March 1, 2013
First Thursday with - ?

And she says, "Has anyone seen Joe, I have his Pina Colada."  It will have to be a pretty darn good excuse for Joe NOT to be present for 1st Thursday and you've guessed it - He'll be on The Cruise for Beatles Fans, suckin' up all that tropical sunshine in the warm breezes of the Caribbean, not to mention all the pampering on the most luxurious cruise ship in RCI's fleet and the excellent entertainment provided by Mark Hudson, Joey Molland, Billy J. Kramer and Revolution. (Did we mention that?) So let's put it this way; The BBC Chat Room will be open March 7 from 7PM to 8PM EST and FREE for our entire Beatle Brunch Family to attend.  All the regulars will be there (we hope - and you know who you are). The Soul of 'March FABness' will endure so please talk among yourselves.  Don't miss da'Chat.

Things He Said Today

By Joe Johnson

Hey Beatle Buds! As you’re reading this, we’re about to set sail on our Cruise for Beatles’ Fans, exploring the southern Caribbean to ports like The Bahamas, St Thomas USVI and Saint Maarten.  But, as every Beatles fan knows, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey, and this time we’ll be joined by some legendary first time Brunch Cruisers, like: Billy J. Kramer, who with The Dakotas, was one of the first groups to cover Beatles tunes. Billy has some amazing stories about JPG&R that we hope to share with you when we return. We’re also welcoming Joey Molland of Badfinger. Joey not only played on The Imagine album, but was on stage with George at The Concert for Bangladesh. We’ll engage Joey on stage to describe some of the backstage stories from those shows, and also what it was like to be the first group outside of The Beatles to be signed on the Apple label. Oh, and both Joey and Billy have new CDs that they’ll debut on this cruise. Speaking of new songs: last year on the cruise, Mark Hudson gave a songwriting lesson to Lee Fanning Hall and we look forward to hearing how it turned out, as Mark is joining us again. His song writing classes may just create a new hit, but you'll never know.  

We’re cruising full steam into this year’s 50th Anniversary of The Beatles making it big in the UK and then exploding onto the American shores not long after.  This month on Beatle Brunch, we’ll be celebrating the anniversary of The Beatles “Please Please Me” album, released March 23rd, 1963, 10 tracks recorded in one day, February 11th, 1963, an unprecedented feat that no other pop group could possibly accomplish, even with today’s tech-filled digital studios.  Listen for a special Brunch that weekend, all about the album and what The Beatles were up to that month. I’ll be joined by author and Beatles’ expert Bruce Spizer, whose books on the subject of The Beatles have won critical acclaim the world over, including the world of Apple. 
I hope you’re a Beatle Brunch Club member, because for just pennies a day, you’re given access to every week’s Beatle Brunch program ON DEMAND, commercial free, plus our favorite, “Old Brown Shows”, Beatle Brunch classics from 20 years ago today. Hear how I sounded back when I was 15*, plus, we post custom audio messages from me and exclusive audio and video downloads that only BBC members can access.  We also chat together in the BBC every Sunday morning at 9 as the show airs live in Miami on Magic 102.7 So what are you waiting for?  Surely a neighbor can loan you the 7-cents a day to join so that you can be as FAB as some of our members, just like Carol, Ed, Judy and Tim. 
In the words of Paul McCartney from The Beatles Christmas Message, 1963, “Well, that’s about all I think”.  I’ll see you on the radio. 
*Ok, not really (see asterisk above).


2014 Celebration Underway

Over the last several years you've heard about our Music In M'Ocean Beatles Cruises.  They were all wonderful, unique and loaded with FABulous musical performances while visiting the tropics.  We're certain this gig, starting Sunday, March 3rd thru 10th, will be one that our VIP participants will never forget, HOWEVER, many of you have been holding out knowing that the GRAND POOBAH of ALL Festivals is on the horizon; The Golden Anniversary Celebration - The Beatles Invasion - 50 Years Later.  Please stay tuned to Beatle Brunch and as well as MusicInM' for the BIGGEST BEATLES BLAST of a Lifetime, this time on dry land.  Details will be released soon and here's a taste, "The Best" is yet to come! We hope you will too.

Now You See Him. Now You Don't

OR DO YOU?  The Beatle Who Vanished is the first historical account of Jimmie Nicol.

BBC'er Jim Berkenstadt releases an excellent book, "The Beatle Who Vanished," the first historical account of Jimmie Nicol, an unknown drummer whose journey from humble beginnings to saving The Beatles’ first world tour was only one part of his legend. Though his 13 days of fame made headlines, the true mystery of Nicol’s story is riddled with blacklisting, betrayal, drugs, divorce, bankruptcy and an eventual disappearance that led many to question whether he is dead or alive.

