7 Glorious Days In The Life

Angela and Music iN M'Ocean with Cruise Planners return to present The Beatles Tribute Cruise 2012. Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch will sponsor the event. Come along with Joe and his entourage of performers sailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on February 4, 2012 aboard the world’s largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s OASIS of the SEAS for 7 nights featuring exciting ports of call; Falmouth, Jamaica, Cozumel, Mexico and the exotic private island of Labadee. This FABulous cruise is set to coincide with the 48th Anniversary of The Beatles first U.S. Television appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show (2/9/64) and Super Bowl XLVI. In the sport of celebration we shall honor the world’s greatest little Rock n' Roll Band by observing the music and stories of The Beatles with an All Star Cast of entertainers and musicians while cheering the winning Super Bowl team on to victory!
JUNE Beatle Brunch SPECIAL valid through June 30.
Book Now and SAVE. Call Angela at 877-291-1952. The First 20 Beatle Brunch Fans Order The BTC NOW and receive $150 off the cabin rate. Call Angela at 877-291-1952. Ask for The Beatle Brunch Special. Offer good through June 30, 2011 and cannot be combined with any other offer, discounts, vouchers or coupons. The BTC must be booked as a package with the Special Event Pass to receive the special offer.More Details at www.MusicInMocean.com


Buy, Buy Says The Sign

Beatle Brunch Welcomes Dennis Kuglin's AllBeatlesStore.com handling licensed Beatles merchandise on The Net since 2005. Dennis' lifelong passion and obsession with the Beatles leads him to your door with a cool array of Beatles products; hundreds of everything from Aprons to Zippo lighters and he's constantly adding new stuff along the way. AllBeatlesStore.com ships
worldwide primarily as an online store, but You may see their booth at Beatles Festivals and events across North America; The FabFour Festival in Nashville, the Maritime Beatle Event in Nova Scotia Canada, BeatExpo in Connecticut, Abbey Road On The River, Canada, The George Harrison Festival in Benton, Illinois, The Orillia Beatles Celebration in Ontario and the Québec Beatles Convention to name a few. Their next event, The Beatles
Experience in Mississauga, Ontario, June 19, 2011. Beatle Brunch fans; if you're in "Da'Store" just contact Dennis and he'll hook you up. When placing an order tell him you saw his article in The Beatle Brunch Newsletter or his AllBeatlesStore.com banner on BeatleBrunch.com and he'll always do something
special for you. He's that kinda guy!


Beatle Brunch Kicks Off 20th

It began with a stack of Beatles CDs and a long drive. Soon to be Beatle Brunch host Joe Johnson was cruising down the Florida Turnpike in his new 1992 Mitzubishi Eclipse, the first car he owned that had a CD player, listening to his stack of recently released Beatles CDs, that he got the idea for a weekly radio program based on The Greatest Group in Rock History.

Beatle Brunch opened its first broadcast May 30th, 1992 on Majic 102.7 in Miami, as well as four other radio stations in Indianapolis, IN Baltimore, MD Laconia NH and Rochester, NY. Today, The Brunch is heard on more than 125 radio stations in the U.S., Canada, and The Virgin Islands, as well as streaming online and On Demand via The Beatle Brunch Club.

Can you believe there was no internet or email when Beatle Brunch began? Each week’s show was recorded on DAT tapes and transferred to reel-to-reel for out of town stations. Today, Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch is produced on a Pro Tools digital audio work station and sent off to Westwood One for syndication via downloads to all affiliates that air the show every week.

The first Beatle Brunch program was a 25th anniversary look back on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Hear a tribute to that album again this weekend as we launch into our 20th year. As The Beatles said on Pepper, “A splendid time is guaranteed for all.”

Chicago Fest August 5th

Join Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch at the Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans August 5th weekend at the Hyatt Regency O'hare. So far, Mark Lapidos has announced two Fab guests that weekend:
Joey Molland of Badfinger fame and Mark Hudson.

Go to thefest.com for more info.
Slip Away Across The Border
The 5th Annual 2011 Beatles Celebration held in downtown Orillia (pronounced, OR–EEL–YA), Ontario, Canada September 16 & 17, 2011.

Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch is proud to announce a new sponsor, and to the Benefit of our Fans in Detroit, Buffalo, Toronto, Montreal and Great Lakes region.

The entire downtown will be closed as usual to allow for vendors, buskers, street performers food stations and tribute bands. All vendors and participants are Beatles and/or British themed. There will be two street dances Friday and Saturday night featuring top notch Beatles tribute bands and a beer garden. 'The McCartney Years' tribute band that played the Opera House in 2010 will perform "ROCKSHOW" on Saturday night in celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Wings Over America tour. The set list from that historic tour will be recreated.

