August 1, 2014

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We have an OPEN CHAT in The Beatle Brunch Club this Thursday night and it's FREE to all guests, August 7th at 8 PM Eastern Time. Auntie Gin will let you in. So, if you're not busy sweeping your chimney or getting a suntan PLEASE, PLEASE drop by and shoot the breeze with the gang - you can even relax on the sofa with your favorite pet. EVERYONE'S INVITED. 


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Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson

Welcome to an Awesome August, Beatle Fans. There's so much going on this month. This Sunday, catch an August-angled Beatle Brunch that includes my exclusive one on one with legendary Cavern Club deejay Bob Wooler. I met and interviewed Bob in Liverpool back in 1995, and now this 30-minute interview's been dusted off and will be available as a bonus track in this week's On Demand edition of Beatle Brunch.  Sadly, Bob's no longer around to enjoy it. He passed away on February 8th, 2002.

This month also marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles playing The Hollywood Bowl for the first time. Paul has said that this show and Shea Stadium hold special memories for him. BTW Paul and Ringo do not have shows scheduled on August 23th, the night that Dave Stewart has booked the venue for The Beatle's 50th at The Bowl. Will the Fab duo show? Get tickets and more info - CLICK HERE

Here's a personal invitation to join me on board RCL's Allure of the Seas for a full week of Beatle music and fun, February 1-8, 2015, sailing out of Ft Lauderdale.  Back by popular demand is Lennon artist Tim Piper, who's been piping in on Beatle Brunch for the past few months. Tim and I will host "live" editions of Beatle Brunch on stage just for you, as Joe narrates, and Tim plays the songs and gives us the back stories on them all.  We'll also be joined by Beatlemania Live, an amazing tribute band, who will play a special gig for our VIP group. Read It's The Allure of Beatle Brunch Live.

AND - say it all together now, Full Speed Ahead Mr. Captain, if your taste tends to be a wee bit daring - please join me during a legendary Transatlantic crossing aboard Queen Mary 2 departing New York on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 non-stop to South Hampton England. and immerse yourself in The Ultimate Beatles Cruise.  The Beatles Tribute Band will be performing on board in the Royal Court Theatre. Their show covers the depth of The Beatles career from the heady days of the early sixties to their final farewell on a London rooftop on Saville Row. The band is a regular at Liverpool's famous Cavern Club and was the official band for the launch of "BEATLES ROCK BAND" music video game published by MTV Games which was held at the Cavern. The highlight of their career was in 2013, when they played on the grounds of Buckingham Palace (a rare privilege indeed for a tribute act) and were then invited to tea and sandwiches!

Yours truly, Joe Johnson - Guest Speaker will be on board all week long, presenting multi-media lectures on The Beatles as the 50 year anniversary continues.  Topics include "A Hard Day's Night" and  Beatles prizes.
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It's The Allure of Beatle Brunch Live

Cruise with Beatle Brunch and Joe Johnson featuring Tim Piper and Beatlemania Live aboard Royal Caribbean's megaship, Allure of the Seas, February 1st through 8th, 2015. Visit exotic ports of call in the Eastern Caribbean - Nassau, Bahamas, St Thomas and St Maarten. With all its splendor Allure will impress you to the nines, check out this cool video - Allure Hits National Airwaves

Contact and make your reservations NOW.  Get the VIP pass for access to a special, live edition of The Beatle Brunch Show hosted by Joe J.  Tim Piper will be on hand to discuss The Beatles, their music, writing styles, performances and influences on today's music scene.  Tim will demonstrate various guitar techniques and piano movements within a selection of Beatles songs as they are dissected, reviewed and examined, much like a work of fine art. You don't want to miss this fun and informative show during Cruise Week.

Tim Piper will perform solo as John Lennon in the popular and highly acclaimed stage show, Just Imagine, the Best of John Lennon, a well-executed, thoroughly entertaining music-history tutorial.

Beatlemania Live will perform during a private VIP Guest Party, and they will reveal secrets to their success, playing a very special selection of Beatles songs not in their usual repertoire, exclusively for our guests.

