April Fool's Day

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This past Sunday on Beatle Brunch Joe featured Tim Piper who presented a very cool guitar finger picking technique that Lennon learned from Donovan when they were in Rishikesh, India. Perhaps Tim will drop by with his brother Greg this First Thursday evening to share a few more tidbits of Beatles' lore. The BBC Chat Room is OPEN FREE to all guests - Thursday Night, April 3rd at 8 PM Eastern Time and EVERYONE'S INVITED.  Go to BrunchRadio.com and click on the HOME PAGE Live Chat Banner - Enter your nickname and the door will open to The BBC Chat Room.

Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host

Welcome to April, you Beatle fools!  Boy, the past 6 weeks have been pretty amazing for Beatle fans. Not just all the invasion hoopla, but the pairing of Paul and Ringo on stage for The Grammy Salute, where they sang "With a Little Help" and "Hey Jude" together. Those performances brought some moisture to the eyelids, but for my money, the solid song that night was Jeff Lynne, Joe Walsh and Dhani Harrison singing and playing Dad's "Something" - Oh, and Katy Perry, can I have my shower curtain back?  


Something else big is about to land, for about the 5th time, it's the re-re-re-release of The Beatles first feature film, "A Hard Day's Night", coming to blu ray, but this time it's the highly regarded Criterian edition presented in stereo, with the original mono soundtrack as well as a remixed 5.1 courtesy of Beatle-freshener, Giles Martin, who not only had a hand in producing 10 of Paul's "NEW" tracks, but of course, had his fingers all over the faders for the Cirque du Soleil LOVE mixes.  I sure am glad that Sir George had a kid with such talent.  Look for "A Hard Day's Night" to hit right around the film's 50th anniversary, June 24th.  This dual format 3 disc set will have all the bonus features of previous releases, plus audio commentary from the film's cast and crew, a segment combining The Beatles own voices layered with behind the scenes footage and photos, an essay by critic Howard Hamptom and a new interview with Mark Lewisohn.  FOR SALE: my AHDN video, 25th Anniversary video, DVD-1, DVD-double silver set, laser disc, CD rom, 16-mm film, wire recording and Braille version.   

Speaking of "NEW", Paul's just announced a hold your handful of new shows from Chile to Japan. I'm still holding out hope that he'll add a Miami date to the mix.  Meanwhile, an airline ticket or two will get you to Paul's shows in Uruguay, Chile, Lima, Ecuador, Costa Rica and Japan.  Here's the Japan itinerary:  



Meanwhile, the Ring'ed one is skipping South Florida on his summer All Starr Band tour this year, so that leaves me in my BVDs with my DVDs. Sorry, I hope you can un-see that soon. 


Have a great spring, and keep checking into the Beatle Brunch Club. Our shows ON DEMAND are getting better (and longer) all the time with deluxe tracks mixed by Joe "Giles" Johnson.  Remember to follow @beatlebrunch on Twitter, and watch for my usual first of April Facebook post, you fools!


50 Years Ago The Beatles Make a Run 

Gary Trust is Billboard's associate director of charts/radio and editor of Billboard's Chart Beat column. Here's his article from Billboard dated April 4, 2012. The Beatles made history as the only act ever to monopolize the chart's top five positions.

The Billboard Hot 100, April 4, 1964

No. 1, "Can't Buy Me Love"
No. 2, "Twist and Shout"
No. 3, "She Loves You"
No. 4, "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
No. 5, "Please Please Me"        

The closest any artist has come to the Beatles' airtight top-five mark is 50 Cent who placed three titles simultaneously - "Candy Shop" (No. 1), the Game's "How We Go," on which he guested (No. 4), and "Disco Inferno" (No. 5) - in the top five on the charts dated March 12 and 19, 2005.     

The 26-position leap to the summit for "Can't Buy Me Love" additionally stood as the record for greatest jump to No. 1 until Kelly Clarkson's, "A Moment Like This" rocketed 52-1 in 2002. (Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You" currently holds the mark, courtesy of a 97-1 vault in February 2009).      

With 20 career leaders, The Beatles lead all acts for most No. 1s in the Hot 100's archives.


A Hard Day's Night       August 7, 1994  

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Paul Makes Nanny Music

An Excerpt from the book, Sex & The Beatles
By Jeff Walker  


As for Paul and Jane, by the end of 1965 their commitment to each other was somewhat ethereal. Each thrived in a different spotlight. The ethos of the times was, if anything, anti-monogamy. Moreover, Paul was very much inclined to casual sex, of which there was an unlimited supply for him, especially on the road or at home when Jane was away. Most importantly, he was in another relationship, and it was a fairly heavy one.


It began thus: Paul went over to Lennox Gardens. When he asked over the intercom if John Dunbar was home, nanny Maggie McGivern said 'yeah' and buzzed the door. Once Paul was in the apartment Maggie said, well actually John isn't in, which they both found hysterically funny. They were soon sharing a chicken casserole lunch that John's wife Marianne Faithfull and some friends hadn't shown up for. Maggie recalls an "immediate rapport...we couldn't stop talking." Paul started making frequent visits. It became evident to her that Paul and Jane's relationship was going nowhere.


Six months into their friendship, Paul came over with an acetate of the just-completed Revolver album to give John Dunbar and Co. a preview listening. "There was something in the air that night and that's how it all started," Maggie recollects. "He ended up staying the night and we went to bed. It was wonderful. The next morning [provided some] of the most precious moments of my life." They spoke little but felt happily marooned on an oasis of tranquility. Things that could be left unsaid were left unsaid. They gadded about till lunchtime. It all seemed so unforced, so natural. The same scenario would unfold again and again. Thus began a secret affair over a three-year stretch. Jane never knew.


Paul was drawn to Maggie's beauty, warmth and smarts, and to her un-Jane-like willingness to assume a subordinate role despite an evolving modeling career that would keep her on the move. In those days the press did not snoop about the affairs of actors and musicians with the alacrity they do today. Paul and Maggie could fly beneath the radar, despite rendezvousing in public, co-vacationing when Jane wasn't in town, and attending Beatles recording sessions together.


 Sex & The Beatles  - BUY NOW!

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