Dear Beatle Brunch Listener:

What an exciting year it’s been already. Here at Beatle Brunch we’re very pumped up about the Cirque du Soleil LOVE show that’s currently at The Mirage in Las Vegas, and we hope to meet many of you there in July at the Fest for Beatles Fans gathering. I’ve seen the show and I’m going back to see it again during the fest week.

First off, we want to thank you for listening each week, either on your local station, or through streaming audio from one of our “stations” listed on Sorry I missed the NJ fest I got snowed out of the North East and had to spend a sunny weekend in Ft. Lauderdale lying by the pool. Oh well, next time.

I’d like to thank all of you who enter and win the weekly “Mind Games” Contest. Especially our Fab Four excited winners who recently won a signed copy of Paul McCartney’s “The Space Within Us” DVD, from Beatle Brunch and AETV. We have one more to give away that we’ve been saving for the Paul McCartney birthday show coming up June 17th. So listen and win! Read More

Bruce on the Brunch - Spizer Is Back With His Swan Song Book
Beatles historian and author Bruce Spizer, who has been a frequent guest on Beatle Brunch, has just released the 6th and final installment on his critically acclaimed series of books on The Beatles American records. “The Beatles Swan Song: ‘She Loves You’ & Other Records” covers the group’s releases on labels such as Swan, United Artists, Decca, MGM and Atco, that had only limited rights to the Beatles recordings. The book contains fascinating stories of how these companies scrambled to get a piece of Beatlemania action, often employing questionable tactics and misleading fans hungry for more Beatles product. Read More

The King of Beatle Guitar.

What’s up With Steven?

Beatle Brunch listeners have come to know the music of Steven King (no not THAT Steven King, the author!). Our King of Beatles is an accomplished finger picking guitar player whose Beatle tunes can be heard in the background every week on Joe Johnson’s Beatle Brunch. Here’s a personal note from Steven to you: Read More


Hey Tom, Where You Goin’ With That Beatle Autograph in Your Hand?
Beatle Brunch listeners and collectors should know our pal Tom Fontaine, and if they don’t, they should get to know him. Tom is one of the world’s most respected authenticators of Beatles Memorabilia.

Tom is often called-upon by Beatle Brunch and world-wide auction companies to provide information on Beatle valuables, and their authenticity. Tom has some incredible items in his personal collection. Read More


A Hard Day’s Note from Gary Hein at Hein’s Collectibles

Dear Beatle Brunchers:
Gary Hein here. If you come to the New Jersey fest, then you’ve no doubt seen my booth at the number one spot in the marketplace. For many years now, I’ve carried only the best of the best, the primo Beatle items that show little or no wear. I have been a contributor to Bruce Spizer’s books, supplying many of the images you see and have also been a part of Beatle Brunch, so it’s my pleasure to tell you about something very cool. Read More

Beatle Brunch Artist, Anthony Parisi Gets Published, Exhibited & Wins a Blue Ribbon!
Beatle Brunch is very proud to have Anthony Parisi's work on our site and in our promotional materials. We first met Anthony way back, when it was called "Beatlefest" in New Jersey, and we were immediately taken by his gorgeous and playful renditions of The Beatles and their friends in his artwork. From that day forward, Anthony has been a member of the Beatle Brunch Family. You might know Anthony's work and not even realize that it he is one in the same. Read More

Rob and Deb Korhonen
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Rob and Deb are the owners of Art & Soul Graphics who created and maintain Rob is a professional Graphic Artist and Illustrator, and has won many awards for his work including his Beatles illustrations. He also is a master of Beatles Trivia. The talented duet work in a creative atmosphere, love what they do, and live on the cutting edge of technology.

And In The End...
Well that's about all, I think. Thanks for reading and please make sure you check in with every day, and remember to listen to Beatle Brunch every week as well. By the way, more of our radio stations are now streaming audio including Joe's home town station, Majic 102.7 in Miami, where you can hear Beatle Brunch in streaming audio Sunday morning at 10 Eastern time. Go to

Have a Fab Summer. See You On The Radio.
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Joe Johnson
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