Specialty programming at the Orillia Opera House will include a full recreation of The Beatles' Maple Leaf Garden show from 1965 featuring recreation artists The Liverpool Echo. The Opera House will be transformed into a Maple Leaf Gardens style venue that will include vintage memorabilia from The Beatles original appearances in Toronto from 1964, 1965 and 1966.

This year’s headline guest is JACKIE LOMAX, one of the artists discovered and nurtured by The Beatles when they formed Apple Records in 1968. LOMAX will perform songs written from those days and engage the audience with recollections and stories about life with The Beatles in the late 1960's. Read More

Number 9 ÷ 3

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Sir Paul proposed to his girlfriend, Magill (but everyone knows her as Nancy) a few weeks ago and the couple plan to wed in a private ceremony in the near future; (#3 Is A Charm). While fans hope that this time, Paul draws up a pre-nup, most are aware that his fiancé is linked by her previous marriage to one of the wealthiest men in the world who ran a trucking company in the New York area. Nancy is said to have a huge bank account that nearly rivals Paul’s.

We wish the happy couple the best of luck.


Speaking of Love, Love Love

The Beatles Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, LOVE, turns 5 this summer and expected to be on hand to celebrate its 5th anniversary will be producers George and Giles Martin, Sir Paul McCartney, Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono Lennon. Ringo is off on his European All Starr Band Tour and will not be at the anniversary celebration. LOVE has played to sold out shows nearly every night since its launch in 2006. Its 5.1 DVD soundtrack won a Grammy award as did its making of the DVD. The show continues at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.


McCartney Remastered Soon

Paul’s first solo album,”McCartney” from 1970 and his follow up 10 years later, “McCartney II” have been given the remastering treatment and are coming out June 14th on Hear Music, from Concord Music Group. Each features the original album lineup on CD, plus a bonus CD of alternate and live tracks, as well as a DVD of interviews and live performances. The CD will not be available as a stand alone, but only in the 3 disc configuration or 4 disc Deluxe with photo book. Listen to The Brunch and win your copy of both remastered albums “Coming Up” on a special “McCartney Remastered” Beatle Brunch airing the weekend of June 11-12.

Read More


The Beatle Brunch Club FabForum Page is buzzing with inquiries, statements and the lot.

Resident BCC'er Tom Frangione is on hand to answer the calls.

Ed Hartnett writes: "I read there was a second label, Zapple, wondering how successful it was and do they plan to re-release anything; John and George were on it. Who else?"
Tee Eff: ZAPPLE was designed to be used for “alternative” project off-shoots at the primary label, APPLE. It would be used for experimental works, spoken word projects and other experimental recordings. The only two LP releases were John & Yoko’s “Life With the Lions” and George’s “Electronic Sound”. A third ZAPPLE release “Listening To Richard Brautigan” was scheduled in 1969, but withdrawn among the chaos going on at APPLE. The album, consisting of the author reading his own poetry, did see release in America on the Harvest label. Interestingly, in June 2004, the BBC ran a radio special called “Z is for ZAPPLE”, documenting the label’s short-lived history, but featured snippets of many unreleased projects that were in production at the label. Finally Ed, did you know there was a THIRD label in this family, a one-shot deal called RAPPLE records? It was set up to handle the Ringo / Harry Nilsson film soundtrack for the APPLE film “Son of Dracula”. As Nilsson was on RCA and Ringo was on APPLE, the custom “RAPPLE” was used for this release.

"Does Paul plan to record another Fireman type CD in the future? I thought the last one was an excellent. He is so talented. I love when he takes chances and does something so different. Sometimes it's hit or miss; other times he is right on."

Tee Eff: While Paul has released three Fireman albums since 1993, the most recent one “Electric Arguments” was definitely his best-received, no doubt owing to the addition of his trademark vocals (the previous outings were largely ambient / instrumental affairs). No plans for the next one that we’ve heard of, but in addition to the deluxe reissues of his catalog albums, new albums are in the works, including one of “standards” (“my dad’s music”, as Paul notes) as well as a more heavy contemporary album. Keep ‘em coming, Paul !

"Did Sir George ever work on any solo work of Paul, George, John or Ringo? Was he asked and did he decline? I know that the Beatles were great learners, picked up a lot of knowledge experimenting on their own and asked Sir George for help, but -

Tee Eff: While BBC'er Carol Ghesquiere quite rightly notes that George Martin produced Paul's “Tug of War” LP and is shown playing piano in the video for “Take It Away” (with Ringo on drums), Sir George also worked with Paul & Ringo in the film and soundtrack for the feature length film “Give My Regards To Broad Street”, and earlier with Paul & Wings on the title theme for the James Bond film “Live and Let Die”. He also produced much of the “Pipes Of Peace” album for Paul, and Ringo’s first solo album “Sentimental Journey”.

"When will Ringo's CD come out and what's the title? I am looking forward to it. He has always been my favorite Beatle. Will Paul be a part of it? Who is his producer?"

