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BBC'ers Chat With Gary

Join the BBC by August 29th and chat live with Gary Wright in the BBC Chat Room, 6 pm EST. He'll be with us live to talk about recording with George Harrison and Ringo Starr, his second stint as an All Starr Band member, his appearance at the upcoming Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans, and his new CD, “Connected.”
Gary's “WRIGHT” With Us

The new Gary Wright CD “Connected” is one of the year’s best but there’s so much more to explore. Gary’s fans can go to his website, to download bonus tracks, cool photos and more. We picked up the Gary Wright USB pendant and found it to be the most amazing value of all.

On the Pendant, you’ll find audio files of the new 10 song album CONNECTED.
Also included is a digital booklet with the complete liner notes (+ lyrics), pictures from a photo shoot with photographer Rob Shanahan and the following exclusive content:

Five original demos from 'The Dream Weaver' sessions in 1975
1) Dream Weaver (on acoustic guitar)
2) Can't Find The Judge
3) Silent Fury
4) Power of Love
5) 2220 (never before released)

Five rare bonus tracks:
1) “To Discover Yourself” cowritten by George Harrison in 1971. Recorded it on Nov 29, 2001, the day George passed.
2) “Never Give Up” with George Harrison on guitar
3) "The Way I Feel" from the 1986 film Fire and Ice
4) "Love Is Alive" (featuring son Dorian)
5) “Without You” (Unplugged)

Photo of George Harrison & Gary taken in Sweden in the mid 1970’s)

1) "Don't Try To Own Me" with a cameo by George Harrison on harmony vocals.
2) A 22 minute up close and personal interview recorded in Gary’s studio in June 2010. On it, he discusses the making of Dream Weaver,” the new album Connected and his dear friend George Harrison. He also shows off his vintage gear and even strums “Dream Weaver” on acoustic guitar (the original demo was done on guitar).

Don’t forget to join us for our live chat with Gary this Sunday night in the BBC Chat room.

BBC Chat With Joe Thursday

It's been fun having Joe in the BBC Chat Room every Thursday night in August at 7PM EST, and this Thursday, August 26, stop by and chat once again as he talks more about Gary Wright and his new CD and interview that will air this weekend. Join The BBC and chit chat with Joe every month hereafter. He'll be appearing the First Thursday of Each Month same time, same ClubPage. And remember special guest, Gary Wright, THIS Sunday, August 29th at 6PM EST. Drop by and meet The Dream Weaver.

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The stunning new collection includes:
· A 166-page hard bound book containing all of John Lennon’s, and John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s, LP artwork, brilliantly restored in pristine new LP-size art prints. This is the first time that all of this album artwork has been collected together in a single LP sized book. This book includes front covers, back covers, gatefolds and inserts arranged to create the feeling of holding and enjoying the entire LP collection in your lap. It includes the complete artwork from WEDDING ALBUM, arranged for the first time in book form, to be viewed as an actual wedding album would; the complete calendar artwork for LIVE PEACE IN TORONTO 1969; and the complete artwork for all of John’s, and John and Yoko’s, officially released studio LPs, worldwide compilations and live albums originally issued in the LP format.
· The “Catalography,” a brand new, full color discography of John’s, and John and Yoko’s, album catalog, with an exclusive essay and textual guide; newly restored reproductions of classic Lennon album advertisements; John’s handwritten “sound” notes to DOUBLE FANTASY and MILK AND HONEY; and more.
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Lennon Time Capsule

In honor of John’s 70th birthday on Saturday, Oct 9, 2010, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and BoxofVision, LLC will create 3 time capsules of John Lennon’s post-Beatles recordings and fan contributions to carry his legacy of peace and love to future generations.

All Beatle fans are invited to submit a video that may end up as part of a time capsule that is being set for opening 30 years from now.

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Rockin' With The
Beatle Brunch Gang At The FEST

The Chicago Fest For Beatles Fans got off to a great start despite the fact it was Friday the 13th. Thousands of fans crossed our paths and we hooked them up with Fab prizes. Read More
Across The Caribbean
On A Beatles Cruise

Cruise the turquoise waters of the Caribbean for only $125.00 per day. Call Angela at Cruise Planners, 877-291-1952, and tell her Joe J sent you. Hey Join our FABulous Family of show people and enjoy your favorite Beatles music on this Beatles Tribute Cruise. Here's the itinerary:

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Several new Beatles and Beatles related releases are due out, including a remastering of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. This 4 DVD set will include a 5.1 mix, plus some never before released interviews with Ed and the Boys. Listen to hear the tracks on Beatle Brunch and to win yours too. The entire back catalog from Apple is coming out, called “Come and Get It: The Best of Apple Records”. It’s the first commercial multi-artist compilation in Apple’s history and it’s set for release on October 26th. The release includes all the Badfinger albums, Mary Hopkin, James Taylor, Billy Preston, Jackie Lomax, Doris Troy, Ronnie Spector and dozens more. There are TOO MANY bonus tracks to mention here, but suffice it to say they include alternate mixes, singles, instrumentals and more, plus bonus tracks available as downloads only. Our Apple expert Tom Frangione will have a full review when they come out. We spoke to Joey Molland of Badfinger who’s heard them already and said they sound fantastic.

Look for the million selling “Red and Blues”, the 62-66 and 67-70 CDs coming your way mid October too. These have been assembled using the most up to date remastered versions, all of which have been released on The Beatles Remastered catalog that came out on 9/9/09. Of course we’ll have those to give away too.

Plus, listen for 11 Lennon albums to be re-released in a remastered setting, including a special 30th Anniversary edition of “Double Fantasy” in its stripped mix. Can’t wait to hear ‘em and give ‘em to you as Beatle Brunch prizes!

Now that Paul is through with his tour (for now), he can concentrate on the release of his “Band on the Run” remastered. This version will include a CD of course and a DVD with bonus material. The release date has been pushed back to November 2nd.

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We’ve got some exciting Beatle Brunch programs coming your way in the next few weeks. This weekend it’s our interview with Gary Wright where he talks about his new CD, working and collaborating with George and Ringo, the All Starr Band Tour, the night Paul came up on stage for Ringo’s birthday, plus we’ll hear a few of the bonus tracks on the USB.
Those of you who were interviewed at the Chicago fest about your Beatle collections should listen the weekend of 9/11-12 as we air our collecting and request show, including a special appearance by collecting experts Tom Fontaine and Gary Sohmers. Remember, if you’re a Beatle Brunch Club member, you can hear the show in our “On Demand” section anytime after it airs on the radio. Here’s the schedule of the next few shows.
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