Gotta Get You Into My Life

World renown Beatles artist, musician and songwriter, the charismatic, Shannon is eagerly counting down the days to The Beatles Tribute Cruise, 2011. This December she’ll be in Liverpool to unveil her latest painting, The Nine Faces of John, during the Life Celebration of John Lennon. Stay in touch with Beatle Brunch for more details on this event.

She writes to tell us: “The last cruise was a great one! Even though I lost my luggage, everyone pulled together and kept me on my feet. In other words, it was like “family.” We are all joined together by the music in some way, shape, or form. From the first opening party until the last, there is little time for rest and you wouldn’t want to anyway. And when it’s over you won’t want to go home because this new family is one you will never forget. This is a special time that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Don’t miss this one!!! Your family is waiting! - SHANNON

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An on-line chat with Joe J. is scheduled for Thursday, August 5th at 7 PM EST in The BBC Chat Room. Host of our beloved Beatle Brunch Radio program, Joe Johnson, will be available to shoot the breeze with you! All active Club members, The Expert Textperts are invited to attend and fire off your best material, talk about the show, put in your 2 cents worth about The Brunch; really tell him, “I’m in love with you and I Feel Fine or Get Back to where you once belonged.” Here’s your opportunity to get close to the man who keeps The Beatles Culture on today’s music scene. Don’t miss this intimate chat with Joe.
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Joe’s Hosting Beatle Fest Chicago
Reserve your room at The Chicago Hyatt O’Hare, August 13-15 for the biggest Fest ever and you may already know about its star-studded line-up, but this time, let’s zero in on the man who keeps your Fab Four foundation fresh Here, There and Everywhere; Joe Johnson, the guy who always gives you a little extra. Mark your calendar, August 9th. The Brunch will feature Paul’s guitar handyman, Brian Ray and Buffett’s musical genius, Peter Mayer; one terrific show in store for you! Joe’s gonna give away the new Ringo CD/DVD Tour 2008, Live At The Greek and a few DVD’s of the PBS show, “In Performance at The White House: The Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.” But for now, let’s Get Back to The Chicago Fest. Joe’s bringing lotsa prizes for Beatles Trivia and Name That Tune Contests. Be one of the lucky Fest Fans to record an interview about your Beatles collection to be featured on The Beatle Brunch Radio Show. The Fest is Waiting To Take You Away. Don’t miss it! Visit the Fest Site!
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Waves Of Joy Are Drifting
On A Beatles Cruise

Cruise the Caribbean for only $125.00 per day. We’re certain you can’t stay in Poughkeepsie at that price. Gourmet meals, a beautifully appointed comfortable suite and special stars you can get tight with; former Wing’s guitar virtuoso, Laurence Juber, The Beatles insider Tony Bramwell, renowned Beatles artist Shannon, the great Beatles tribute band, Yesterday, and TV personality Tony Perkins. Travel to San Juan, St. Thomas and St. Maarten on a luxury liner with some of the finest people in show business. Like they say, it’ll be the most incredible trip of your lifetime; one you’ll be telling your friends for years to come. Save big bucks with an advanced reservation. Call Angela at Cruise Planners, 877-291-1952, and tell her Joe J sent you. Hey, do you remember Joe? He’s bringing thousands of dollars in Beatles prizes to give away. He’ll also be recording your comments and requests to play on The Beatle Brunch Cruise Wrap Show. Join our FABulous Family of show people and enjoy your favorite Beatles music on this Beatles Tribute Cruise.Read more>>>

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