November 1, 2013
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Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host

Welcome Beatle Brunchers! As we get ready to turn our clocks back an hour this weekend, join me as we turn our Beatle clock back 50 years, getting ready for the Golden Anniversary of Beatlemania. You may have noticed all the new offerings flooding your inbox, some old, some blue, some borrowed and one very “New”. Thank you Saint Paul for a Wonderful Christmastime in advance. Gee, if only Paul would do some appearances and publicity for this “New” CD.
“New” debuted at #3 on the chart, selling 59,000 copies in its first week.  We’ll accept props here at The Brunch as we’ve played about half of the album nationally so far, plus replayed some of Paul’s highlights from every Jimmy on late night TV.
“New” was made with the help of Four Fab producers two of them with Beatles DNA: Sir George Martin’s son, Giles and Glyn John’s (of “Let it Be” fame) son, Ethan. If these guys don’t know Paul’s musical Beatle emotions, then nobody does. I truly love the album and have picked out “Everybody Out There” as my favorite track.  Others, like TF and my friend CB say “Early Days” is the one that brought on the water works. Read Joe Reviews NEW

Now, To Books!
When Ringo’s NOT signing memorabilia, which is all of the time, he has agreed to sign the Limited Edition run of his new Genesis Publications book, Photograph, which retails for close to $600. It WILL sell out, rest assured Fab Fans. It’s always nice to have an “official” Ringo-signed item in the house for the kids to set their Hot Pockets on.
Ringo’s book is not even the most anticipated. With the 50th anniversary just a Cavern Walk away, some of the best books are trying to hippy hippy shake their way to your holiday gift-wrap right now. It started with Larry Kane’s excellent offering, When They Were Boys, a feverishly researched collection of early Beatle stories. One of my favorites is how the line “nothing to get hung about” came about.  You have to read Larry’s book to find out forever.
Jim Berk will be my guest on an upcoming Brunch. Jim’s been searching the world over for The Beatle Who Vanished and he’s got blisters on his fingers penning the story about it in his new book of the same name. Did he find him? Let me just say,  “no one I see is in my tree”. That’s not really a clue, it’s just a call-back to Larry’s book.  Read The Beatle Who Vanished & find out.
I just interviewed BBC expert, archivist and author/producer, Kevin Howlett, whose book, The Beatles: The BBC Archives, 1962-1970, comes in a vintage Beatles reel-to-reel tape box. It’s a companion piece to On Air: The Beatles at the BBC Vol II CDs which Kevin also co-produced. It’s become Top Gear around my flat. The CDs come out November 12th. I’ve been spotlighting tracks from it on The Brunch and you can find a few in the downloads section of The Beatle Brunch Club as well as tracks from “New." Hear Kevin and an hour's worth of BBC finds on the November 17th show. 
And Hey Jude! Our pal Bruce Spizer has digitized his “VeeJay” book, so now you can download it for your iPad, Kindle, Nook and talking hair-brush. Go to for deets.
The other book that’s all abuzz, is Mark Lewisohn’s Tune In: The Beatles All These Years Vol I.  Some reviews say this book is the place to start if you’ve never read a Beatle book before, and if you have, this is the book to confirm the stories you thought you knew. We’ll have Mark on The Brunch shortly too. You’ll be able to win his book and the others I’ve mentioned, just for listening. What was that?
As you read the list of November Beatle Brunch Shows including the traditional Fall Special, Meet The Beatles Authors over Thanksgiving Weekend, let me point out that each are available On-Demand, commercial-free, but we took a tip from Paul.  BBC members can listen to the Deluxe 5th Bonus Track, audio relating to that week’s show, something new for BBC'ers only, and we thought you’d like to hear before everyone else. So why not get the full effect - Join The Beatle Brunch Club.  It’s just pennies and day, and we know you’ve got those in a red solo cup on your dresser. Jim Berk said he found them there.
Fab Gear-up for a 'Nifty 50' - start by joining me and my friends Pete Best, Laurence Juber, Denny Siewell, Tim Piper, Band on the Run and other special guests in Cancun February 5th – 10th, 2014, then come to Miamuh Beach as 1964 The Tribute re-creates The Beatles 2nd Ed Sullivan show live at the Deauville Hotel on the SAME night from the SAME stage 50 years later!  See details about both gigs in this Newsletter.  
Thanks Beatle Peetles for letting me vent ONCE again. As you can see, there’s lots NEW since we last had our chat, which by the way, I’ll be hosting another Thursday, November 7th - please don't miss it!

