July 2, 2013
First Thursday with Joe, POSTPONED

In light of July 4th we are postponing our First Thursday Chat with Joe, and in celebration of  Our Nation's 238th Birthday we'd like all Beatles fans to fire up a sparkler, play Birthday, then sing a verse of God Save The Queen thanking jolly ol' England for honoring us with The Beatles. Stay tuned to the next First Thursday in August where EVERYONE’S INVITED at the NEW TIME 8 PM Eastern.


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Things He Said Today
By Joe Johnson, Beatle Brunch Host

Welcome to the dog days of Summer:  Scorching heat in the west, heavy rain in country’s mid-section and thunderstorms daily in the south, not to mention the disastrous tornados of late, which brings up an interesting question, one I’ve seen pondered in internet news groups every year at this time: “What if it had stormed in Liverpool on July 6, 1957?”
In other words, what if The Woolten Fete where John was introduced to Paul McCartney following The Quarrymen’s performance on a rickety stage behind St. Peter’s Church on that day, had been cancelled?  What if John had never met Paul on that day? Is the existence of The Beatles as we’ve come to know them, still part of history?
I say “Yes it Is”.  The fete was not only fate, it was destiny. Paul and John were friends with Ivan Vaughan, who shared the same birthday as Paul. The gospel according to Paul goes that Ivan told him about The Quarrymen and was urging him to see them play. If the church fair was cancelled that day, The Quarrymen would have played another soon after and we can assume that Ivan would have brought along his 15 year old friend.
Well, this Summer, Paul is re-introducing us to some of his old friends as well. On his “Out There” tour, he’s brought out some classic Wing’s songs like “Hi Hi Hi”, one that he played on “Wings Over America” which has also been re-released in its remastered state (the deluxe box is a “must own” for serious Paul fans).  But for my money, the most awesome re-introduction is Paul’s playing of a song that history says was “Pure John”, the Sgt Pepper track, “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite”.  While Paul may not have had much to do with its lyrics, (actually John took them from a circus poster), he does share a writing credit, and of course, was there the days the song was recorded, in February and March of 1967. So thank you Beatles and George Martin for helping us “smell the sawdust” on that song, as they say, but also to Paul, for reminding us that no rain, heat or tornado could have prevented the coming together of the perfect storm: Lennon & McCartney.

Happy Birthday Ringo

Born - Richard Starkey, July 7, 1940 at 12:05 AM in Liverpool, England
Wife - Barbara Bach
Children - Zak, Jason, Lee and Augusta

Mental Interests & Abilities - Richard Starkey enjoys puzzles and other games that challenge him intellectually. He likes to show off his verbal or intellectual skills and to use his mind creatively. Writing, dramatic speaking or some other display of his creative intelligence appeal to him.

For a complete Astral Profile of our beloved Ritchie please follow: http://famous-relationships.topsynergy.com/Ringo_Starr/AstroData.asp

All We Are Sayin' is keep going strong Ringo! We love you more each day. You are a thrill and joy to see in concert. Happy Birthday and Be well.
He's The Greatest

Ringo Starr: Peace & Love
Grammy Museum Los Angeles, CA
Opening June 12, 2013

“Gonna take a sentimental journey. Gonna set my heart at ease. Gonna make a sentimental journey. To renew old memories”

The first verse of the first song on the first solo album by Ringo Starr
In a Beatle-filled summer dominated by Paul McCartney’s “Out There” tour and series of Wings era reissues, Ringo Starr is making headlines of his own.
For starters, he’s bringing his 12th All Starr Band out for an unprecedented 3rd leg of a tour that began in the States last summer and hit the road again at the start of the new year, traveling to Japan and the Pacific rim. In the fall, the current band heads to South America before returning to the States for a two night stand in Las Vegas to wrap things up.
But the big news this summer is the Ringo Starr: Peace & Love celebration now on exhibit at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. Not unlike New York’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex exhibit dedicated to John Lennon a few years ago, it is a treasure trove of mostly unseen artifacts, media, and interactive exhibits that any Beatles or Ringo fan (count me in for both) will absolutely delight in.
That such a collection was able to be culled together at all is noteworthy, as much of the memorabilia Ringo had kept was destroyed in a 1979 fire at his home. Gathered from storage facilities his handlers managed, and even a few boxes of early mementos Ringo took possession of when his mother died in 1986, the exhibit covers the earliest Liverpool days, through each phase of the Beatles story, his careers as both a solo performer and with the All Starr Band (can they really be approaching their 25h anniversary next year?).  Continue Reading - Go To BrunchRadio.com FEATURES - Photos too!

