March 3, 2015

First Thursday March 5th @ 8pm ET

Captain Joe J. on The Allure of the Seas entertained VIP's with ease, but he missed the boat last 1st Thursday and for good reason. Perhaps if you drop in this Thursday night at 8PM Eastern Standard Time you can ask all about one of the funnest cruises made possible by all the cool Beatle Brunch fans that helped make it a success.

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Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson

A shipload of Beatle Brunchers and I sailed on RCL's Allure of The Seas February 1-8th, for The Allure of Beatle Brunch Live, where it was "full speed ahead Mr. Captain" for two Beatle Brunch Live shows, Tim Piper's Just Imagine, Beatlemania Live, plus a Beatles' dance party and sing-along with The Fab Five (Beatlemania Live & Tim), and a rousing round of Beatles karaoke.

We surely packed 8 days of fun into this Beatle week on the high seas, so don't call me Shirley.

We look forward to another adventure soon, so stay tuned.

Special thanks go out to Angela and her crew, Don E. Gee, Greg & Tim Piper, Beatlemania Live, the one-and-only Coop and of course our group of Beatle Brunchers.

And for those of you who did not attend, we have a stern line for you all: 
Don't miss the next one!

The Fab Faux, a Rubber Soul and a Ruby, Baby

Back on dry land, Joe J and several BBC'ers including Margot, Ralph and Beatle Bill caught The Fab Faux on their 8th return to Ft. Lauderdale's Parker Playhouse on Saturday night February 21st.

The Champagne of Beatle Bands, as they're called, took on The Beatles classic Rubber Soul, song-for-song, then came back and played the world's longest encore, including The White Album track, Glass Onion. When's the last time you heard a Beatle Band tackle that one? Well, here's another clue for you all: The Walrus was...Dion! He was the only man on stage whose picture is on the cover of Sgt Pepper. He surprised the crowd by joining the boys for a live rendition of Ruby Baby & Twist and Shout.
Once again, Will, Jimmy, Rich, Frank and Jack knocked it out of the Parker.  We can't wait to get Fauxed again.



One Good Apple

What teen heartthrob released 10 times the amount of albums as The Beatles did during their time together? If you said Donny Osmond, go to teacher and get an apple.

Donny's celebrating his 50th year in showbiz with his 60th album. This one's called The Soundtrack of My Life and includes a dozen covers that Donny has a story about, including one Long and Winding Beatles song that comes with a personal brush with Paul story.
Joe J had a chance to chat with Donny and you can hear him tell the story. CLICK HERE - or BBC Members GO TO Downloads VIDEO
What occupation would Donny have chosen had he not gone into show business?  Hear his answer, plus listen for his LONG Beatles song to air on the March 15th Beatle Brunch.




Is He Coming Up, or Up and Coming?

When Paul first collaborated with Kanye West, Twitter was all a buzz about this "new" star that West discovered. Well, the cream rises to the top, as Sir Paul finds himself back in the Top 5 for the first time in more than 30 years.
His more recent collaboration with Rihanna and Kanye called FourFiveSeconds is his first top 5 hit since Coming Up topped the charts in 1980.  This guy may just make it after all.

BBC Trivia Contest Premier

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Beatle Laughter: 500 Quips & Anecdotes
A New Book Coming This Year By Jeff Walker

Beatle Brunch Sneak Preview of Jeff's work. Please look for its release.  Here are three notable entries:

I Took the Liberty of Washing It and Vacuuming the Interior
The police would soon begin busting pop stars right, left and center. Paul was smoking a few joints at Donovan's place when a bobby banged on the door. Paul's car was parked illegally on Edgeware Road. Marijuana was on Paul's breath and the bobby insisted that Paul hand over his car-keys. Oh, oh. Then he re-parked Paul's Aston Martin legally and returned the keys to Paul. He doubtless would have requested an autograph as well, but he was on duty. This was London, 1965. The Beatles could do no wrong.

George Always Did Prefer the Spotlight on Someone Else
John's pal since boyhood, Pete Shotton, recalls that during one memorable visit to George's Esher house, wife Beth topped off a night of carousing with all four Beatles and their women by stripping bare and diving into the pool for a skinny dip. Safety first, of course, so George turned the spotlights on her, which also assured optimal viewing pleasure for the cheering throng.

One Remaining Obstacle to a Brave New World
What if everyone were a genius and born with a brain like philosopher Bertrand Russell's, Paul mused one day. Would the world be a better place? Yes, John weighed in, "But-a lot of people would have to die at EMI first."


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