Tee Eff: While details are largely unknown, we do know that Ringo is recording the album at his home studio, and there is a song called “How Was It For You” that has been recorded with Dave Stewart – it’s the third “mini-autobiography” following up “Liverpool 8” and “The Other Side Of Liverpool” from his two previous albums.

Carol Ghesquiere, Ed Hartnett and John Davenport want to know about any planned releases from the George Harrison vaults:

Tee Eff: We may well see something in the fall of 2011, as the long awaited Martin Scorcese documentary is due to see the light of day. While details remain sketchy, the book set to accompany the film “George Harrison: Living in the Material World” has been announced as having a release date of September 15th. If you are also Bob Dylan fans, and checked out the Scorcese documentary “No Direction Home”, you can get an idea of how good the film and accompanying soundtrack should be. One of George’s greatest colleagues and friends, Gary Wright, told the Brunch that the research and interviews are exhaustive and comprehensive and that Olivia has made a treasure trove of photos and other documents available, so this may very well be the mother-lode. Stay tuned!

Fab Faux with Jaux Johnson

The Fab Faux, the finest band of musicians ever assembled to faithfully reproduce the music of The Beatles, will join us online for their first ever Beatle Brunch Club live chat, Sunday evening, June 26th at 7 pm EST.

Join The BBC and hop online to ask The Boys how they got together, how they manage to play some “impossible” songs live, like “Within You Without You”, “Tomorrow Never Knows” and “Revolution #9”, not to mention every Beatles song ever recorded (and some that never were). The Fab Faux are the only Beatles tribute band we’ve ever seen that can play any Beatles album from start to finish, note perfect every time.

The Fab Faux are Will Lee from The Late Show With David Letterman; Frank Agnello, Rich Pagano, Jack Petruzelli, and Jimmy Vivino from Conan on TBS.

In addition to concert dates in and around the New York area, The Fab Faux have played live on Letterman, Howard Stern, Mark and Brian and dozens of other national programs including Beatle Brunch.

Live in South Florida or are you gonna be there in July? Don’t miss the Fab Faux’s amazing concert at The Parker Playhouse, Ft Lauderdale, on Saturday July 23rd. hosted by Joe Johnson (Jaux we like to call him).

Read more about the boys at www.thefabfaux.com and sign up for their newsletter too.

A Fan’s Eye View
Order Yours Today
Those who’ve followed the past several Paul McCartney tours and one-off live appearances on Brunchradio.com over the past few years, will be familiar with Bob Gannon’s reports from the road and the top-flight photos he generously shares. Now, as we await Paul’s return to the U.S. we can temper our excitement by reliving the most recent 2009 & 2010 road-trips via Gannon’s stunning collection of photos, available on a made-to-order basis at www.blurb.com

Paul McCartney – A Fan’s Eye View collects over 850 full color photos of Paul and the band, taken at some 3- dozen shows, including nine private sound-checks. Each stop along the way is chronicled with the show’s set-list and Bob’s diary-style journal notes about particular venue logistics, guests in attendance, and other exclusive information. Having just under 100 McCartney shows under his belt, Gannon still manages to find unique aspects at each show. His enthusiasm is captured in the free-verse style notes. Read More

Don't Miss Paul Friday, June 10 MGM Grand Las Vegas

After two rocking shows in Rio de Janeiro and the first concert ever to be broadcast live on the internet in Latin America, Paul and the Up and Coming Tour say hello to Vegas!


Ringo’s All Starr’ing Tour
Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band are kicking it up this summer and in at least one case, “back to where he once belonged”. Ringo and the boys will play The Palais des Sports in Paris on June 26th. The Beatles played two shows there on August 1, 1965, an afternoon and an evening performance. Ringo kicks off his summer tour at The Palace of Ukraine in Kiev.
Read More

Not Workin' Like A Dog?
If you are a true Beatles fan you’ll love this new website, but if you’re a Beatles fan in need of a job you’ll love this site even more! "All You Need" is a new initiative for connecting Beatles fans who are seeking employment with other Beatles fans who are hiring, or know someone who is hiring. The All You Need Project provides a web page where Beatles fans can place listings to the job they are looking for by posting their resumes.
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This Week 42 Years Ago
WABC All American Top 10 June 3, 1969
1. Get Back - The Beatles *3 weeks #1*
2. These Eyes - The Guess Who
3. Love (Can Make You Happy) - Mercy
4. Good Morning Starshine - Oliver
5. More Today Than Yesterday - The Spiral Starecase
6. Grazing In the Grass - Friends of Distinction
7. Oh Happy Day - The Edwin Hawkins Singers
8. Atlantis - Donovan
9. Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In - The 5th Dimension
10. Hair - The Cowsills
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Sgt. Pepper & JJ BB Kicks off 20th
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