Meet The Beatles Authors

Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch Show Special, Meet The Beatles Authors, features 4 famed writers. Read excerpts from their books by visiting FEATURES. We ask Beatle Brunch fans all over the world to support these literary journalists who showcase The Beatles in their own write. We are grateful for being selected by each author and/or publishers to help spread their words that embody a genuine dedication to The Beatles. 
Jim Berkenstadt is the Rock And Roll Detective®. He is an author, music historian, and consultant. His recent work, The Beatle Who Vanished, is an intriguing story based on the life of Jimmie Nicol.  Read an excerpt entitled, Where is Jimmie Nicol, ex-Beatles drummer? Jim is considered an international authority on The Beatles and has co-authored three other books: Black Market Beatles, Nevermind Nirvana, and The Beatles Digest.  Berkenstadt recently served as Martin Scorsese’s Historical Consultant on the HBO Emmy award-winning film, "George Harrison: Living in the Material World," and has served as consultant to The Beatles, George Harrison, Dick Clark, VH1, and The Traveling Wilburys.
Kevin Howlett is an award-winning producer and historian who has been closely associated with The Beatles throughout his career.  He produces a weekly radio show for the BBC and has interviewed artists such as David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Paul McCartney and Paul Simon for his many BBC radio documentaries.  He is the author of THE BEATLES: THE BBC ARCHIVES: 1962-1970 (Harper Design, October 29, 2013) and you can read an excerpt entitled, Juke Box Jury.  Kevin authored two previous Beatles books: The Beatles at the Beeb: The Story of their Radio Career, 1962-1965 and The Beatles at the BBC, the Radio Years, 1962-1970 . He co-wrote with Mark Lewisohn In My Life: John Lennon Remembered based on his ten-part BBC radio series. Howlett is an Executive Producer and editor for the new Beatles album On Air - Live At The BBC Volume 2 that goes on-sale in the U.S. November 12th and he's a producer for On Air - Live at the BBC Volume 1. The booklets for both collections include Kevin Howlett’s essays on the history of The Beatles’ BBC radio sessions and his detailed commentaries on all of the tracks. 
Larry Kane known as the dean of Philadelphia television news anchors, has been one of the nation’s most respected TV journalists for more than 53 years, and has recently marked his 55th anniversary in broadcasting.  He was the only broadcast journalist to travel to every stop on the Beatle’s 1964 and 1965 tours. He authored Ticket To Ride in 2003 and later, Lennon Revealed, a New York Times and Los Angeles Times Bestseller in 2005. Larry is considered one of the premiere American experts on the life of John Lennon. The Summer of 2013 set the scene for his internationally distributed book, When They Were Boys, the True Story of the Beatles Rise to the Top, and you can read an excerpt entitled,  Mona, Pete - A Home For The Boys.
Bruce Spizer was drawn into the world of Beatles collectors as a writer and self-publisher of The Beatles Records on Vee-Jay. Over the past few years Bruce has managed to release a serious collection of books about The Beatles. A reviewer described his books as containing "a wealth of detail about the Beatles' American recordings and their first visit to the United States, touching on everything from contracts and lawsuits to promotional materials, all richly illustrated. His books, Part One, Beatlemania & The Singles and Part Two, The Albums  were followed by The Beatles On Apple Records, The Beatles Are Coming!, The Beatles Solo on Apple Records, The Beatles Swan Song: "She Loves You" & Other Records, Beatles For Sale On Parlophone and his latest release, Beatles Records on Vee-Jay, is now a digital first. Read Bruce's summary.
Beatlemania in Cancun, Mexico

The same low rate is still available, so book your reservation TODAY at The Hard Rock Hotel on the beautiful pristine beaches of the Riveira Maya near Cancun. The 5 night stay will be filled with fine dining and libations to your contentment, plus unforgettable Beatles music performed by familiar faces, Laurence Juber, Denny Seiwell, Tim Piper, Pete Best, Band On The Run.

