Thursday, March 3rd
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BBC'ers Chat With Fest King

Join Beatle Brunch Host Joe Johnson inside The Beatle Brunch Club Chat Room on Sunday evening March 13th at 6 PM Eastern Time, as we welcome The Fest for Beatles Fans founder, Mark Lapidos who's launching his 37th annual New York Area Beatles Festival the weekend of March 25th. Mark will chat about how The Fest began and how he asked John Lennon if he approved and how that meeting came about.

Mark will also chat about next month's special guests and some of the most memorable fest guests in its history. Visit
The Cruise Cuts The Cable
As the sun slowly sets in the West, and where ever you may be March 5th, just wave Bon Voyage to The BTC you missed. We shove off at 5PM with Laurence Juber, Tony Bramwell, Shannon, Tony Perkins, Yesterday and our own Joe Johnson for an exciting cruise on beautiful turquoise waters island hopping the Eastern Caribbean. We have a big group of Beatle Brunch fans including BTC Winner, Lee Ann McCaslin, rarin' to rock the seas and party party party. Stay tuned for Joe's Beatle Brunch special celebrating the trip. If any of you live in the South Florida area and want to make last minute plans call Angela at Cruise Planners, 1-877-291-1952. Also, we hear chatter about another cruise coming the Winter 2012 so you can Get Back To Where You Once Belonged. Visit Website
We Have a Winner
In February, members of the Beatle Brunch Club and all new enrollees including all Beatle Brunch listeners who play Mind Games and actively receive our Newsletters were in the drawing to win all 4 single sleeve die cast collectibles. This Fab set of Four pays tribute to four Beatles singles. They include a limited edition die cast collectible taxi, an extra large tee shirt and a wall plaque, courtesy of Capitol / EMI and Beatle Brunch.

BBC'er Doug Boundy from Lancaster, New York is the winner of the cool set of 4 Taxis. JOIN THE BBC and qualify to win in ALL random drawings ... It's Easy!

While the Beatles tribute band circuit is positively thriving these days (with and without the fake accents and phony moustaches), celebrations focusing on the individual band members have (thankfully, and at long last) become increasingly popular. Certainly amidst the 70th birthday / 30th anniversary hoopla this past autumn, John Lennon was celebrated on many a stage, but it was intriguing to see a tribute to "The Quiet One" turning up on his birthday weekend (a bit bizarrely, just blocks from John’s New York City home).

Produced by Flower Power Creative and legendary Beatles promoter Sid Bernstein, the “New York Celebrates George Harrison” concert was held on Saturday February 26that the New York Society for Ethical Culture (which hosted the Lennon / Quarrymen celebration in conjunction with last year’s biopic “Nowhere Man”). The stage of this cathedral-like 800 seat auditorium was graced by several area bands and artists, including Grammy Award winner Roberta Flack (who, by the way, is a long time resident of the nearby Dakota). Read More
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There's a Place
Well Shake It Up Baby Now and make your reservations for The annual Fest for Beatles’ Fans celebration at the Crown Plaza Meadowlands. Enjoy the performances of two former All Starr Band members, Gary Wright & Mark Rivera, plus dozens more. Please don't forget to visit Joe at his table for autographs and recorded interviews ... your moment to be on the radio and part of The Special Beatle Brunch Fest Show. AND if you wanna join The BBC you can do it while you're there. Read more Get more fest details and tickets at The Fest Website.
Paul's Score For Ballet
The new ballet, which will premiere at NYCB’s Fall Gala performance on Thursday 22nd September 2011, will mark the first time that Paul has written an original orchestral score for dance. Read More
Ringo and Joe Walsh New Albums
Ringo announced on a video blog from his website,, that he is currently recording songs for a new album. He said that both Paul McCartney and Joe Walsh play on the album. Read More
The Beatles & Paul
Win Grammys

The Beatles and Paul were back at The Grammys, both taking home statues. The Beatles won for "Best Historical Album" for "The Beatles" The Original Recordings", while Sir Paul took home his first solo Grammy since winning for "Rocketstra Theme" from 1979's "Back to the Egg" album. Paul won a Grammy for "Best Solo Rock Performance" for his live version of "Helter Skelter". Read More
This Week 47 Years Ago
WABC All American Top 10 March 3, 1964
1. She Loves You - The Beatles (Swan) *3 weeks #1*
2. I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles (Capitol)
3. Dawn (Go Away) - The 4 Seasons (Philips)
4. Please Please Me - The Beatles (Vee Jay)
5. Java - Al Hirt (RCA)
6. Hello, Dolly! - Louis Armstrong (Kapp)
7. Navy Blue - Diane Renay (20th Century Fox)
8. Twist and Shout - The Beatles (Vee Jay)
9. California Sun - The Rivieras (Riviera)
10. Fun, Fun, Fun - The Beach Boys (Capitol)
Congrats James Wyatt
February BBC Winner

James says he's a Beatles addict and once was blessed with a trip to Hamburg, headed to the Reeperbahn and after a few amazing hours at the Beatlemania Museum, he visited a few of the Clubs where they performed. It sounds like an "amazing" holiday! From Bakersfield, California, James' favorite Beatle is George Harrison and we're sure he was tuned into The Brunch to catch Joe's memorable show featuring 'The Quiet One' honoring his birthday, February 25th.

We thank James for his support of The Beatle Brunch Club. Look for Larry Kane's audio book, Ticket To Ride coming to your mailbox soon. See you in The Chat Room James and when you get a chance please dial the special BBC hot line, My Baby's Request, and record your request that Joe will play on The Brunch. Live The Culture!
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