July 1, 2014

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Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson

"Control yourself! You'll spurt" - John Lennon

Good advice from John Lennon in "A Hard Day's Night", this summer, enjoying its 50th anniversary with the DVD and blu ray remastering, with so much bonus footage, YOU might spurt.  I haven't seen the new version yet. I'm saving my viewing for the South Florida film premiere to be held at The Gables Cinema this Saturday, July 5th at 1 PM. If you'll be in the Miami area, please join me.


Along with BBC'er Margot, Kevin and Diane, Kathy and Sophia and many others by getting tickets at The Coral Gables Art Cinema. How do you find the theater? Turn left at Greenland. Meanwhile, Check Out The Remastered Trailer HERE


One guy who's had a hard day's end of Spring is Sir Paul, and last week, he finally issued a video statement updating us on his health, check it out along with Paul's Excellent Air Guitar, HERE.  Note to Paul: Skip the sushi.


Paul also added a new date to his "Out There" tour for October 30th. See The Updated Tour Itinerary HERE.


Some great Beatles magic is coming your way via Beatle Brunch this month, including a celebration of Ringo's birthday this weekend, coupled with The Beatles' American Influence and a special appearance by musician Tim Piper, who takes us back exactly 57 years to the day John met Paul at a church picnic in Liverpool. Lots of you Fabs have told me that you're really Love, Love, Loving Tim's contributions to the show, so thanks, Tim. Oh, and also a special thanks to all of our Beatle Brunch listeners who helped me put together the ultimate list of "Pet Sounds", Beatles songs about animals.  That zoo of Beatles and solo tunes will air the weekend of July 12th, everything from Blackbirds to Bluebirds to birds that can sing, we promise not to run afoul much more than that.


Oh, and as for Ringo, it's not just another birthday of peace & love, Ringo is ready for you to get closer to him. Check out all the pics and view Ringo's updated tour itinerary on FEATURES - STARR OF STARS - - Nice photo of BBC writer Tom Frangione and GF Lisa with the ringed one taken backstage before the New York Beacon show.


Tee Eff says the concert was Fab, but someone spelling Ringo's last name was not so fab. See if you can spot the missing letter.


Well, that's about all I think. Remember, BBC members can hear every week's show on demand with bonus tracks not broadcast, so join today and spread the word on
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Have a happy summer, from your Beatle Brunch pals.  

By Margot Winick

The nationwide opening of "A Hard Day's Night" is July 4, 2014. South Florida fans, get ready for 'Beatle Brunch' Radio Host Joe Johnson to host the Special Restoration of the film on Saturday, July 5, 2014 in Coral Gables, Florida.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary release of The Beatles' iconic film "A Hard Day's Night," our fearless leader, Joe J, host of the nationally syndicated radio show "Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch," will open the 1 PM screening of a newly restored version of the classic film on Saturday, July 5, at the Coral Gables Art Cinema, South Florida. This exclusive version is being distributed nationally by Janus Films.


Coral Gables Art Cinema, located at 260 Aragon Avenue in downtown Coral Gables, is one of the only theaters showing the new 4K restored version, featuring new 5.1 surround mix produced by Giles Martin, son of the Beatles producer, Sir George Martin, who was nominated for an Oscar for best adapted score for this film. The film also garnered an Oscar nomination for best screenplay by Alun Owen.


Directed by Richard Lester and starring The Beatles, the black-and-white comedy film was released during the height of Beatlemania in the summer of 1964, and is considered one of the most influential musical films of all time. At the time of its release, The Village Voice called it "the 'Citizen Kane' of jukebox musicals."


The film contains the following hit Beatle songs: "A Hard Day's Night," "I Should Have Known Better," "I Wanna Be Your Man," "Don't Bother Me," "All My Loving," "If I Fell," "Can't Buy Me Love," "And I Love Her," "I'm Happy Just to Dance with You," "This Boy," "Tell Me Why", and "She Loves You." Many of these are performed as a precursor to today's music video form.


South Florida resident Joe Johnson has hosted, written and produced the "Beatle Brunch" radio show for over 20 years. The hourly program, distributed by Compass Media Networks to more than 100 affiliate radio stations across the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands each week, brings music and interviews with The Beatles and those in their immediate circle. The radio show can be heard in South Florida on WMXJ Magic 102.7 FM at 10 AM Sundays.


As always Joe J will be loaded with bags of 'Beatles Goodies' to give away before the Saturday screening, so don't miss it!


South Florida Beatles fans, visit GablesCinema.com for tickets and show times.

CLICK HERE For A Theatre Near You.

American Made CD
Stone Soup - Music for the Greater Good - Submitted by Tee Eff
"American Made" is the maiden release for Stone Soup Records, the new label that produces entertainment CDs, events and products to support the following non-profit organizations.




