March 4, 2014

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Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host

Well, what CAN I say on Things We Said Today? So far it's been an amazing Invasion 50, not just on stage and television, but in person, at our 50th Anniversary Beatles' Celebration in Cancun.  Five sun-filled days spent by the pool, anticipating Four-Fab nights of live music, including recreating The Famed Ed Sullivan Show from February 9th, 1964.


BBC Member and loyal Brunch vacation attendee, Joshua Lapin-Bertone, wrote his personal review (see below). Josh is an over the top Wing's fan, so to hear his description of the authenticity of the event, makes it even more special. Thanks Josh!

Our fans flew in from all over the world, including Super Mark Mayrsohn, who attended with his wife Kathy and daughter Sophia. All in all our amps were set to 11.


Hear highlights from Cancun on "Classic Clips" - start at Home by visiting and search for all 8 Classic Clips Icons.


We celebrated The Beatles 8-days in Miami at The Deauville Hotel too with 1964 - The Tribute. Their performance, coupled with the period lighting, stage set and the song-for-song Sullivan play-list was a hit with fans who were there to celebrate The Beatles 2nd Ed Sullivan broadcast. Then, a week later, Will, Rich, Jimmy, Jack and Frank: The Fab Faux, performed at The Parker Playhouse, every Beatles song seen on American Television, with some bonus tunes tossed in for Fab measure. Whatever you do, NEVER miss The Fab Faux. Their musicianship is second to none.


And one other note, The Quiet Beatle's birthday in February gently slipped by with more silence than we would like to hear, as we were busy with Invasion 50 at the time, doing three Beatle Brunch programs in a row on the invasion, so, to more than make up for it, listen for a Gorgeous George celebration on March 23rd, one month late, but Something worth waiting for.


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Cancun: Beatle Brunch Band on the Run-Down

By Joshua Lapin-Bertone


Every year I look forward to the annual Beatle Brunch get-togethers. We've had a pretty good time on our cruises in the past, but this year we tried something different. For five nights we called the Hard Rock Resort in Cancun our home. I compare these events to summer camp, and like any good camp there were happy reunions after the bus dropped us off.


Tim Piper was one old friend who returned.  "Imagine: John Lennon" is beyond the usual tribute act. Piper incorporates multi-media elements into his show. It's more than a concert,  it's an incredible journey through John's life. During our trip, Piper revealed that he has some hidden songwriting skills of his own. He debuted a song called "The Shot Heard The World", a Lennon-esque composition about America meeting The Beatles in February 1964.


Author and self-proclaimed Rock & Roll Detective Jim Berkenstadt was on hand throughout our trip to talk about his book "The Beatle Who Vanished". During the Beatles first world tour in 1964, Ringo fell ill and had to be temporarily replaced by a drummer named Jimmie Nicol. Who was Jimmie? What was it like to become a Beatle so suddenly? What happened to him afterwards? The answers to all those questions are in Jim's book. I enjoyed many long chats with Jim about Beatle lore during the trip.


The Pete Best Band flew in to perform for one night, and what a night it was. Before the show Beatle Brunch Host Joe Johnson spoke with Pete about his experiences with The Beatles in Hamburg before they became big. The stories were wild, but so were the songs. Pete brought out his band, which included younger brother and co-drummer Roag Best. They treated us to a set of Beatle songs from the 1962 era. The Beatles may not have rated Pete "good enough" back in 1962, but there were no such complaints from the audience that night as they rocked and danced to The Pete Best Band beat. 


Now, Brunch With Wings:

Often we have more in common with our neighbors than we think. Laurence Juber discovered this in the 1980's when he met his neighbor Denny Seiwell. In addition to being accomplished studio musicians, both men hold the title of "Wing", something only eight others can lay claim to. While they weren't in the band at the same time, both had interesting perspectives on the experience to share with the other. Denny Seiwell was the first member to join Paul and Linda's group after his phenomenal drum work on the album "Ram". He was in the band for their early years as they were finding their way and touring small music halls at universities, and left right before "Band on the Run".  


Denny had been Winging it for almost five years by the time Laurence joined the band. Whereas Denny experienced the birth of Wings, Laurence was there for their "final flight".  Laurence's tenure in Wings had an arena tour, a Rock & Roll orchestra dubbed "Rockestra" which won a Grammy Award, and a drug bust in Japan. Both men bonded over Wings stories.


In 1989 Paul embarked on his first world tour since folding Wings. Noticing that Paul was going to be playing their area, Denny and Laurence (with their wives Monique and Hope in tow) showed up at the venue on a whim, hoping to see Paul. Their hunch paid off and the two "Wingmen" had a Fab reunion with Paul and Linda, reminiscing about the old days.


Denny and Laurence continued to work together. When Laurence needed a drummer for his "LJ" album, Denny gladly joined in. The two frequently performed together at Beatle conventions, sometimes with their fellow ex-bandmate Denny Laine. This year in Cancun, our Beatle Brunch group got the pleasure of seeing Denny and LJ perform separately and together, showcasing their talents while sharing stories of their Wings days.


Laurence hosted a slideshow presentation for his upcoming photographic memoir "Guitar With Wings". He supplemented his presentation with guitar, giving the Brunch guests a preview of his upcoming book. "Guitar With Wings" contains hundreds of never before seen photos from Laurence's time with the band. The following evening he performed a special acoustic set. His repertoire included original compositions and finger-picking renditions of Beatle classics like "I Am The Walrus" and "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Laurence, with just a guitar, is able to do more with those songs than most tribute bands can with a stage full of players and instruments.


