BBC Chat With Joe
Tonight, 7 PM EST


Here's Joe autographing one of Shannon's A Hard Day's Night paintings. 

Tonight (Nov. 3rd) his chat room appearance will preview this weekend's show, The Beatles On TV along with a progress report about our website's new design and direction, PLUS all things brewing at Beatle Brunch Central.

It should be a rousing interlude, enough to kick start an opportunity for you to JOIN THE BBC.


Try and See It Your Way

By now you've probably seen this article on our website.  We are undergoing a move to a new server plus Beatle Brunch and The Beatle Brunch Club websites are undergoing a facelift. 

Most of the bugs are being worked out by our new WebMeister, Peter so please continue to be patient. 

In the meantime, because the Mind Games Contest was out of order for several weeks, we are going to select double winners and give away FABulous prizes each week through year's end.

The Brunch Gang is certain that we can work it out, and in the end a new website will emerge that’s equal to the site you’ve come to love. The Awesome is always FAB and on the house.


Let Us In Nashville
A Tribute To Linda McCartney
Reviver Music Presents a live concert benefit for The Women and Cancer Fund.  Tickets are now on sale for this special benefit concert event hosted by actor/musician Jeff Daniels and will be filmed and recorded at Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium.  The “Let Us In” benefit will start off CMA Week in an appropriate fashion, Monday, November 7th with proceeds earmarked for The Women and Cancer Fund, which was established in the memory of Linda McCartney.  Blue Sky Riders featuring Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr is the most recent edition to the star-studded line-up.  Proceeds from the “Let Us In” Campaign will benefit breast cancer and children’s cancers through The Women and Cancer Fund. Order Tickets
A number of artists will be performing live and contributing their versions of tunes from the McCartney song list.  Other artists are contributing studio-recorded songs to the charity-based collection. Due to scheduling several cannot attend the live show. The “Let Us In – Nashville” concert will feature the following artists and song selections:

Juliana Cole
Blue Sky Riders
Jeff Daniels
"Heart Of The Country"
Steel Magnolia
"Maybe I’m Amazed"
Sarah Darling
Kiki Dee
"My Love"
"With A Little Luck"
Tommy Emmanuel
"She’s A Woman"
Timothy B. Schmit, Mark Hudson, Laurence Juber, Denny Seiwell
"Every Night"
Nikki Shannon Fernandez
"I Saw Her Standing There"
Jordyn Shellhart
"I Will"
Nancy Siranni
"Calico Skies"
Cheyenne Kimball
"Mull Of Kintyre"
Samantha Landrum
"Pipes Of Peace"
Ricky Skaggs
"Listen To What The Man Said"
Phil Vassar
"Lady Madonna"
Chuck Wicks
"No More Lonely Nights"

This benefit concert will be recorded and released as a live DVD.  On November 21nd The CD entitled “Let Us In – Nashville – A Tribute To Linda McCartney” will be released.  Stay tuned to Beatle Brunch to win your copies.  If you can’t make it to the concert a donation will be greatly appreciated.  Continue reading more at
Please send your contribution to:
Reviver Music, LLC
139 East Northfield Road
Livingston, New Jersey 07039

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LAST CHANCE to WIN a FREE cruise for 2 on RCL's Ultra-Luxury Liner Oasis of the Seas for The Beatles Tribute Cruise. Sailing Date, February 4, 2012.
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Things He Said Today
By Joe J.

Thanks for being patient while we amp up our Beatle Brunch website to the 21st century.  Our webhost, Peter, from Intercomputing, prepared The BBC Chat Room for the arrival of The Beatles Authors who brilliantly served-up compelling BBC chat this past Sunday, October 30th.  Soon there will be changes taking place, page by page, to (you discovered The Mind Games out of order for several weeks and we aim to make it up to you).  Our website’s been around for a dozen years (that’s three sets of Beatles!) and now as we dismantle, remodel and reload our main and member site, you’ll enjoy lots of new features!  Some of the pages will be restricted to members only, but all fans of The Beatles and Brunchers alike will celebrate during every visit and revel in the opportunity to join our FAB-tastic community.  We look forward to the added feature to download The Brunch to your iPhone, i-Pod or computer.  We are redesigning the programming of the BBC Trivia Page and allocating a higher frequency of prizes to winners.  We are brainstorming for the best way to convey and optimize the Beatle Brunch Buzz Page and Message Board with elements of the BBC FabForum so it will be easier to navigate and more fun to use.  We assure you this reconfigured Beatle Brunch cyber spot, will make you happier than a cow at Macca’s wedding (he doesn’t eat meat!), it’ll run smoother than a Ringo drum skin, be sharper than a George guitar solo, and have more wit and wisdom than a John Lennon quip.  For all of our fans and listeners who’ve been surfing our site since we launched in 1999, we remain loyal to you, and since our humble beginnings on Radio in 1992, we’re deeply grateful for your continued support.  So from the entire Beatle Brunch Gang, Don E Gee, Rob & Deb, Beatle Bill, Anthony Parisi, Tom Frangione, Al Sussman, Webhost Peter, and yours truly, Joe J. we LOVE LOVE LOVE each and every one of you.  We can’t “Wait” till February 9th, 2014, the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles arrival to America.  Just hang in there, and help us celebrate the rebirth of your site. Live The Culture!