Writer, producer, recording artist Lon Van Eaton was produced by George Harrison and was inspired by George's "Concert for Bangladesh." Lon recalls: "Being signed to the Beatles' Apple label was an unbelievable experience. I was inspired to follow in George's footsteps and now we are launching Stone Soup Records for many causes. Please send in your great songs!"


"American Made" is an eclectic "Soup"  featuring 18 original tracks. The CD is a journey through time, the horrors of war, the survivors and their loved ones.


Lon's brother Derrek Van Eaton and Lonnie Toth dish out John Bray's tasty, "Love Sweet Song". Hear this tune and many others on the CD. Order yours today!


For More Info Visit StoneSoupRecords.com

Therapy Through Hell 

A FAB Feature Story from Esquire submitted by BBCer, Margot Winick 

A new conversation with McCartney about the worst time of his life.  From the book, Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s by Tom Doyle, reprinted by arrangement with Ballantine Books, an imprint of The Random House Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Random House, Inc. All rights reserved.


He knew he was in trouble the morning he couldn't lift his head off the pillow. He awoke facedown, his skull feeling like a useless dead weight. A dark thought flashed through his mind: If he couldn't make the effort to pull himself up, he'd suffocate right there and then.


Somehow, as if it was the hardest thing he'd ever done, he summoned the energy to move. He flipped over onto his back and thought, Jesus - that was a bit near.


Day by day, week by week, his condition had been steadily worsening. His often sleepless nights were spent shaking with anxiety, while his days, which he was finding harder and harder to make it through, were characterized by heavy drinking and self-sedation with marijuana. He found himself chain-smoking his unfiltered, lung-blackening Senior Service cigarettes one after another after another.


Later, he would look back on this period and tell everyone that he'd almost had a nervous breakdown. From the outside, there appeared to be no "almost" about it.




NBC Developing an 8 Episode Event Series 
Submitted by Margo Winick 

Are The Beatles bigger than the Bible? NBC is looking to find out. 

"The Tudors" creator and executive producer Michael Hirst is currently writing the program, with Ben Silverman and Teri Weinberg as executive producers. Both worked with him on the Showtime drama. NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt gave "The Tudors" the green light when he was overseeing Showtime.


NBC has been pushing "Event TV" with varying levels of success. The live staging of "The Sound of Music" was a major hit, while the remake of "Rosemary's Baby" was met with poor reviews and far from overwhelming ratings. Greenblatt also gave the go-ahead to Mark Burnett and Roma Downey's follow up to the high-rated History Channel miniseries "The Bible," titled "A.D." The 12-part miniseries is supposed to air in the spring of next year.


"We are firmly in the 'event' business," Greenblatt said when the "A.D." news was announced in December. "And nothing has more event potential than 'A.D.'"

No timetable has been given on when to expect NBC's 8-Episode Event Series, The Beatles, but stay tuned to Beatle Brunch for the details.


The Power of Two  
By Joshua Wolf Shenk, the author of "Powers of Two: Seeking the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs"

We've long been in thrall to the myth of the lone genius. But the unforgettable case of John Lennon and Paul McCartney demonstrates the brilliance of creative pairs.


In the fall of 1966, during a stretch of nine weeks away from the Beatles, John Lennon wrote a song. He was in rural Spain at the time, on the set of a movie called How I Won the War, but the lyrics cast back to an icon of his boyhood in Liverpool: the Strawberry Field children's home, whose sprawling grounds he'd often explored with his gang and visited with his Aunt Mimi. In late November, after four weeks and scores of session hours, The Beatles had a final cut of Strawberry Fields Forever. That was December 22.


On December 29, Paul McCartney brought in a song that took listeners back to another icon of Liverpool: Penny Lane, a traffic roundabout and popular meeting spot near his home. This sort of call-and-response was no anomaly. He and John, Paul said later, had a habit of "answering" each other's songs. "He'd write Strawberry Fields," Paul explained. "I'd go away and write Penny Lane - to compete with each other. But it was very friendly competition."


CONTINUE READING an excellent article submitted by BBCer, Margot Winick. 

Pick a Peck of Pipers

Long-time friend, Tim Piper, sends his Beatle Best wishes to all!


His guest spots have sent the ratings through the roof and we look forward to your continued support as avid followers of The Beatle Brunch Radio Program.


"Tim Time" will account for more sweet slants on The Beatles writing style and delivery of the songs that create the symptoms of Beatlemania we've come to love. 


Are you playing The Beatles Story Game - a video quiz from Tim's interviews on Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch.

BSG 1   BSG 2   BSG 3   BSG 4


'How They Did It'     Original Air Date November 27, 1994    

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