Discover the incredible details of a Beatles story never before revealed!  The Beatle Who Vanished by Jim Berkenstadt.  Go To FEATURES on and read MORE.  BUY NOW from Amazon.


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When the Rain Comes

Direct from Broadway - Experience the Beatles with RAIN at the intimate Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theatre, Miami Beach, Florida - Sunday, April 28th, 2013.  Tickets are on sale NOW. Everyone in South Florida get ready to see the next best thing to The Beatles.  Their extraordinary show, note for note, will astound you.  Next month Joe J. will have tickets to give away for this gig.

So if you're NOT planning a trip to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, RAIN will give you a good excuse to visit. Our April Newsletter will give details how you can win a set of tickets to see RAIN.  Visit the SPOTLIGHT Page on for MORE.

EE-I-EE-I-O'Ian MacDonald

Ian MacCormick, his real name, was a songwriter, a record producer, and the author of Revolution in the Head: The Beatles' Records and the Sixties, presenting a careful study of each recording by The Beatles, examining the broad themes and sources of inspiration. MacDonald (pen name) was allowed access to the original Beatles master tapes during his research phase and this, coupled with his forensic writing style, has led to a broad agreement that "Revolution in the Head" is the definitive exposition on the Beatles' music.

Often referred to as “Bible of the Beatles” this book captures the band’s magical and mysterious journey from lovable teens to revered cultural ambassadors. Each of their 241 tracks is evaluated in chronological order, from amateur recordings in 1957 to The Beatles final “reunion” recording in 1995. It also incorporates new information from the Anthology series and interviews with Paul McCartney. This comprehensive guide offers fascinating details about the Beatles’ lives, music, and era, never losing sight of what made the band so important, unique, and enjoyable.

BBC'ers Go To ARTICLES and read, Bed-In'da Studio Anyone? then Listen to Joe J's audio clip, "One Man's Interpretation of Come Together" The story and the pics, courtesy, Mr. Beatle, are pretty snappy too!


The Beatles Race Against the Clock

An excerpt from Ian MacDonald's "Revolution in the Head." 50 years ago The Beatles entered Abbey Road studios to begin a marathon session to record their first album, Please Please Me. Here's the story behind the final track they recorded, “Twist and Shout.”

With “Baby It’s You” in the can, the clock in Studio 2 showed 10 p.m. The Beatles had been recording for twelve hours and time was officially up. George Martin needed one more number—something to send the album out with a bang. Accordingly he and his team retired with the group to the Abbey Road canteen for a last cup of coffee (or, in Lennon’s case, warm milk for his ragged throat). They knew what they had to do—the wildest thing in The Beatles’ act: “Twist and Shout,” their cover of a 1962 U.S. hit by The Isley Brothers, an out-and-out screamer; it was always demanding. That night it was a very tall order indeed.

Back in Studio 2, the group knew they had, at most, two chances to get this arduous song on tape before Lennon lost his voice. Around 10:30 PM, with him stripped to the waist and the others ‘hyping’ themselves by treating the control room staff as their audience, they went for it. The eruptive performance that ensued stunned the listening technicians and exhilarated the group (as can be heard in McCartney’s triumphant “Hey!” at the end). Trying for a second take, Lennon found he had nothing left and the session stopped then and there—but the atmosphere was still crackling. Nothing of this intensity had ever been recorded in a British pop studio.


The Inspiring Songwriter

A look at Arthur Alexander, one of The Beatles’ biggest early influences and the songwriter behind Please Please Me’s “Anna”. Don't miss Beatle Brunch March 24th when Joe celebrates 50 years of Please Please Me!

The first of six covers that appear on Please Please Me is a mid-tempo ballad called “Anna (Go To Him)", written and first recorded by Arthur Alexander. Most people who hear the version sung by John Lennon have no idea who Arthur Alexander is—but the Beatles knew, and so did the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan: Alexander is the only songwriter whose tunes have appeared on studio albums by those music legends. Elvis Presley recorded one of his songs as well and so did Otis Redding, Tina Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis and Percy Sledge.  (In addition to “Anna,” the Beatles frequently performed Alexander’s “Soldier of Love” and “A Shot of Rhythm & Blues” in their early years.)

