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Sky Of Blue, Sea Of Green

And our friends are all on board The Caribbean Beatles Tribute Cruise. As we live a life of ease we shall socialize with -

L J who will play in concert and also offer private guitar lessons to anyone wanting to learn some of his unique finger-picking tricks.

Tony Bramwell is traveling from London to share his Beatles stories and show several of his superb films, The Making of A Day In The Life and The Shea Stadium Concert. Shannon will amaze you with her skill at painting, hear about about her recent gig at The Hard Day’s Night Hotel in Liverpool, her professional return to playing bass guitar and her new CD!

Tony ‘The Weatherman’ Perkins of Good Morning America fame will bring warm breezes and Caribbean sunshine to his show with films of Ringo, Paul, Yoko, Olivia and other friends of The Beatles.
Yesterday, A Tribute To The Beatles, will play your favorite Beatles creating another British Invasion.

And Beatle Brunch’s own, Joe Johnson who will MC the special shows during the entire cruise and interview you for an appearance on The Beatle Brunch Radio Show.

BUT MOST IMPORTANT WE'RE LOOKING FOR YOUR PERFORMANCE. Please come and play your part in this - The Beatles Tribute Cruise!

Tell your friends, relatives and everyone to come along with you for an unforgettable cruise.
Call Angela Now at 1-877-291-1952.

Save on group bookings.

Did You N B See Paul?

Sir Paul helped raise the stock for the NBC television network over the weekend by hosting Saturday Night Live where he participated in the opening sketch, did a bit in the news and sang several songs with his longtime band. Paul launched into “Jet”, then later returned for “Band on the Run” and at the end, “Get Back”. He also led the crowd in a rousing rendition of “Give Peace a Chance” at the show’s close.

He kicked off the weekend, though, in typical McCartney style, by doing a song he’s never performed in public before on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” Friday, December 10th. He and Jimmy sang “Yesterday” using the song’s original working lyrics, “Scrambled Eggs”, complete with new lyrics comparing his love for various other foods, including waffle fries and tofu wings.

It’s become viral on youtube.com, but for a better quality version, see it on hulu.com

Brunchers Grinched By Stations

Has your local radio station pre-empted Beatle Brunch this month as they play nothing but Christmas songs? If that describes your plight, you can be nice to The Brunch while your local program director is naughty. Listen to Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch ON DEMAND, on YOUR schedule. As a member of the Beatle Brunch Club, you can listen to each week’s show as soon as it airs, online. Just one of the perks of being a member and remember, The BBC is just pennies a day and makes a great gift too.
1964 The Tribute.

The Beatle world lost a friend this week when Gary Grimes (Paul) of the band "1964- The Tribute” passed away. They were truly one of the best tribute bands in history, having formed in 1982 and given more than 2900 performances. Gary, according to Beatle Brunch listener Frank Branchini, was approachable and always nice. Gary, it is reported, had a brain tumor and passed away on Monday. He was only 60 years old, a first generation Beatle Fan and long time friend of Joe Johnson's Beatle Brunch who promoted their 1st Carnegie Hall appearance (a heralded sellout and invited back the following year for 2 engagements). Joe had the privilege of hosting them when they played New Orleans several years ago.

Here’s a photo from the New Orleans show. That’s Gary playing The Hoffner on the left.

A memorial video has been posted here

You can also leave comments.
Ambrosio's Heaven In NYC

Beatle Brunch Club member, Ambrosio Hernandez, traveled from Miami to New York last week to be at Strawberry Fields on the 30th anniversary of John's passing. Here's his story:

My visit to Strawberry Fields in New York City on the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death brought back memories of that fateful day in December of 1980. In the midst of the sadness, the truth is that John's dream of peace and love in the world is still very much alive. Even though it was a very cold day thousands of people of different generations, races and nationalities came together in Strawberry Fields to show their love for John Lennon and to say "yes" to peace and "no" to violence. I had the privilege to play guitar with other Beatle fans for hours. The songs and John's memory made us feel as one big family. People talked to each other as if they were friends of many years. Imagine if you will a brotherhood of man. A terrible act committed 30 years ago, instead of hate, keeps bringing people together for love and peace remembering John Lennon. This is an experience that I will always remember. May God keep John Lennon's soul in his presence.

JOHN LENNON – A Remembrance
By Larry Kane

If John Lennon were alive today, he would probably say, “What’s the fuss? John, like all performers, had a reasonable ego, but the center of his life was seeking the truth, and eventually, using his fame to help people, and impact lives directly.

While he decried governments who abused their authority, he also had a special place in his heart for officers of the law, campaigning quite often to raise money for badly needed bulletproof vests.

Read the entire article by Larry Kane.

On John
An article by Natalie Zarowny

Hello everyone!

This is my latest package on the anniversary of John Lennon's death. This link goes to a page where you can listen to the broadcast and also read the article I wrote accompanying it. As most of you know, John Lennon is one of my heroes and it was so inspiring to write/record this.

I'm really proud of this one, so please check it out. Enjoy!
Chat With Kane January 9th, 2011

Larry Kane, author of Lennon Revealed and Ticket To Ride will be in The BBC Chat Room on Sunday, January 9th at 6PM EST.
Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy the company of a long time friend of The Brunch. Join The Beatle Brunch Club to participate. Larry’s e-books and audio books are available on Amazon. BBC members can get a discount from The Beatles for Sale Page on the Clubsite.

PAUL McCARTNEY - Live at the Apollo Theater, Harlem (NYC) December 13, 2010
Field Report By Tom Frangione

Now THIS is what makes for a Wonderful Christmastime !
Having reached the 20 million subscriber plateau, SIRIUS/XM satellite radio celebrated in grand fashion, announcing an exclusive concert event for its listenership, headlined by Paul McCartney at the legendary Apollo Theater.


Beatles Volume 2

Vega Productions launches its latest, Minnesota Beatle Project Volume 2, a compilation of 16 Beatles covers recorded by 16 bands. More than 125 musicians from Minnesota came together to create a superb CD that is on sale now and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to enhance music and art education programs for children in Minnesota public schools. Vega donated more than $100,000 so far this year and they are reaching out for Bruncher's support of their prolific endeavor.

Please visit the website, www.VegaProductions.com and buy the CD for a thoughtful end of the year contribution.

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