December 2, 2014


A Very Happy Crimble 2014 To You And Yours

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A BIG Thumbs Up from Mark Hudson who recently directed a holiday music vid, "FA LA LA" by pop a capella group, Gentlemen's Rule. Marky Magic strikes again reminding all Beatle Brunch Fans that First Thursday's comin' up.

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Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson

Happy Thanksgiving Beatle Birds And A Merry Crimble To All. Of course I was reminded this past Friday that it was 40 years ago to the day that John Lennon appeared live on stage with Elton John at Madison Square Garden to sing two Beatle's songs and his and Elton's duet, "Whatever Gets You Through The Night".  Elton has recently come across the super-8 movie footage of that performance from an audience recording and uses it in the background during his live shows. Wish I had been there!  It turned out to be John's last live concert performance.  Come on Elton, picture yourself in a shirt.

Speaking of anniversaries: We are about to wrap up the year of The 50th of The Beatles first U.S. visit, but don't despair, it starts all over again next year with more Fab 50's, like Shea Stadium, Rubber Soul, Help! And many others. You can be sure we'll be celebrating them all, but first, here are some special Brunch happenings we want you to know about right now.

Above: Joe J, Gary Wright and Tom Frangione in 2010

I just interviewed musician Gary Wright, who was one of George's closest friends.  Gary has a new book out called "Dream Weaver: Music, Meditation and My Friendship with George Harrison." You can get it at and many other outlets.  Hear my complete 30 minute interview with Gary on the Beatle Brunch Home Page @ - Click the VOX amp in the upper left to start the player.

Do you still have your Beatle albums? Well if you don't, you can win the entire Mono Remastered Vinyl Box Set from The Brunch and UME, plus win a vintage-style turntable to play them on. Read the story in this Newsletter how to win.  It's so easy. You don't have to be a BBC Member, but we'd sure like you to try some - buy some during "The 12 Days of The BBC-hristmas", happening from December 20th to 31st.  Drool over it below!  Win it from Beatle Brunch! 

Now if you'd like to hear me blog on about Beatles vinyl and lots more, join me with esteemed author Jude Southerland Kessler (below) on BlogTalkRadio, Thursday night, 9 to 10 PM, December 18th. Jude and I will talk about all things Beatles. Pick up her newest offering, "She Loves You", available at You can follow her on Twitter @beatlesjudekesller and follow me @beatlebrunch.

Just a bit more before I say Hello Goodbye. I had a Fab time on The Queen Mary 2 last month on a transatlantic journey from New York to Southampton. On board, I gave three lectures, "The Beatles Ed Sullivan Shows", "A Hard Day's Night", and "The Beatles From Sgt Pepper to Abbey Road".  To got to meet and hang out with Author Ivor Davis who was on The Beatles first U.S. Tour, and I met The Beatles Experience tribute band.  Check out Ivor's new book, "Ivor Davis: The Beatles and Me" and read my account of the cruise visit - In Your Face - Joe's Beat.

Special thanks on the cruise go to my gal Coop who saved the day, literally, by having my back(up) to my first lecture on her computer. When my video went kerplunk, she plugged in hers and I didn't miss a Beat(le). While the banker never wears a mac, I'm sure glad Coop had hers fully charged. So thanks Coop!

And how about joining me on our next Beatles adventure on the high seas? It's "The Allure of Beatle Brunch Live" on board The Allure of the Seas, sailing out of sunny Ft. Lauderdale, February 1st for 7 glorious Fab-filled nights. Musician Tim Piper will join me and we'll be creating a live episode of Beatle Brunch on board, plus Tim will play his "Just Imagine" John Lennon show for us and Beatlemania Live will provide the Rock'N'Roll in true Beatles style. Book by calling Angela at 877-291-1952 OR Visit to book now!

Until then, "SEA" you on Beatle Brunch this weekend.

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The Gift That Cruises

We're waiting to take you away on The Beatle Brunch Cruise on The Allure of the Seas, February 1-8, 2015. See it Recorded LIVE, Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch with Tim Piper and Beatlemania Live. Allure's itinerary features the best of the Eastern Caribbean, Nassau Bahamas, Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands and Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten. Angela from Cruise Planners and Music In M'Ocean will help you with reservations.

Experience the solo stage performance of Just Imagine starring Tim Piper as John Lennon. You've heard him on The Brunch, now see him in action during Cruise Week with Beatle Brunch Host, Joe J.  

Beatlemania Live are playing 2 special VIP Parties featuring all their Beatles favorites that they don't perform regularly on stage. Get up-close and personal with 'The Boys' and witness their craft first hand.
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Then Again, Maybe Just a Socks Fetish
An Article by Jeff Walker Author of Sex and The Beatles   BUY NOW
Rory Storm (Alan Caldwell) wouldn't let George Harrison join his Hurricanes band so George had to settle for kissing his sister. How's that? Rory had announced over a club P.A system that his flat-chested 13-year-old sister was stuffing socks in her bra. A mortified and tearful Iris Caldwell fled down the street but George caught up with her, whirled her about and kissed her full on the lips. George's sensitivity to her hurt feelings, his determination to re-affirm her worth and his exquisite timing combined for the kiss Iris Caldwell would most treasure her whole life.

RAM: Most Significant Album

By Luca Perasi, author of the book  

Paul McCartney Recording Sessions (1969-2013) - BUY NOW 


Both musically and from a psychological point of view, RAM represents something unique into McCartney's path as a solo artist.
He broke the ice with McCartney, true. But RAM was the first album he recorded after the Beatles. This is a key aspect to be taken in consideration when we try to understand the music and the meaning of this LP for Paul.
When Paul and Linda took over for New York City in early October 1970, McCartney was slowly recovering from a state of depression. He stated that after the split up of the Beatles, he felt like an unemployed. He started drinking heavily, and Linda saved him from hell, as Paul himself revealed.
He recruited two musicians from the New York scene, drummer Denny Seiwell and guitarist Dave Spinozza. Tensions aroused after just one week, when Spinozza left the sessions. Paul was clear: do not book any other session. Spinozza did, and they fell apart. CONTINUE READING

And In The End
An Article by Joshua Wolf Shenk, author of Powers of Two - BUY NOW

When did John and Paul end their partnership? Not when they fought over Allen Klein. That played out for several years. Not when John told Paul he was leaving the band, in September of 1969, because the following February, John said the interruption could be a rebirth or a death. We'll see what it is. It'll probably be a rebirth.

The usual end given in Beatles narratives is when Paul released an album in April 1970 with a self-authored Q&A that included the question: Are you planning a new album or single with the Beatles? and the answer: No. This led the Daily Mirror to scream on its front page PAUL IS QUITTING THE BEATLES, and, in smaller type, Lennon-McCartney Song Team Splits Up.

When John saw the papers, he fumed that he should have announced the split. But Paul didn't quit either. The very next question in his self-interview was: Is this album a rest away from the Beatles or the start of a solo career? The answer: Time will tell. Being a solo album means it's the start of a solo career and not being done with the Beatles means it's just a rest. So it's both.

Even Paul's lawsuit against John, George, and Ringo, filed on December 31, 1970, can't be given as the end, because it was so clearly a struggle over the business ties that the relationships had been enveloped.

No, the reason we can't assign a date to when John and Paul definitively split is that it never definitively happened. It's tempting to think about the end of a partnership as being like the end of an opera, where two people come to dramatic conflict, sing in each other's faces, and decide to separate, weeping. But more often, the end of a partnership is like one of those country songs where the character leaves home and never comes back, and no one, not the one who left, not the one who was left, not the one who's listening to the song really knows why.


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