February 4, 2014

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While Joe's basking in the sun at an exotic Caribbean resort celebrating 50 years of Beatlemania one might ask - "when's the next snow day?" The BBC Chat Room will open the gate FREE FOR ALL to attend. So find your way to the RED banner on 
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Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host

It's been 50 years since they first asked us to hold their hand, and after a half-century, The Beatles still have a firm grip on our eyes and ears too. Welcome to Invasion 50, a celebration of All Things Beatles this entire month, and for all of 2014 for that matter.

month-long celebration kicked off a few days early when Beatle fans got a nice surprise: Ringo stepping behind the drums with Paul at the Grammy's last Sunday night to drum on Paul's "Queenie Eye".  


Well, Queenier Eyes are on the duo next week to see how CBS' Tribute to The Beatles: A Night That Changed America, turns out when it's broadcast on the exact 50th anniversary of The Beatles first Ed Sullivan show, Sunday night February 9th at exactly 8 pm.  SPOILER ALERT: Read the news story at  Brunch Radio.com and Join The Beatle Brunch Club to get all the details. By the way, a membership is almost free - about 7-cents a day, and you get to hear The Brunch ON DEMAND along with "Old Brown Shows" - Beatle Brunch Classics from our first days on the air.


As you read this, we're packing our bags for OUR 50th Anniversary Beatles Celebration in Cancun with a Vox load of special guests. Listen for a Brunch recap in a few weeks. In the meantime, tune in to this month's shows. This Sunday, it's The Beatles Before The Invasion. Find out what they were up to right before they boarded their flight to New York. Did they try to sneak anything through security, Paul? Of course on the 9th, it's a full blown Invasion 50 with interviews and music, including The Boss telling us when he bought his first Beatles' album, and Beatle Brunch listener Bill Laughton Jr's written a new song called "Meet The Beatles" (see below). You'll get a flavor for that too and it won't cost extra.  Lots of other goodies are packed in our Beatle Brunch picnic basket, you'll just have to wait and hear them one by one.


Speaking of which, have you heard about the "Deluxe 5th Track" of Beatle Brunch? What? You haven't? This is something fab-cool that we've just recently started. BBC Members who listen to the show ON DEMAND get to enjoy an extra segment or two of the show. Sometimes it's a song or an interview or a tribute, like the one we posted a few weeks back to pay homage to the late Phil Everly.


And coming to The Beatle Brunch Newsletters, we want to hear from you if you have a connection to The Beatles. Do you host a show, have a blog, a website or perhaps you've just written a book on The Boys? Send a note to Donnie@brunchradio.com and we'll put you in the Spotlight as part of Invasion 50.


So "Thank You Girl", for reading and listening, and thanks to the "Boys" too. I'll see you on the radio this weekend.


Grammy Salute to the Beatles

By Nikki Denett

Beatle Brunch Insider, Nikki Denett, provides an "I Was There" account of her experience with CBS TV's Special, "The Night That Changed America: The Grammy Salute to The Beatles!"  It is certainly a thrill reading Nikki Denett's story and a first-hand look before it happens on Television. Thanks Nikki!


I decided to take photos with each of The Beatles' Walk of Fame stars by acting out my favorite parts of their personalities. So we have Paul's attitude, Ringo's determinism to have a world full of "peace and love", George's tranquility and John's unwavering energy and rambunctiousness! hahahahaha Enjoy!


If you told me a week ago that I would be spending the weekend in Los Angeles to attend "The Night That Changes America: The Grammy Salute to the Beatles" I may not have called you crazy as much as I'd be jumping up and down screaming at the top of my lungs.


It all started the day it was announced that Paul and Ringo would both be performing, albeit separately, at the 56th Annual Grammy awards. Once the news reached my ears, "Operation: Get Into The Grammy's" was immediately put into action. After much research, I discovered the wonderful world of being a seat filler.


If you have no idea what a seat filler is, here is how it works. A seat filler's job is to fill all of the empty seats located in the camera section of the audience in an award show or televised special. This means that you will be sitting in the first 10-15 rows of the house. You are making sure that when they do camera shots of the audience throughout the telecast, that the camera does not see any empty seats.


I knew that this definitely had to be my way in. I found the organization that handled seat filling for the Grammy awards, and submitted a request to be chosen. Within a few days, I received an email, stating that while they were no longer accepting requests for the Grammy's, they WERE accepting seat fillers for "The Night That Changed America: The Grammy Salute to The Beatles" event. Needing no further invitation, I submitted my request and hoped for the best.


Flash forward to a week later. I woke up Friday morning, January 24th, to the email I had been wishing so much for. I had been chosen to be a seat filler for "The Night That Changed America: The Grammy Salute to The Beatles!" Immediately (well, almost - I did a lot of jumping up and down on my bed in a fit of girlish squeals first!) I booked my flight and hotel for the following afternoon for what would be my first EVER trip to Los Angeles! Crazy? Perhaps, but I learned a long time ago that when it comes to The Beatles, there is no plan too daring or outrageous. The Beatles have broken more than a few barriers on the normal scale and considering the countless ways that they've inspired my life, I figured it was only but a fitting tribute.


I arrived in Los Angeles the following evening, ready for an adventure, but not knowing at all what to expect.


Monday came quickly and I was super hyped! We showed up that afternoon to the designated meeting spot, which was a parking lot about a block or two away from the Convention Center. After checking in and receiving black wristbands (our "ticket to ride") we were escorted into the Convention Center and put into a holding room, where we were given our instructions as seat fillers. READ MORE 

The Shot Heard Around the World

Photo By Sal Gomez
This was the phrase referring to the opening of the Revolutionary War in 1775 - The British Invaded America. 


In 1964, The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show signaled yet another Shot Heard Round The World - The British Invasion - persistence pays off - rock music changed forever.