Arthur Alexander was born, 1940 in Sheffield, Alabama. He recorded his first song, “Sally Sue Brown", when he was just 20 years old. The next year he wrote his first hit: “You Better Move On", the first big record for FAME Studios, the legendary pop music factory in Muscle Shoals, Alabama (still there today) where Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett made some of their best music.

Alexander never made much money from his music; though a string of singles followed, a second album didn’t come together until 1972. That one, self-titled, had yet another song that was turned into a hit by Elvis Presley, “Burning Love”. It became his last top-10 single, reaching no. 2 on Billboard.  This, too, was not enough to make Alexander a rich man; by the 1980s, he had abandoned the music business entirely and gone to work in Cleveland, a good place for old Rock'N Rollers. He passed away 1993 at age 53.

BBC'ers Go To DOWNLOADS Audio to hear Arthur Alexander's "Anna".


How Much Longer

Albert Einstein: "I cannot tell you with what weapons mankind would fight WW3, but I can assure you that WW4 would be fought with sticks and stones."

Since 2001 US Congress has submitted a plan to initiate The Department of Peace.  Today, US government spending is more than 2 million dollars an hour. What the heck?  So what if a new cabinet-level department would cost taxpayers $10 billion a year? At least it'll go toward a common goal most every human being on the planet wants - Peace.  Most people are mocked for advocating peace; and why is that? We read more newspaper articles who label peace advocates as anti-war characters who see UFO's while hanging out with Shirley MacLaine. 

Here’s how the bill would work:
A Secretary of Peace would sit in the President’s Cabinet and on the National Security Council consulting on “nonviolent means of conflict resolution.” And not only in foreign wars, but it would also seek to stop bloodshed in U.S. cities, by funding stop-the-violence programs, programs in schools and “unarmed civilian peacekeeping.”
There would be a Peace Academy, modeled after the military service academies. After four years, graduates would be required to spend five years in public service, promoting conflict resolution at home or abroad.
The bill would encourage the establishment of a Peace Day including discussions of the professional activities and achievements in the lives of peacemakers.

Liberal congressman Dennis Kucinich says, “I think that peace is becoming the conservative position. By avoiding military conflicts we conserve lives, America’s resources and money.”The bill has been introduced now six times, and never made it out of committee.

Take Action! Tell Congress to get behind H.R. 808, legislation to establish a U.S. Dept. of Peacebuilding.


Join Joe J and Sgt. Pepper in a stroll down Abbey Road, Yesterday and Today.  Enjoy the Reel Music of Beatle Ballads and say Hey Jude, wassup!  And yes, Paul is Live and well, playing a few Beatles Acoustic tunes just like he did in The Year 1968Something New is always happening with our presentation of Old Brown Shoes, only for the ON DEMAND ears of Beatle Brunch Club Members. Join The Beatle Brunch Club Today!   Here's The OBS line-up:

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May 31, 1992
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November 21, 1993
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June 14, 1992
  Paul Is Live  
December 12, 1993
Yesterday and Today  
October 11, 1992
  Beatles Acoustic  
January 3, 1993
Reel Music  
September 12, 1993
  The Year 1968  
February 23, 1993
Beatle Ballads  
October 3, 1993
  Something New  
March 7, 1993
It Was 50 YEARS AGO When -

Beatles author/historian and long time pal of The Brunch, Bruce Spizer, was in the second grade at Newman School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He, like most Americans, had yet to hear of the Beatles. Now, 50 years later he is writing an email article including trivia questions regarding The Fab Four back then. Each week, Bruce writes a detailed account about the group’s concerts, radio and television appearances, recording sessions and other significant happenings (record releases, etc.) that occurred 50 years ago.

His upcoming March 5th email will focus on the recording of The Beatles third single, From Me To You. Sign up for this entertaining and informative weekly email. Go to and catch up on the weeks you’ve missed.

This Week 39 Years Ago
WABC All American "Top 10" March 1, 1974

1. Seasons In the Sun - Terry Jacks
2. The Way We Were - Barbra Streisand
3. Spiders and Snakes - Jim Stafford
4. You're Sixteen - Ringo Starr
5. Love's Theme - The Love Unlimited Orchestra
6. Rock On - David Essex
7. Boogie Down - Eddie Kendricks
8. Dark Lady - Cher
9. Until You Come Back to Me - Aretha Franklin
10. Jungle Boogie - Kool & the Gang


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Silly Trivia
Paul McCartney, a Weird Al Yankovic fan, refused him permission to record a parody of Wings' "Live and Let Die", titled "Chicken Pot Pie", because McCartney is a vegetarian who found the parody improper.