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Jeff Lynne: The 6th Beatle?
By Margot Winick

The Hollywood, CA Chamber of Commerce announced Jeff Lynne would be among those luminaries in entertainment to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the upcoming year. Perhaps best known for his work with the critically acclaimed British art-rock band Electric Light Orchestra, this producer/composer/musician might as well be the “6th Beatle.” After all, it was he – not George Martin – who produced the “newest” Beatles songs “Free as a Bird” and “Real Love” as part of “The Beatles Anthology” in 1994 and ’96, respectively. BBC'ers continue reading the rest of the story with more photos on BrunchRadio.com NEWS

Larry Kane's "When They Were Boys"

Get ready to re-Meet The Beatles.  Beatle Brunch pal Larry Kane has finally finished a mammoth undertaking: writing a book that he calls, “one that will dispel myths that have been around for many years”, Larry told Beatle Brunch host Joe Johnson.
“When They Were Boys” was extensively researched by Larry, who conducted more than 60 in-depth interviews with Beatle friends and confidants from their hometown of Liverpool.  Kane covers the topics of John and Paul’s meeting in July of 1957, the sacking of Pete Best, Stu Sutcliff’s death, and the fate and luck that brought The Beatles to superstardom.
Larry says this book will be the talk of the fall. It will be released on July 23rd. Beatle Brunch listeners can win a copy, courtesy of Larry Kane and Running Press Perseus. Shall we invite Larry as a guest in an open Live Chat? Please send an email to Donnie@BeatleBrunch.com


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The Fab 5 Things About Jimmie Nicol
By Jim Berkenstadt
The Beatle Who Vanished is a revealing and intriguing Beatles book that offers great significance to Rock N' Roll history - The story of one gifted musician every Beatles' fan must discover.
1. Within one year of playing with The Beatles, Jimmie Nicol was bankrupt, divorced, unemployed and vanished for the first, but not last, time.
2. Jimmie Nicol was not just a drummer. He was also a composer, arranger, producer, piano player, singer, A & R man for RCA, a teacher, a carpenter, a badge manufacturer and a radio host.
3. Jimmie Nicol remarried in Mexico City and toured that country with his wife, who would perform dance interpretations of their music.
4. In May, 1960, Jimmie Nicol toured Scotland with Vince Eager & the Quiet Three at the exact same time The Silver Beatles toured Scotland backing up Johnny Gentle. But The Beatles and Nicol never met during this tour.
5. Is Jimmie Nicol dead? Is Jimmie Nicol alive? Did Jimmie Nicol fake his death? If you play “Night Train” by Jimmie Nicol and the Shubdubs backward you might just hear, “I buried Jimmie, miss him, miss him, miss him”. Just kidding. You will have to read the book, The Beatle Who Vanished to find out what happened to Nicol.

Available at www.TheBeatleWhoVanished.com - BUY "The Beatle Who Vanished" NOW


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Joe And Brian - We Ain't Lyin'

Did you catch Paul’s “Left Hand Man” Brian Ray’s interview and new song with The Bayonets, “Smartphone” on last month’s Beatle Brunch?  If not, hear JJ’s one-on-one with this 'Ray of Light' in the band in BBC Downloads AUDIO, and pick up an extended version of “Smartphone” from Brian’s website, BrianRay.com.  Then get ready for another surprise: The Bayonets next single “Vagabond Soul” due to be released this July 4th will star none other than “The Demon of Screamin” Steven Tyler. This 'Tight'n Tasty' bluesy rock ballad also features Black Crowes Adam MacDougall, Elvis Costello, Davey Faragher and the Tupelo Horns.


Please Please My Account

After five days on Ebay, an auction has ended; The Beatles first album, “Please Please Me” fetched a  winning-bid of $10,795, quite a sum for an unsigned piece.
The LP was in excellent/near mint condition, and worthy of being in a museum. "This is without doubt the one of the best examples of this record anywhere in the world! The vinyl surfaces are simply stunning and the black and gold labels are as good as you will ever see. This vinyl has hardly been played and has obviously been very well cared for over the years with only an odd, very faint wispy mark showing under very strong light.” The album was heavily bootlegged and pristine original copies are hard to come by, but still seems like a high price.


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