Meet The Beatles Authors

Last Sunday, October 30th The BBC Chat Room buzzed with Bruce Spizer author of The Beatles For Sale On Parlophone Records; Richard Courtney and George Cassidy author of Come Together, The Business Wisdom of The Beatles; and Bob Gannon, author of A Fan's Eye View.  It was a glorious Halloween Eve and the authors were brilliant.  We sweated out the opening of The Chat Room as our new web server recently loaded the program so BBC'ers could blast away questions and comments in typical Beatlesque form and fashion.  Stay tuned for the Beatle Brunch Radio Show Special, Meet The Beatles Authors airing in November.


A Hard Day’s Night
By Ray Morton

United Artists wanted to make a quick, low-budget film starring the Fab Four so that its record division could put out a motion picture soundtrack. They got a fresh movie that broke new ground in both subject and plot, plus 7 new Beatles songs.

This book is the full story of the making of the greatest rock-and-roll movie of all time. With introductions of the film’s stars, the rise of Beatlemania, the film’s frantic six-week shoot, and how both the film and album met with great critical and popular success. 

Ray will personally autograph copies of his new book and lucky Beatle Brunch fans will get the chance to win one.

Buy Now at Amazon


If You Like Beatles
By Bruce Pollack
Beatle Brunch and Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishers announces a new series for music, movie, and TV fans. The "If You Like" series plays the game of cultural connectivity at a high level—each book travels far beyond the expected, unearthing treats that will enlighten even the most jaded couch potato or pop culture vulture.  The series launches with "If You Like the Beatles - " If you're looking for a way to expand your already Beatles-heavy playlist, this book's for you!  It will open up a new dimension in your personal discovery of musicians and bands from all different decades you may not have heard of or just haven’t given a chance yet. Drawing from The Beatles roots like rockabilly, their contemporaries through the British Invasion and the Summer of Love, and including current pop and rock bands, "If You Like the Beatles -" has a little something for every Beatles fan. Considering the wealth of music that influenced the Beatles and artists The Beatles inspired, there is a super-rich catalog of material to contemplate in these pages.  Pollack's brilliance takes the long and winding road and turns it into a super Beatles highway.  Don't miss an opportunity to win your very own author autographed copy just Join The Beatle Brunch Club or play Mind Games.  Listen to The Brunch every week and check the website for more details. BUY NOW


Rubber SoulMate
By Jeff Walker

Don't Miss The Brunch Rubber Soul Special Coming November 12-13. Our BBC mate, Jeff Walker, has a few things to say about Rubber Soul.  

First of all, the Beatles recorded ‘Day Tripper’ and ‘We Can Work it Out’ smack in the middle of the ‘Rubber Soul’ sessions in late 1965. These classics belong with the album, so I listen to them as a sort of prelude to it.    Continue Reading


Will Let it Be, Be Let Out on DVD?
One of the most often asked questions here at Beatle Brunch has to do with the release of The Beatles final film, Let it Be, to one day come out on DVD. Sir Paul told Joe Johnson in 2002 that the film was ready and that a release would be “hopefully, very soon”.  It’s been nearly 10 years since that interview, but now a new interview has surfaced with the director of the concert film, Michael Lindsey Hogg, who was on hand at the Museum of The Moving Image in New York City last week presenting a rare public screening of The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus.

Hogg did a Q & A and a meet-and-greet/book signing after the screening.  Reporter Carla Hey of Rolling Stones Examiner, had the pleasure of attending the event and hearing some of the great stories about working with legends. 