Tim Piper and his Band are celebrating 50 years of American Beatlemania with the release of a very cool tune and Beatle Brunch is one of first in queue to receive notice.


Visit  TimPiperMusic.com for the music video, BUY the download and show a little Piper Love!

Here They Are - The Beatles!

By Dave Schwensen

Author of The Beatles in Cleveland, Dave Schwensen, steps up to the plate with one on; this time The Beatles At Shea Stadium is on his shoulders and ready to be knocked outta the park! Gather round Beatle Brunch fans and let's root for the home team. Please give Dave your support, celebrate 50 years of Beatlemania in the good ol' US of A and BUY his new book for your Beatles library.  Here's an excerpt:


Once they reached the infield dirt of the baseball diamond, security stopped the press from following and the Beatles emerged from the pack giving fans their first unobstructed view of the famous foursome. The noise raining down on them never let up. Excited girls stood in the aisles, screamed and waved their arms trying to gain the attention of their favorite Beatle. Some cried and held onto each other for support while others slumped in their seats overcome with emotion. Boys stood and watched with smiling envy, shocked disbelief, or a teenaged combination of both. Parents and adults dealt with the high powered onslaught of Beatlemania by handing out tissues, calming fans, or just watching the chaos unfold around them.

What Elsas Knew

By Dennis Elsas

America met the Beatles for the first time on February 7th 1964,  and from that day on, the music world and my life were never quite the same.  Beatlemania erupted that chilly afternoon as they arrived at New York's Kennedy Airport, and continued to build momentum as the next week's events unfolded.  I was glued to my AM radio following their trip to the Plaza Hotel, their appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, on-the-air with Murray the K, traveling to Washington DC and Miami, and performing at Carnegie Hall. There was no way for me to imagine them as a teenager, the impact their music would have on me personally and professionally. 


Within five years I was on the other side of the radio (now FM), playing their music and sharing the news of their evolution from the Fab 4 to solo careers. And then to have my 1974 two hour live on-air conversation with John Lennon become an important part of their historical record remains one of my greatest thrills.


Their arrival was a story I always wanted to revisit in detail.  In 2004 (on the 40th anniversary) I did just that with an award winning documentary complete with rare broadcast audio and exclusive interviews. It's updated for 2014 and debuts on my show on WFUV at 4PM (EST) on Friday February 7th. Listen to a preview of It Was Fifty Years Ago Today - The Beatles Invade America or enjoy the complete show HERE.


Dennis Elsas is a cornerstone of New York Rock'N'Roll radio.  The distinctive style he developed during twenty-five years at WNEW-FM continues on weekday afternoons at WFUV and every weekend on Sirius/XM Classic Vinyl. His creative music programming and history-making interviews - including the legendary 1974 conversation with John Lennon -  have connected Dennis with generations of listeners. He is the "Voice of Rock History" at the Museum at Bethel Woods, and a leading voice-over artist for documentary films and commercials. Dennis also entertains audiences with a journey through his personal archives in a live, on-stage multimedia show, "Rock 'N' Roll Never Forgets." 

Meet The Beatles - a Song by Bill Naughton, Jr.

Beatle Brunch listener Bill Naughton, Jr wrote a song - "Meet The Beatles" - it's about the impact that landmark album had on a young kid in 1964.  Now, officially recorded and released for download on iTunes, Amazon and other outlets. Visit Sound Clips on BrunchRadio.com - click Bill's name - read his story and listen to the song.  


"Meet The Beatles" is perfectly tuned in to be a part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Beatlemania in the United States. 

Thanks Bill, for sending it to us, and "With a Little Luck" it'll be a hit.

Grammy Whammies! Way to Go Sir Paul!

There were some Daft Punks at The Grammys, but the originals stole the show at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards Presentation in Los Angeles.       

It was quite the way to kick off Invasion 50, with Sir Paul sweeping all five of his Grammy nominated categories, then being joined on stage by his not so daft and certainly NOT a punk, Ringo Starr, on Paul's "NEW" song "Queenie Eye". I think Beatle fans agree, the Bell of the Ball was Sir Paul, who looked fantastically happy with his sparkling wife, Nancy.    

In the audience, Paul and Ringo rubbed knees at their seats, as some of rock's royalty rubbed elbows with them backstage, including Julia Roberts, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Steven Tyler.   

Ringo, introduced by the hardly-coherent Ozzy Osbourne standing with his Black Sabbath band mates, later admitted that he completely F*d up the intro. He could use a full time interpreter ("Sharon!").  Meanwhile, Ringo took the stage and sang his signature song "Photograph", complete with projections from his recent publication of the same name. An hour later, Paul took the stage to perform "Queenie Eye" and was joined his mate of 50 plus years, Ringo Starr.       

In addition to the Beatles grabbing the Lifetime Achievement Award, Paul took home Grammy hardware for:

BEST ROCK SONG: Cut Me Some Slack (McCartney, Grohl, Smear & Novoselic)
BEST COMPILATION SOUNDTRACK FOR VISUAL MEDIA: "Sound City Real to Reel" (includes Cut Me Some Slack)

Last Chance 1964 - The Tribute at the Deauville

There's still room at the gig for the 2nd show, Sunday February 16th so order your tickets today and celebrate the 50th year anniversary of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in Miami Beach at the Deauville Hotel. 1964 The Tribute will perform 2 FABulous Shows recreating the feeling of Beatlemania in America - featuring Mark Benson as John, Mac Ruffing as Paul, Tom Work as George and Bobby Potter as Ringo.

Enjoy the beauty and warmth of Miami, Florida and dig the incredibly accurate sound of 1964 The Tribute in concert on the same historic stage when The Beatles performed for the Ed Sullivan TV audience February 16, 1964.  

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