Your Emcee, Joe Johnson will be there to provide worship to The Sun King and we recall the lyric; "Mundo paparazzi mi amore cicce verdi parasol" - which means, "get yer Beatleludas to this gig or else!" 

Visit The Beatles Invasion 50 Years Later
for all the details OR Call Angela at 1-877-291-1952 and join us for some great Beatlemania of the 4th Kind. 

The Fab Five

Beatles fans in South Florida - Meet Vivek Tiwary and have him personally sign your copy of The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story. He will be at the 30th Miami Book Fair International on Saturday, November 23, 2013. Visit for details.
The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story is a graphic novel that recounts the untold true story of the brilliant visionary, Brian Epstein.
“Telling the Brian Epstein story is a true labor of love. The Fifth Beatle really is my life’s work—as I’ve been researching Brian’s life for more than half my own,” says Tony Award–winning producer Vivek J. Tiwary (Green Day’s American Idiot, The Addams Family, Mel Brooks’s The Producers). “So it’s with great excitement and anticipation that I can finally share this little-known story about one of the great architects of modern pop culture with the rest of the world.”
Vivek J. Tiwary will also write and produce a feature-film adaptation of his graphic novel. Tiwary has signed a deal with Sony/ATV, providing him unprecedented access to Beatles songs for the film. Visit and read the Feature story, "The Fifth Beatle" for more info.

We Do Believe 1964 in 2014

1964 The Tribute is celebrating the 50 year anniversary of The Beatles in Miami Beach at the Deauville Hotel, February 15th and 16th, 2014 for 2 FABulous SHOWS! Stay tuned to Beatle Brunch for a zany Joe J. interview with 'The Boys' featuring Mark Benson as John, Mac Ruffing as Paul, Tom Work as George and Bobby Potter as Ringo.

Beatle fans, take a break in the beauty and warmth of Miami, Florida to witness the incomparable, 1964 The Tribute in concert on the same historic stage when The Beatles performed for the Ed Sullivan TV audience February 16, 1964 - It was a really big shew yesterday and will be a really big shew today.  Continue Reading
Order Your Tickets NOW
Starr Search
Submitted by Margot Winick - Follow-up by Joe J.

Last month The Miami Herald reported a story based on a photograph that Ringo Starr took in February, 1964. For 49 years he kept the snapshot which is among the 240 images in his latest book, "Photograph".  He told USA Today he would like to meet those teens, now in their 60's, who were staring back at him with mixed expressions of surprise and excitement. He thought the photo was taken in Miami. The search began.
Those who saw the photograph say it was unlikely Ringo took it in Miami because the kids were all wearing winter coats. However, according to historical data from the Old Farmer’s Almanac, there was a cold snap in Miami that month, with the temperature dipping to 44 degrees on Feb. 20. They were also in a convertible, more likely a car from a warm climate.

NOW - Starr Search Is Over! Peace, Love and Gingko Biloba - a new mantra.
According to The Associated Press A California man, Charlie Schwartz, says they're six students from Fair Lawn High School in New Jersey. He and 5 students were traveling on a New York highway when they spied a limousine with The Beatles inside.  Schwartz says Ringo rolled down the window and started snapping pictures. When 'Ringo and The Kids' re-connect we'll keep you posted.