Here is the Q & A between Carol Hey and Michael Hogg relating to the release of Let it Be. 
Carla: Was there any footage from Let it Be that wasn’t in the film?

Hogg: We’re hoping that Let It Be (and when I say “we,” I mean Apple) will be put out again in 2013: the film itself and a companion DVD, which has a lot of the stuff you’re asking about. Let It Be turned out to be a documentary of the Beatles working and going up on the roof [of Apple] and giving their last concert. It was a lot of footage, and we sort of got it down to a length that we thought would be good.  Also, since the Beatles were the producers as well as the stars, they were looking at the picture as a musical picture rather than as an exposé, rather than a documentary of what went right and what went wrong with them all. But then we also wanted to put in some of the other stuff which we captured. So we did a rough cut, and we showed it to them the same night that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. There was a lot of John and Yoko which didn’t turn up in the final cut of “Let It Be.” And the morning after the screening, I got a call from Peter Brown, who was one of the guys at Apple, and he said, “I think some of the John and Yoko stuff should come out.” And I said, “I don’t know.” And he said, “Well, let me put it like this: I got three phone calls this morning saying that some of the John and Yoko stuff should come out.”
Carla: Obviously, those three calls were from Paul, George and Ringo, right?
Hogg: [He smiles.] There’s a lot of jamming, but since they wanted it to be a musical picture, a lot of the tension was to do with their own songs rather than the other songs. We’ve got some radio songs from when they were kids growing up. So the answer to what’s happened to all of that stuff? In the companion DVD, which we hope Apple will release in all of their wisdom in 2013, a lot of the stuff is in the companion DVD.


Paul’s Meat Free Mondays

Paul McCartney has something else to celebrate besides his recent marriage to American, Nancy Shevell.  Macca, who became a vegetarian years ago while married to Linda McCartney, celebrated the release last week of his new cookbook, The Meat Free Monday Cookbook.  It’s the iconic rocker’s first cookbook venture (Linda, who died in 1998, published several vegetarian cookbooks and also had a vegan/vegetarian products company), and is based on the Meat Free Monday campaign launched in 2009 by Sir Paul and his daughters, Stella and Mary. The campaign was prompted by a United Nations report on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, and its message — told as it is through food and celebrity — is aimed at convincing the world that if we all spent one day out of seven not eating meat, the world would be a better place.

The Meat Free Monday Cookbook, which is available online, features recipes for all 52 weeks of the year and includes contributions from McCartney’s family and  famous friends, including actor Kevin Spacey (lentil stew with pomegranate) and Twiggy, the one-time pin-thin 1960s model and fellow Brit whose recipe in the book is for mozzarella pizza. And, of course, there’s an offering or two from the Beatle himself, who is a handsome and energetic testament to the benefits of being a 69-year-old vegetarian: his recipe favourites include refried bean tacos and a super vegetable salad.

In the book’s foreword, McCartney is quoted as saying that one meat-free day a week can “make a huge difference for the better and set a new pattern for the future of this beautiful planet that we all inhabit.”


Beatle Brunch Acknowledges
Laura McCoy
BBC'er Since July 2008
I have been in many places, but I have never been in Cahoots.  Apparently you can't go there alone.  You have to be in Cahoots with someone.  I've also never been in Cognito.  I hear no one recognizes you there.  I have, however, been in Sane.  They don't have an airport.  You have to be driven there.  I have made several trips there, thanks to my family, friends and those where I have worked.  I would like to go to Conclusions, but you have to jump and I am not too much on physical activity anymore.  I have also been in Doubt.  That is a sad place to go and I try not to visit there too often.  I've been in Flexible, but only when it was very important to stand firm.  Sometimes I'm in Capable, and I go there more often as I'm getting older.  One of my favorite places to be is in Suspense.  It really gets the adrenalin flowing and pumps up the old heart.  At my age I need all of the stimuli I can get - By Renée Lançon

"When the power of love becomes stronger than the love of power, we will have peace." Jimi Hendrix

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This Week 46 Years Ago
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3. Keep On Dancing - The Gentrys
4. Yesterday - The Beatles
5. Get Off of My Cloud - The Rolling Stones
6. Hang On Sloopy - The McCoys
7. Let's Hang On! - The 4 Seasons
8. You're the One - The Vogues
9. Liar, Liar - The Castaways
10. I Hear a Symphony - The Supremes
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