November 4, 2014

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Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson

It's been a hard days' summer and I'm glad it's behind us. Not so much to welcome the cooler weather, though that's nice, but for all the "cool" Beatle happenings about to break loose as we wrap up the big 5-Oh! I'm writing this, it's late last week and I'm on-board Cunard's Queen Mary 2, invited to be a part of their Beatles' themed voyage. What a thrill it is to be on-board such a luxurious ship. It's not a "cruise", it's a "voyage", as we're on an ocean liner making a transatlantic crossing from New York to Southampton (where The Beatles played live with Roy Orbison in '63 by the way).


I was invited to give three multi-media talks on The Beatles.  It's eye-opening to meet so many fans who grew up across the pond and never saw The Beatles Ed Sullivan Shows.  Their eyes got just as wide and they laughed in all the same places. They were some of the nicest youngsters I've ever met. I also got the chance to hang out with Ivor Davis, a Hollywood reporter circa 1964, who was invited to be a fly on the wall during The Beatles' first U.S. tour. His book, The Beatles and Me on Tour, is a riveting, ripping read through The Beatles on a whirlwind "26 shows in 35 days". In between talks, The Beatles Experience played live for all those on the ship.


So, back to the cool Fab Fall that's here.  Miami is still showcasing "Ladies and Gentlemen: The Beatles" at History Miami Museum, direct from The Grammy Museum in L.A.  Ringo just wrapped up his 2014 summer All Starr Band tour with one of one of their final shows in Ft. Lauderdale and Paul continues to get further "Out There".


What's up for '15? Make plans to join us on The Allure of Beatle Brunch Live on the RCL's Allure of The Seas February 1-8th, starring Tim Piper and Beatlemania Live, who will be a part of a live edition of Beatle Brunch recorded on board. Don't know what to get that special Beatle fan in your life?  This cruise is the best way to kick off what's shaping up to be an even more FAB 51st.




The Cream of the Crop 

Sad news to report a few weeks ago, that the rock and roll world lost another superstar. Jack Bruce, founding member of Cream and one time All Starr Band member, passed away.  Check out Joe and Donna's playful interview with Jack back in 2010 when he was coming to South Florida to play Hippie-Fest. Click VOX on the Beatle Brunch
Home Page.





Inside the BBC Bubble

People all over the world have lived The Beatles for 50 years or more, and for almost a quarter century Beatle Brunch continues to talk The Beatles Story. Our home, The Beatle Brunch Club, is open 24/7, welcoming members to a unique blend of entertainment - a spot on The NET where you can relax, listen to hundreds of audio and video clips, read, socialize, post your favorite photos, and pilot the controls of Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch or Old Brown Shows ON DEMAND - it's like a Historical Rock'N'Roll Resort!  Imagine how empowering a visit to our site can be, and every returning guest will always find more content.


Recently, we opened BBC News and Articles to stimulate our guests as we extend The Beatles hospitality with hope that their message of Peace and Love will eventually reach the goodness that is evident in Everyone, Everywhere.


When we ask you to Join The Beatle Brunch Club it is an offer for you to mingle with friends and share the all the relevant sounds and stories of The Beatles. So the next time you visit Facebook, Twitter or the many social venues available on The NET, please remember to share The BBC with your friends and help spread the word and music of LOVE to those who might like to know What Goes On Inside The BBC Bubble.


Deciphering 'RAIN'
By Dr. Lou Abbott

Did you read 'Deciphering Drive My Car' on FEATURES?  It was Dr. Lou Abbott's first entry in a series, and there he goes again, this time with a critical analysis of 'Rain' complete with custom sound clips.


Get firsthand knowledge from an accomplished musician's study of Ringo's favorite Beatles song, "Rain" on the Home Page - FEATURES Check out Deciphering RAIN.


Visit Lou's website,


Meet The Beatles Authors

Mark your calendars - you won't wanna miss this Author's Special featuring Joshua Wolf Shenk, who wrote Powers of Two; Jeff Walker's, Sex and The Beatles and Luca Perasi's, Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013).

That day, November 30th, when you play Beatle Brunch Mind Games all correct answers will go into the prize pool and 1 lucky winner will receive all 3 books personally autographed by each author, a Beatle Brunch Reward that will be the perfect additions to your Beatles library.


Hear their words:


Joshua Wolf Shenk - Powers of Two - BUY NOW

EXCERPT - "I have to mention-it would be authorial malpractice not to mention it - is the not-typical-heterosexual profile of John Lennon."

This was a man who said of his lover Yoko Ono at the apparent height of his obsession with her: "It's just handy to f*#! your best friend ... And once I resolved the fact that it was a woman as well, it's all right." Yoko told John repeatedly that she considered him a "closet fag."  I don't see John as closeted in the typical sense but there was weirdness between him and women, and he certainly yearned for a certain kind of closeness with men. I don't intend to plumb his sexuality deeper. But the usual narrative of the Beatles split-that John simply fell in love with Yoko and thus lost interest in Paul and the band-doesn't ring true.   


Jeff Walker - Sex and The Beatles - BUY NOW

EXCERPT - "On This Issue, the Patience of the Topless is Not Bottomless"

Late 1973. John and publicist Elliot Mintz were heading to the airport to fly to Las Vegas, but they were ahead of schedule and John wanted to stop somewhere for a drink. They wound up at a topless club that Jim Morrison once patronized called Losers. The dancers went through their routines for 15 minutes and then gyrated off the stage toward John's table. Did they want money for a private dance? Or, gulp, bigger money for sexual favors? Actually, what they wanted was something more universally desired than mere cash. They wanted to know when the Beatles were going to get back together again.

(P. 164 Yoko)


Luca Parasi - Paul McCartney Recording Sessions (1969-2013) - BUY NOW 


Through 383 song sheets, the book tells the story behind all of Paul McCartney's written or co-written songs after the break-up of the Beatles, all detailed with recording dates and studios and featuring a "who plays what" section for each track.

A journey through five decades of studio recordings, from the renowned Abbey Road Studios to Paul's home in Cavendish Avenue in London, passing through exotic locations such as Lagos and the Virgin Islands, as well as legendary recording venues including New Orleans and Nashville.


The most important composer of popular music of our era, Paul McCartney has a unique working method for writing and recording songs.


Drawing on over 70 exclusive interviews with musicians, arrangers, producers and sound engineers who worked with Sir Paul during his solo career, "Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013)" reveals a genius at work.


The Cruise, The Beatles, The Perfect Gift

Do something EXTRA special this holiday season and come along The Beatle Brunch Cruise on The Allure of the Seas, February 1-8, 2015. Capture the essence of Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch as we record the show LIVE featuring Tim Piper and Beatlemania. In addition, Allure will float the boat into exotic ports of call, Nassau Bahamas, Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands and Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten. Angela from Cruise Planners and Music In M'Ocean will take your reservation to a dream come true.


Experience the solo stage performance of Just Imagine starring Tim Piper as John Lennon. During Cruise Week get tight with Tim and see him in action in a typical interview setting with Beatle Brunch Host, Joe J.  


Beatlemania Live will play 2 special VIP Parties featuring all their Beatles favorites that they don't perform regularly on stage. Get up-close and personal with 'The Boys' and witness their craft first hand, they have secrets to share.

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