Denny amazed the audience with his drum clinic. Hooking up his iPod to the soundboard, songs from "Ram" and the early Wings days were heard while Denny tapped along on drums. Between the tunes, Denny captivated us with stories of meeting Paul, recording "Ram" and the formation of Wings.  For me, hearing "Live and Let Die" played live by its original drummer is a magical experience, but the best was yet to come.


The final two nights featured performances by "Band on The Run". While BOTR is a Beatles tribute group, they differ from the usual crop. Their attire and hair doesn't match the Fabs, but their performances are good enough that you quickly forget. Who needs a fake Beatles wig when you can play their music that well? Their set list included Beatle classics and gems from the Fabs solo careers. Once Juber and  Seiwell joined them on stage, though,  the show became even hotter than anyone could have imagined.


Seiwell and BOTR's drummer joined forces to make a rocking drum sound that drove the band to play harder and the audience to dance faster. Laurence improvised guitar solos which astonished the fans. Seeing his guitar talent, I turned to Joe Johnson and said, "Paul was a fool to only use him for only one album". Other guests at the Hard Rock Cancun Resort heard the commotion and began to fill the room. Before long it was standing room only, which wasn't a problem because this was a show to be on your feet for, it was more than a Wings tribute, this was Wings.  


For LJ and Denny, it was discovering their mutual connection to Paul McCartney at a Beatle convention that brought them together. Decades later, they're at another show on stage together, performing Paul's music on the anniversary of The Beatles first Ed Sullivan show.  This was a very special show and as I walked out of the auditorium that night, I was left with one thought, "How on Earth can we top this next year?"


Joshua Lapin-Bertone is a member of The Beatle Brunch Club and has accompanied The Brunch on a number of Beatles cruises, and our most recent Celebration in Cancun. Joshua is a full-flown Wings fan and is authoring a comprehensive book on his favorite band. Catch Josh Wednesdays on Beatlesarama online.  

SEX & The Beatles

By Jeff Walker  

John Lennon (1963): "We sing about love, but we mean sex, and the fans know it."


You, dear Beatles fan, are merely one book away from knowing more about the sex lives of the Beatles than even the group's most in-depth historian. Pick up a copy of Jeff Walker's Sex and the Beatles: 400 Entries and become an expert text-pert Beatles sexpert. It's salacious, it's informative and it's funny. Drawing upon a Beatles library that would cost more than a grand to duplicate and a thousand hours to read, you can have it all in a single 'luv-bug'-illustrated volume. Youth through Quarry Men, Beatles and post-Beatles heydays, here it is-irresistible to any true Beatles (or sex) fan. You know you want it. Come and get it  - BUY NOW!

Social Venues of The 60s?

Submitted by BBCer Nancy Riley    

Jimmy Fallon Unearths 'Never-Before-Seen' Beatles Footage of the band promoting Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
If you're a Member, see it on BBC Downloads Video. The Beatles would have been forced to connect with fans through social media, too, ya know.  

Everyone knows that The Beatles were all about peace and love, but according to "never-before-seen footage" that Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon unearthed, the British band was all about Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, too. 


In honor of the 50th anniversary of the band's first performance on the "Ed Sullivan Show," Fallon and band leader Fred Armisen dressed up as Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, respectively, to re-imagine what the iconic rock band would tell fans if they lived in a world ruled by social media.


Thanks for sending this to us, Nancy. We're particularly fascinated by the reference to the photographs of "Ringo's Brunch"

Siederer on the Side

by Terry Siederer 


Greetings from maybe the only English member of the BBC who grew up with the Beatles even as nowadays I live in Sweden. 


I often reminisce the first concert I attended. Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas were the main act. I remember a security guy shouting, "anyone wanna meet Billy J. after the show?!" A few years back I decided to contact the Theatre Royal in Nottingham and ask when the concert had taken place.


The Theatre has a history going back to 1865, but believe or not they hold no record of their events. They suggested the main city library, but they didn't know either, and they invited me to fly over and browse through their local history archives.


Recently after seeing Billy J. on Swedish TV participating in a '60s programme, he mentioned his disappointment that Brian Epstein was not written into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I wrote him saying that I agreed about Brian and asked about the elusive Nottingham concert. To my dismay, Billy never replied.  


After I joined the Beatle Brunch Club, Donnie Gee made sure that Billy would get my message as he was scheduled to perform on a BBC Cruise, and Donnie was true to his word. After a little arm-twisting, I finally got a reply from Billy, "Sorry Terry, I don't remember the year that concert took place; those were crazy times!"  So, I gave up. There were no more avenues to research and I resigned myself that I was never going to know the year that gig went down.   


Suddenly, a few months ago my brother who was also at the concert saw a poster up for auction on the Internet and there was the exact answer! It was 1963 - I was seven years old. The memories came back! Johnny Kidd and the Pirates were low on the list as it was a while since their big hit, "Shakin' All Over." The Foremost should have been higher on the bill as they had more hits than the Caravelles but they probably couldn't compare with a trio of pretty singing girls. As for Billy J. Kramer, all I remember were the screams, just like a Beatles concert! This must be why I hardly remember any of the songs from his set-list.  

A copy of the poster is available on eBay as a fridge magnet. It's a great conversation starter when people ask me; "Terry, when was the first concert you ever attended?"

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