Call Angela and make your reservations Today! 877-291-1952

Meet The Beatles Authors

The popular Beatle Brunch Fall Special, Meet The Beatles Authors, has been an integral part of our Radio schedule of programs. Starting with the August Newsletter, we introduce Canadian born, Jeff Walker, author of the illuminating, Sex and The Beatles and from Italy, Luca Perasi who recently released Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013). Both authors will make guest appearances on The Brunch speaking words of wisdom with Joe J as he weaves The Beatles music through this Fall's main attraction.

Please read the following excerpt and promo, respectively, from both authors and perhaps you'll find it in your heart to support them with a purchase of their books - two must have books for your Beatles' library!

Sex and The Beatles
By Jeff Walker
Surely the Weirdest Ménage à Trois of the Early 1960s
Alma Cogan was a pre-rock'n' roll singer with several hits, like 'Sugartime'. At art school John mocked the song, complete with village-idiot faces. However, attending her soirées in the early 1960s, John became smitten with the idiot and they checked into many a hotel as Mr. and Mrs. Winston. Oddly enough, Brian Epstein was similarly smitten! Perhaps he still imagined something of a heterosexual tingle when he was with a 'nice Jewish girl' his parents would approve of him marrying. So it was with Alma. Or was it simply that lingering musk of John on her skin? Not surprisingly, the relationship never got any real traction and just faded to black. (She would be dead by 1966, of cancer, and he by 1967, of an overdose.)

Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013)
By Luca Perasi
The book Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013) is a journey through Paul's songs after The Beatles revealing the stories behind his solo compositions, covering everything that was released from the McCartney album through New, also including  his work under the Fireman pseudonym. The book features an extraordinary collection of articles and 70 exclusive interviews with musicians, producers, arrangers and sound engineer who accompanied McCartney through his musical career.

By George, The Apples Falls Closer To Release 
Looks like more than half a dozen Apples will be dropping from vaults very soon.  Dhani Harrison sent out this photo on Instagram last week with this (nice pedicure):

"Back to work - Happy Monday to all the twos out there. If you look closely you may spot something PH and I have been working on for the past few months."  (PH is Paul Hicks, who has been working on Beatles projects over the years).

A user named "d_gargs" replied: "The remasters of Dark Horse and Extra Texture?!"

To which Dhani replied: "Well Done @d_gards ! - not only that but it is the test pressing of the whole apple years box set. The first 7 albums. A lot of work."

Nothing confirmed, but since Dhani says "first 7 albums" on Apple, we can assume they will be:

1. Wonderwall Music
2. Electronic Sound
3. All Things Must Pass
4. The Concert For Bangladesh
5. Living in the Material World
6. Dark Horse
7. Extra Texture (Read All About It)


Guess What Killed The George Memorial Tree? 

In an ironic twist of shout, the George Harrison Memorial Tree in Griffith Park near Los Angeles was recently eaten - by beetles.  While except for the loss , we're sure George would have thought it hilarious.  The tree will be replaced by rolling stones (just kidding: a new tree). 

Crash Boom Bang! to The Brunch   

In case you missed it, Joe J had a one on one interview with Paul's guitarist and bass player, Brian Ray, just three days after Paul resumed his "Out There" tour in Albany. Brian told JJ that Paul came back to the stage with a vengeance, "as if he had something to prove." Paul? Something to prove?  He wowed the crowd for 2 hours 40 minutes and even brought a fan up on stage to propose.

Meanwhile, Beatle Brunch aired Brian's new song with The Bayonets, "Crash Boom Bang" and everyone loved it. Hear Joe's interview with Brian and the new Bayonets tune here

And speaking of Sir Paul's down time, we hear that his appearance in the studio with Aerosmith's Joe Perry went viral too. The two rock stars apparently recorded a new song together.

It Was A Hard Saturday's Afternoon

- - - when some BBC'ers and Miami Beatle fans joined Joe J at the Miami Screening of the newly remastered, "A Hard Day's Night" at the Gables Cinema July 5th. Joe introduced the film and told stories about the making of it, then All Together Now, we watched the shiny new copy. Fans who stayed after won tons of Beatle Brunch prizes, like this movie poster.

And just for reading this, YOU might win the new dual form Blu ray / DVD of A Hard Day's Night courtesy of Criterion. Just follow Beatle Brunch on Twitter @beatlebrunch and tweet us using the #HardDaysNight. We'll pick Four Fab winners to win the new DVD this week.


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