September 2, 2014

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Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson

"Back in school again, Maxwell plays the fool again, teacher gets annoyed." - John Lennon & Paul McCartney


Welcome to September Beatle Brunchers!  That's right: back to learnin', vacation's over, no more holidays till Turkey Day (or Tofu Turkey Day for you 'Meat Free' Mondayers). There's lots going on Beatle People, so let's get you caught up.


I was asked to spread my wings becoming a guest lecturer on the luxurious Queen Mary 2, one of Cunard's finest sailing vessels. The transatlantic cruise sets sail from New York on Tuesday October 28th straight away to Southampton, just an hour from London. I'm revealing three multi-media Beatle lectures on board and I'd love for you to join me. Also, legendary author and reporter Ivor Davis will present his new book, "The Beatles and Me on Tour".  Plus, The Beatles Tribute Band will play two shows during this luxurious journey. 


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And keep reading below for details on our Beatle Brunch Cruise on The Allure of the Seas sailing out of Ft Lauderdale February 1-8, 2015 with Tim Piper as John Lennon and my guest-host of a LIVE edition of Beatle Brunch. Joining us, Beatlemania Live performing for 2 special VIP Parties on board.


Paul's been a busy boy too. Word's out that he recorded a few songs with Kanye West.  Opinions are all over the zebra crossing.  Some say it's good for Paul to branch out and try new things, while others are critical of Sir Paul going the Kanye-way.  I've taken a wait and hear attitude. I think ANY Paul music we get is a blessing, so don't be so quick to judge.


The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge hasn't cooled off a bit. Stella McCartney issued the challenge to her dad and I made my donation and video. Guess which famous drummer has been challenged? Visit the Beatle Brunch site to see my video and check out Ron Howard's video below. 


The Beatles were nominated for 6 Emmys, and Don Was took home the gold at the Creative Arts Awards Show, held one week before the formal Emmy telecast on NBC Monday, August 25, 2014. Was won for Music Direction for the CBS special, The Beatles: The Night That Changed America.


And in closing, a special thanks and congrats to Beatle Brunch listener Katie Bruns, who just graduated from high school and is now off to college. This summer, Katie and her dad Mark visited London and stopped by Abbey Road Studios to immortalize Beatle Brunch just steps from where the magic was made. Thanks Katie and have a safe back to school. Watch out for Maxwell's Silver Hammer!


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This gig is for REAL and while it's goin' down you'll have plenty of time to enjoy a FAB Cruise aboard Royal Caribbean's Megaship, Allure of the Seas, February 1st through 8th, 2015. Visit exotic ports of call in the Eastern Caribbean - Nassau, Bahamas, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands and the beautiful French - Dutch, Sint Maarten.

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Meet The Beatles Authors - Part 2

We welcome Joshua Wolf Shenk, author of the dynamic, Powers of Two.  Josh will join Canadian born, Jeff Walker, author of the illuminating, Sex and The Beatles and from Italy, Luca Perasi who recently released Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013) in the popular Beatle Brunch Fall Special, Meet The Beatles Authors. The authors will make guest appearances on The Brunch speaking words of wisdom with Joe J as he weaves The Beatles music through this FABulous Fall Phenom.

Please enjoy the following excerpts from the authors and remember to kindly offer your support - it will certainly be appreciated.

The Beatles Inner Circle
By Joshua Wolf Shenk - author of Powers of Two - BUY NOW

"John was the leader," said Astrid Kirchherr. "He was far and away the strongest." Paul made his deference explicit. In the band's first-ever radio interview, a DJ named Monty Lister asked each member of the band what instrument he played. When George Harrison said "lead guitar," Lister asked him: "Does that mean that you're sort of the leader of the group?" Paul broke in. "He's solo guitar, you see. John is, in fact, the leader of the group." But Paul often led the leader.



Maharishi Calls the Kettle Black
By Jeff Walker - Author of Sex and The Beatles - BUY NOW

A Hindu swami present with the Beatles in Rishikesh recorded in his diary a conversation he had with the Maharishi about the Beatles. Among other things the guru said that John "must not give in to his weakness for women or it will ruin him." Ironically, it was the Maharishi's apparent weakness for women that would drive John away from Rishikesh. It also provoked John to write a potentially guru-ruining song called 'Maharishi', later defused as 'Sexy Sadie' on the advice of amateur libel-lawyer George Harrison.


Read Jeff's lively take on Ethan Hawke's letter in FEATURES - Beatles to Boys & Girls



Early Days (Paul McCartney) From New
By Luca Parasi - Paul McCartney Recording Sessions (1969-2013) - BUY NOW


McCartney: "'Early Days' is a song based on my reminiscences of formative times with John before the Beatles, when we were first starting out."­ 


The musical background to those recollections is a simple folk song, with a country feel, in the vein of American popular ballads, a la Neil Young.  The track was recorded at Hog Hill Studio, with McCartney playing acoustic guitar and Ethan Johns on drums and percussion.  Paul himself added Bill Black's double-bass and harmonium.  The song was later overdubbed with an effective instrumentation, featuring Brian Ray on dulcimer, Rusty Anderson on slide guitar and McCartney on percussion: according to Giles Martin, he miked Pauls' trousers so to obtain the percussion effect. 


Many have noted a croaky quality of McCartney's voice, surely left on purpose on the recording, so to convey an emotional feeling into the song and its story.


Ethan Johns convinced Paul to keep his first vocal take on the song: "It's vulnerable.  But it's you." 'Early Days' is included in New.


San Fran No Longer Holds a Candle to Paul 

Paul and his band blew out the candles in San Francisco on Thursday August 14th, playing the final concert at Candlestick Park, the famed football stadium where The Beatles played, almost 48 years to the day, their final concert, August 29th, 1966.


The arena known as "The Stick" will be torn down for housing, retail and entertainment.


Cincinnati Beatles Concert Photos Surface  

Nearly 200 previously unseen photos of The Beatles in Cincinnati will be released for sale in October by the photographer. 


Walt Burton, now 80, shot about 200 pictures of The Beatles - from their arrival at Lunken Airport to performing at Cincinnati Gardens on Aug. 27, 1964 - for use in the souvenir "Beatles in Cincinnati" 24-page magazine-style booklet sold by WSAI-AM after the concert.


Burton, as the official event photographer, had special access to take pictures of John, Paul, George and Ringo emerging from their plane and waving to the Lunken crowd; entering the Gardens; speaking to reporters during their press conference (including Ringo lighting a cigarette); and performing on stage.


Three 50th anniversary print series will be available starting Oct. 18, during the month long regional FotoFocus photography festival. Click to see more of the photos.   



'Help!'     Original Air Date August 4, 1994     

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Ron Howard Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

Actor Director Ron Howard, in London recording music for one of his films at Abbey Road Studios, took a stroll across the famed zebra all in the name of finding a cure for ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. 


You may have also heard that Howard has also been pegged by Apple to direct the film about The Beatles touring days.


See the Ice Bucket Challenge video and hear who Ron challenged next, ay! 


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