You're Gonna Like This Picture

Ringo Starr releases a new album which he says will serve as his autobiography, it's not a music album, but a collection of photos taken during recording sessions and The Beatles' first visit to the United States.
Ringo said; "it was so great, it was so exciting! We were coming to America, the musical land of our dreams. We all had a camera, a drink and a cigarette, the 3 things we carried all the time on that first visit in February 1964." 
Genesis Publications is releasing the autographed, limited edition, Photograph. From behind the drums to behind the lens, Ringo shares more than 250 rare and unseen photographs, with memento and memories from his childhood, The Beatles and beyond. All royalties are directed to the Lotus Foundation.
Be prepared to win your limited edition copy of "Photograph" signed by Ringo.
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My Regards on Broadway
By Nikki Denett

I knew that having a job four blocks from Times Square would one day work out for me. Luckily it came when Macca turned a typical Thursday into my best lunch break ever!
I was more than hyped in the days leading up to this amazing surprise. I attended a Macca listening event, "Drive-In", (Open Road VW / Audi Dealership 802 11th Ave at 55th Street, NYC) earlier that week and I was living off the high, listening and rocking out to "New" for the first time. Paul didn't attend the Drive-In, but he had been making appearances around New York City and I am not going to lie to you. As a hardcore Paul McCartney fan girl, I was more than a little bummed knowing he was here to promote his album and I wasn't going to be able to witness his performance of my favorites - the "New" songs such as "Queenie Eye," and "Everybody Out There.” I had accepted the fact it wasn’t going to happen when suddenly it was announced on Paul's Twitter - he was playing Times Square, 1pm that afternoon!
Needless to say, I could not muster an ounce of professionalism upon discovering this news. I grabbed my things as quickly as I could and ran (literally and figuratively) off to Times Square with my co-worker Tami (but not before sharing the news with the entire 26th floor of my building!) Four blocks later, and after almost getting hit by a cab, we made it to the area where there were barricades already surrounding a massive semi-truck, which was later revealed as Paul's stage. At this point, tourists and locals were asking lots of questions and clearly they knew that I was aware of the happening by the way I was squealing and jumping up and down like a maniac. One of the people who approached me was a guy holding a video camera and he casually asked me what was going on. Little did I know I was speaking to Paul’s cameraman!
After a few more minutes of waiting, Paul came onstage (or on-truck depending on how you saw it) and performed "Save Us," "Everybody Out There, “New," and "Queenie Eye" - all songs off his “NEW” album.

These were the four songs that I had so desperately wanted to hear live and finally I did!  Let's just say Paul made this girl the happiest person on the planet. I've lived in this great city my whole life and this was hands down my most favorite Times Square experience. Really, who needs to see the New Year's Eve ball drop when you can see Paul McCartney perform instead?
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Brothers Plus One
By Tee Eff

I had to share a couple of pics and this short story with all my Beatle Brunch Club Scruffs and fans of The Brunch.
Lisa and I attended a combination Halloween - Birthday - CD release party at the home of Lon Van Eaton, who recorded for the Beatles’ Apple Records label back in the 70’s (he and his brother Derrek issued the excellent “Brother” album, and the single “Sweet Music” which can be found on the “Best Of Apple Records” compilation CD). George Harrison produced the single, which also featured Ringo Starr on drums.
The photo of Lon and me seated at the piano bench was taken as we jammed on “Sweet Music” and a few other songs. Together, Lon and I are playing the guitar given to him by George Harrison when he signed the brothers to Apple in 1971. To say it gave me chill-bumps to play a few chords on that one would be an understatement.
Peace & Love, 


We're not going back too far for this OBS - "Step Inside LOVE"  from January 14, 2007 - a special request by BBC Scruff, Carol G. This show is an amazing behind the scenes production revealing how the mixes were created for LOVE – Cirque du Soleil - One of the best Brunches ever and worth the price of admission to The BBC that keeps giving year 'round. Please help our fine community of Beatle fans and Join The Beatle Brunch Club for an enlightening, entertaining, FAB audio - video experience.  Live The Culture!

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