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Beatle Fans!
If you’re having a lost weekend, then join us Monday night, November 24th at 7 pm EST as we meet up with John’s former girlfriend May Pang in our Live Chat Room.

May will grace us with her “presents” and answer your questions live via an intimate Beatle Brunch Club Member Chat. May will talk about her line of custom feng shui jewelry and tell you all about her new book, “Instamatic Karma”, her personal photos and stories of her time with John Lennon.

This amazing book features more than 100 never before seen photos of John and May during the time they spent together in New York City and L.A. with candid photos of John and Julian, Paul and Linda, Ringo, Stevie Wonder, Harry Nillson, Mal Evans and many others. It’s a warm and wonderful read that finally puts and end to what has often been called “The Lost Weekend”. It was actually John’s most productive period, and a time when he wrote and produced his first number one hit, “Whatever Gets You Through the Night”, songs like “Number 9 Dream” (which features May’s whispers) and John’s “Rock and Roll” album. See how happy John was, and get a chance to chat with May in November. Join the BBC now by clicking (here).



What is Life

It was the last week of November in 2001. We were still hurting from the wounds of September 11th, but fans of The Beatles were about to weep some more.

On November 29th, we lost our dear sweet George to cancer. Fans of The Beatles always remember George as “the quiet one” … he was anything but. George spoke loudest in his search for inner peace.

The Quiet One introduced The Beatles to transcendental meditation and the flavor of Indian music. Without George, The Beatles would never have journeyed to India. Without that trip, we may have never heard the likes of Dear Prudence, Back in the USSR, Obladi Oblada, The Continuing Story of Bungalo Bill, or numbers from George like Piggies, Long Long Long or Savoy Truffle. In fact, The White Album might never have seen the light of day.

And so while our hearts gently weep for this sleeping poet of peaceful meditation, please take a moment this week to thank the being you look to up in the sky for the chance you had to enjoy George Harrison’s time on earth, and promise that you’ll break out your CD or DVD of “The Concert for Bangadesh” so that George’s Sun continues to shine on the hearts of future Beatle fans everywhere.


O U T Spells Out
Ah, Christmastime is here again (repeat 5 times). O-U-T spells “out”. And “out” with Beatle Brunch is what you find on some of our local stations that broadcast the show from Thanksgiving to Christmas. If the programming Grinch at your local radio station has spoiled your weekly ritual of listening to Beatle Brunch, its “presents” can be found on the Beatle Brunch website. Nearly all of our Brunch affiliates stream their on-air signal over the internet.

So, to get your weekly Beatle Brunch fix, just click on the “Stations” section of our website, and find an outlet that streams the show and listen online. In fact, you may find that you can listen to the show over and over again in all the different time zones.

Here’s a secret Santa tip: our affiliate in Pittsburgh, WWWS, has several past shows on demand. Seek and ye shall find that listening to The Brunch is better than obeying The Grinch. Happy Christmas!



A Wonderful BrunchmasTime

Hmmm….what to get the Beatle fan on your holiday list.

Well, Happy Christmas from Beatle Brunch, we have just the thing! Get that special someone you know who loves The Beatles (and Beatle Brunch), a gift membership in The Beatle Brunch Club!

For just 7-cents a day, they can be enjoying all the Fab benefits of the BBC, while you get the presents. OK, you don’t have to tell ‘em that you got a FREE Rickenbacker BBC guitar pin and a 2 night hotel stay at a fine resort just for joining.

If you wish, you can slip the BBC into their stocking! BBC members enjoy our Live Chat Room with special guests each month; exclusive Beatle videos in our Downloads section; discounts from our member merchants; The After Brunch, an extra segment of this week’s Radio show on video; the latest Beatles news and views, plus a special, Baby’s Request phone number that members can call to make a request on the show.

So don’t “Wait”, get on the Magical Mystery Tour … that is The Beatle Brunch Club. (click here to join)



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Paul Live in Liverpool
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On the Brunch
"Meet The Beatles Authors"

Listen to one of the authors Nancy Lee Andrews
November 29th & 30th

Starting that weekend for 4 weeks play "Mind Games" and get a chance to win a personally signed copy of Nancy's new book, A Dose Of Rock 'N' Roll published by Dalton Watson Fine Books.

Nancy will be featured in the BBC Live Chat Room Dec. 15th 7pm EST.