Happy Summer Beatle People!

It’s time for another Beatle Blast from your pals at Beatle Brunch. We hope you are having a cool summer, staying away from tornadoes, floods and hurricanes and partying down with The Beatles and Beatle Brunch every week.


The Fest in Las Vegas
Hits the Jackpot!

Well the Las Vegas fest is all a blurry memory…all we have are the great pictures we shot and those that were sent to us, plus holes in our pockets where “donations” were made to the various slots and tables in Sin City, and of course, the ever bloated collection of Beatles’ memorabilia that we wrested home!

We met some new Beatle Brunch fans as well, like Jon Blosdale, the extremely talented artist who has designed the latest Beatles cartoon art depicting The Beatles Cartoon series on ABC Saturday Morning television. You can check out Jon’s work at www.beatlescartoon.com and pay special attention to this piece, entitled “Penny Lane”. This framed selection is our current Mind Games grand prize. We’ll be qualifying winners until the end of August and awarding this work of art to one lucky Beatle Brunch Listener … maybe you!

Joe Johnson, Tony Perkins, Don E. Gee and our huge Beatle Brunch family had a FAB time hob-nobbing with Beatles’ royalty, like Mark and Brett Hudson, Pattie Boyd, Donovan and many others.
The only thing that could top this extended weekend would be turning up the Fab-Fun in Chicago the weekend of August 8-10th. We hope to see all of our Brunch listeners and BBC members there as well. Joe J will be hosting Beatles Trivia and Name That Beatle Tune for incredible Beatles prizes, like DVDs, CDs, signed books, posters, Beatle Brunch gear and so much more. Make sure you stop by and say hey, so Joe can put you on our next Beatle Brunch request show.

My Baby's Request

Hey speaking of requests, did you know that Beatle Brunch Club members are given a secret phone number and email address to make a request right on the show?
That’s right, you won’t find the number listed on 411 or posted around the net … this number is just for members of The BBC. In addition, BBC members also get to watch and listen to “The After Brunch”, an extra segment of Beatle Brunch plus they can win our monthly BBC drawing of Beatle DVDs and more, and all new members get a welcome gift … a custom made Beatle Brunch Club guitar pin (shown here) and a weekend stay at hotel. Join up and see how for about 7-cents a day, you can be well on your way to the most exclusive membership this side of the Yellow Submarine.



Take a Magical Mystery Tour

You only live once…unless you’ve joined us on a past Beatle Brunch cruise, in which case, you’re about to live it up again.

We’re rolling up Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas and heading South around the Florida Keys to Key West and Cozumel on August 28-September 1st for a Fab Brunch Cruise filled with Beatles music from the great Beatles tribute band, The Return, Mr. Ed Rudy, who interviewed and got to know The Beatles in 1964 and 65, Miami Deejay Rick Shaw, plus your host, Joe Johnson who will tease your mind with a Beatle Brunch maze of trivia drills, Name That Tune, Beatles Kareoke, special Beatle presentations, lectures and so much more.

Reserve your space on this cruise before it’s sold out. Only a limited number of cabins remain and you must book it through our cruise partner, Cruise One to be included in our group. Tell ‘em you heard about it on Beatle Brunch! Book online at www.ycruise.com, or call 877-227-7775. The cruise departs out of Ft. Lauderdale and returns Labor Day Monday. So come on! What are you waiting for?




Pete Best
New Release, Haymans Green

The autobiographical CD reflects Pete’s thoughts and feelings as he takes us from the time he was a Beatle (which included the famous Hamburg, Germany tour dates, and the BBC, Polydor, Decca, and EMI recordings), before mysteriously getting fired, to the anguish of losing the gig and then finding his own way as The Beatles went on to superstardom.

The eleven tracks recorded by The Pete Best Band are, in essence, a musical documentary encapsulating Pete’s mind-set and reflections about those now famous days.

The CD will be available September 16th on the Casbah Club label, released through Lightyear Entertainment and distributed by Caroline/EMI.

For more information, the official Pete Best Band website is www.petebest.com.



And In The End
Well that’s about it for this edition of The Beatle Brunch Newsletter. We want all of you to become members of The Beatle Brunch Club and if you are members, please don’t hesitate to tell us what we can do to make the website better.
We have just added the video version of The AfterBrunch, so you can see and hear Joe J tell you more about this week’s show. We are still working on, testing and refining our Beatle Brunch Live Chat Page. As soon as we get our software where it can handle all the “wings” needed to chat around the world, we’ll activate that feature on the BBC.

Meanwhile, please join up, get your friends to join and be a part of the fastest growing Beatles community on the net. Remember, all BBC members get a nice introductory Brunch Gift, which retails for more than your membership cost, so you’re ahead before you even join.

The Beatle Brunch Club:
It’s getting better all the time …
thanks to you.


Have a great summer!

We hope to see you on board the Labor Day Cruise, in Chicago or inside the BBC very soon! So cheers from the Beatle Brunch Gang - Joe Johnson, Don E. Gee, Bob River, Tony Perkins, Rob & Deb, Tom Frangione, Tom Fontaine, Anthony Parisi, Bill “Mr. Beatle” Haack and the rest of our Brunch family.

All You Need Is Love.





September 3rd at
7PM Eastern Standard Time

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Beatle Brunch would like to congratulate Lee O'Leary,
our latest monthly winner drawn at random from all Beatle Brunch Club members.
Lee’s membership in the BBC led him to write a very nice letter (you can read it on the Letters Page on The BBC) and we do appreciate it. His family listens to The Brunch in Manitowoc, Wisconsin (we hear they make great icemakers there) on WOGB.
Hey Lee - are you planning to take the family to Mexico or The Caribbean for your holiday 3 day/2 night travel package? I'm sure the hotel is big enough. Groucho Marx once said to a woman who had 10 kids that he likes a good cigar, but he takes it out of his mouth once in a while.
Anyway, you won the DVD, “John, Paul, Tom and Ringo, the Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder”. Anyone can win IF they’re a BBC Member.


Nancy Hunter Wins The Labor Day Weekend Beatle Brunch Cruise!
She is leaving from Fort Lauderdale - please read all about it!
Nancy was the Mind Games winner from April and she writes this letter:
I am from Columbus, Indiana and used to listen to Beatle Bruch on station 104.9 but they haven't had it on for some time and I can't find it anywhere. I really miss it. If you know of a local station that plays it, let me know!
I'm so excited about the cruise! I've never been on one before. It's especially exciting having ALL Beatle fans on board!
Thank you so much!



There’s some new Beatles news this summer as well. We all enjoyed seeing
Ringo and his 10th All Starr Band when they came to Hollywood, FL a few weeks ago. Those of us in our group agreed that this ASB was the most powerful yet, and we really enjoyed hearing The Average White Band songs that Hamish Stuart played plus, what a thrill hearing Gary Wright tell the story of how he wrote “Dream Weaver” after a story George told him.

As for Paul, he’s played some monumental shows in the past few months, most notably, appearing with Billy Joel at “The Last Play at Shea”. Our own Tom Frangione was there and reported that Shea shook like a subway station when Paul joined Billy on stage for several Beatle numbers, finally closing down the joint with “Let it Be”. What a night!


Beatles Monopoly!
Imagine “owning” Abbey Road instead of Park Place or Boardwalk, and marching around the game in a strawberry?
Look for Beatles Monopoly at thefest.com.

100 iPods with every officially released Beatles song will be available soon and only at Bloomingdales.
The news reports say that all of the songs have been digitally re-mastered, which leads us to believe that a deal with i-tunes has been struck.