October 2, 2014

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Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson

People often ask me who in The Beatles' circle I've interviewed. The answer is pretty much everyone in the inner circle with the exception of John and George, and how I would have loved to speak with either one or both. I did have an almost-John moment and here's how it went.


Back in 1980, when John turned 40, my morning radio partner and I were both committed Beatle fans. Though I was only 22, I loved The Beatles and took any opportunity to pay tribute to them on the air. On October 9th, 1980, when John turned 40, my radio partner Dave Caprita and I sang a duet in tribute to him (with apologies to "From Me to You") called "From Us to You" using the backing track of the hit song. The lyrics, a parody of John getting older, sang "When a Beatle reaches 40, he ain't so young no more, 'cause his grey hair don't look sporty, when it reaches to the floor".  Well you can just imagine how corny and funny it might have been to John.


We played it on the air a few times and even considered using it on a morning show best-of album we were working on. Of course back in 1980, there were no radio stations streaming on line, so the only chance John would have had to hear it is if he were in town staying at his Palm Beach home. Knowing that he probably didn't hear it, I grabbed a cassette and thought of popping it in the mail to him, but for some reason I never did.  Producing this weekend's Beatle Brunch tribute to John I was reminded of what a huge Beatle fan he was by one of the artists I spoke with for this show, Dave Morrell. Dave, a super Beatle fan and later, New York record rep in the 70's, was contacted by John who wanted to see a rare Beatles record from Dave's collection. The two met and John was so impressed, that he gave Dave a signed copy of his personal Beatles Butcher Cover album.  


Dave's book is called "Horsedoggin: The Morrell Archives Vol. 1", and it's a fun read about John and Dave's antics in the crazy world of record promotion.


By the way, I never got the chance to meet or speak with John, and sadly, he was killed just two months after I recorded that tribute song for him.  But to add to my opening statement even further, I have had the chance to meet and interview Yoko Ono on several occasions and I can tell you, she gave one of the warmest and friendliest Beatle related interviews I've ever done.  Imagine that.



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Meet The Beatles Authors - Part 3

Our esteemed group of brilliant Beatles authors, Joshua Wolf Shenk, Jeff Walker and Luca Perasi sent us a few more teasers.  They will be featured guests in our Fall Special, Meet The Beatles Authors on The Brunch, slated for November 30th. We trust their words will encourage you to simply click on BUY NOW. They will certainly appreciate your support.

Joshua Wolf Shenk - Powers of Two - BUY NOW

"Penny Lane" reflects the structure of "Strawberry Fields Forever"

- but as though, through a fun-house mirror. For his Liverpool mother lode, Paul chose the junction where the 46 and 99 buses terminated. "John and I would often meet at Penny Lane," Paul said. The song itself is an effort at meeting. Like John, Paul not only puts his narrator in the scene but has him self-consciously enter it. It was typical that Lennon made his own questions pretty clear in the song - and then, when reflecting on it later, put his finger directly on them: "Am I crazy or am I a genius?" It was typical that Paul's meaning was harder to penetrate, and he never really explicated the song. Where John seemed to want to use art to explore life, Paul's conception of art and life were deeply blurred. Where Lennon looked on the world and asked if it was real or a dream, McCartney looked on reality as a playwright would his characters.   




Jeff Walker - Sex and The Beatles - BUY NOW

John Lennon: "We sing about love, but we mean sex, and the fans know it."  You, dear Beatles fan, are merely one book away from knowing more about the sex lives of the Beatles than even the group's most in-depth historian. Pick up a copy of Jeff Walker's Sex and the Beatles: 400 Entries and become an expert text-pert Beatles sexpert. It's salacious, it's informative and it's funny. Drawing upon a Beatles library that would cost more than a grand to duplicate and a thousand hours to read, you can have it all in a single 'luv-bug'-illustrated volume. Youth through Quarry Men, Beatles and post-Beatles heydays, here it is-irresistible to any true Beatles (or sex) fan. You know you want it. Now come and get it!



Luca Parasi - Paul McCartney Recording Sessions (1969-2013) - BUY NOW


Paul McCartney's solo career deserves to be studied as an achievement in its own right. He has compiled an enormous musical catalog, nearly 400 released compositions, a source of inspiration for generations of musicians and fans.


Macca can seemingly play anything and he invented a new role for the bass. Although unable to read music, he intuitively knows how to achieve the most interesting sound of an orchestra and the best way to arrange a song. He's the master of catchy pop, but can cross any genre of music like no other, each time shaping it to his own trademark: the "McCartney style".


"Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013)" tells the story behind all of McCartney's written or co-written songs since the breakup of the Beatles including exclusive interviews with musicians, arrangers, producers and sound engineers who worked with him during his solo career.


B-e-a-t-l-e-s Spell International Appeal

By Margot Winick


In the Fall of 1966, John Lennon took a break from touring with The Beatles by teaming up again with "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help!" director Richard Lester to act in a non-musical film, "How I Won the War." Among the anti-war comedy's filming locations was the province of Almería, in southeastern Spain. It was here, in between takes on the set, that John wrote the psychedelic bluesy song "Strawberry Fields Forever." Over a thousand miles away from Liverpool, in coastal Spain, what could have inspired John's nostalgia for an old haunt from childhood?


A journalist and lifelong Beatles fan from Almería, Adolfo Iglesias, may have unlocked that secret, as well as another Beatles mystery. Iglesias, who traces his own Beatlemania to when The Beatles Anthology was published, was intrigued by a reference to his hometown of Almería: Almería was the location for the film, and where John famously began wearing those round "granny" glasses that would become his trademark, and, it turns out, where "Strawberry Fields Forever" was written.


Iglesias feels that the wrought iron gates of Santa Isabel, an abandoned house in Almería that Cynthia and John lived in during part of the filming, its gardens and flowers, recalled the gothic gates of the real Strawberry Field, the Salvation Army orphanage in Woolton, where John used to play, just a short walk from his childhood home on Menlove Avenue.


Iglesias also discovered someone in Almería whose influence may have helped expand The Beatles' appeal internationally. In 1966, Juan Carrion, an English teacher in nearby Cartegena who was a Beatles fan, read in the local newspaper that John Lennon was going to be on location. The very persistent Carrion, who is now 90 years old and still teaches, tracked John down during the filming, and arranged to visit him. When the teacher met his favorite rock star, Carrion bravely handed John his handwritten Beatles lyrics from "Revolver" that he used as a teaching aid, and asked John to help by correcting them. John agreed to this request, and days later, Carrion received the corrected lyrics and a note from John that read, "Good luck with the English!"


Iglesias wrote about Carrion, and eventually it became a book, "Juan y John". The story of the English teacher who diligently tracked down Lennon also became the subject of a 2013 film by David Trueba entitled "Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados (Living is Easy with Eyes Closed)," which won the Goya Award, Spain's equivalent of the Oscar.  In late September, the film was selected by its home country to be an Oscar contender in the best foreign-language film category.


"'Strawberry Fields' was a song of memories, not of drugs," says Iglesias. "[John] felt like a child in Almería. Many elements [on location] reminded him of his childhood. I hope [Beatles author of "Tune In"] Mark Levinson will reflect this in his upcoming book."


The book, "Juan y John", has not yet been translated, but Iglesias feels the story could work well for the English-language public. "Nobody has given a thorough explanation of why John composed "Strawberry Fields" there, and nobody has told the story of why The Beatles decided to print their lyrics along with the music."


Just in case any Brunchers would like to reach Adolfo Iglesias, contact him at adolfoiglesias1966@gmail.com - tell him Margo said hello!



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