February 3, 2015

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Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson

Wow! What a 2015 it's shaping up to be already, however, we seem to be stuck in a Fab parallel universe. Sir Mixalot, I mean Sir Paul McCartney, is in line to score his second hit hip-hop single of the year with the just-released Rihanna mix called 'FourFiveSeconds', which had between 50,000 and 60,000 downloads its first weekend - you can hear it by clicking VOX in the  upper left corner BrunchRadio.com.

Meanwhile, it was just a few short weeks ago that the Internet was abuzz with "who's this guy that Kanye discovered?" when Sir Pauly-Paul produced West's song, 'Only One'. Now, let's keep the alternate universe spinning: Everybody must get stoned because this week, Bob Dylan released his new album of Americana, songs from the great American songbook. The album's called Shadows in the Night and word is, you'll hear the ghost of Sinatra in this effort. Bob says he's "not covering these songs, he's uncovering them". Check it out when it's released February 3rd. We'll post some highlights from it in our On Demand section of The Beatle Brunch Club.

As you're reading this, can you please pass the sunscreen? While you may be shoveling snow to find your porch, The Beatle Brunch Gang and I are enjoying Fab music afloat on The Allure of the Seas. Tim Piper is really nailing it as John Lennon and wait till you hear The Allure of Beatle Brunch Live when we come back. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right. Next year don't just think about coming, please please us by doing it!

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Beatle Brunch and UME wish a Happy Whenever His Birthday is, to our latest Grand Prize Winner, Irving Kriszenfeld from Michigan. Irving test drove the BBC during our 12 Days of BBC-Hristmas, and his reward was a full set of The Beatles Remastered on vinyl, PLUS a vintage style turntable. Thanks to our friends at Universal Music Entertainment! Irving recognizes a Fab thing when he sees it. Membership in the BBC is only 75 cents a week! See, membership has its 'Benefits, Mr. Kite' - Congrats Irv

Stop! Wait a Minute Mr. Postman, It's Ringo!

A few years ago, Ringo released a photo book called Postcards From The Boys, now he's about to drop another one in the mail with his upcoming CD called Postcards From Paradise, featuring 11 original tracks.  



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Paul's Japan Fans Get a Make-Good

Last year for reasons beyond his control, Paul was forced to cancel his Japanese tour dates. Now, it's confirmed that Sir Paul will bring his show back to Japan in April with four Fab "Out There" concerts.

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Rolling Stone called them "The champagne of Beatle bands" and we couldn't agree more! In just a few weeks, The Fab Faux embark on their winter tour. Who wouldn't want to get out of the Northeast and shovel sunshine in Ft. Lauderdale? Well, the Snow-bird Beatles, The Fab Faux, are making another return trip to Ft. Lauderdale's Parker Playhouse on Saturday night February 21st. Last year, they played to their first sold-out South Florida crowd, and this year, it's about to happen again as only a few tickets remain for a chance to hear The Faux do a note-perfect performance of Rubber Soul on it's 50th anniversary, plus an hour of fan favorites.


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From Luca's 'Paul' to Jeff's 'FLYING'

Authors, Luca Perasi and Jeff Walker contributed their short stories for The February 2015 Beatle Brunch Newsletter.

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Requests From the Fest    Original Air Date April 8, 1996      

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