - Firefly Music Festival
June 21 - Philadelphia, PA - Wells Fargo Arena
June 23 - Charlottesville, VA - John Paul Jones Arena
June 25 - Columbia, SC - Colonial Life Arena
July 31 - Chicago, IL - Lollapalooza

Flashback 40: Lennon Lends a Hand
Listen to an exciting Beatle Brunch airing the weekend of May 16th as we flashback to May 16-18, 1975,
when John Lennon, invited by his pal Larry Kane, took the train down to Philly and spent the weekend live on-air with the WFIL deejays, giving shout-outs to listeners for charity donations in a live on-air fundraiser.   

It was to be John's last live radio appearance. He had so much fun that he also joined Larry live on TV on The WPVI Action News, where he attempted to give the weather forecast.
The story is told in Larry's 2005 book, Lennon Revealed, where he also includes a DVD with a
portion of John's TV weather report.  
CLICK HERE to pick up Larry's book on Amazon.


Walker's Words
By Jeff Walker
An excerpt from my book, Sex and the Beatles that "corrects" the second verse of 'Rory and the Hurricanes' on Postcards From Paradise

Three Years Later it would Be a Major Turn-On, Not Turn-Off


The Beatles made the Merseyside accent sexy. But when Ringo and his Hurricane pals took a holiday in the pre-Beatlemania London of 1960, they received a rude shock. They went to a dance at the Lyceum Ballroom and asked girls to dance, perhaps even expecting sex later on. The trouble was that just asking betrayed their Liverpool origins. Which prompted the classic London welcome: "Piss off."


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