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Tom Fontaine, Autograph Specialist & Memorabilia Collector
I’m at a place in my life where I’ve been successful at what I do. I’m at a point where I want to share my experiences and educate collectors to the best of my ability. I recently did an Autograph Study on the Beatles for that reason. See the link below. I will also be selling part of my collection thru Beatle Brunch Classifieds.

I am honored to be apart of a top-notch organization as Beatle Brunch and I will also feature tips and helpful advice on Beatles autographs and collecting … so look for it! Remember, we are here to educate! Here’s to the Beatles! Read More

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"Tell Me Why-From Me to You"

Tom Fontaine has one-of-a-kind Beatles memorabilia, autographs, clothing etc. that will blow your mind!

Tom Fontaine is also being featured on an upcoming PBS feature in his home state of Indiana and will be credited in the upcoming film "The U.S. vs. John Lennon". So check it out!!

In His Vast Collection, Highlights Include:

• A Signed ATV “Thank Your Lucky Stars” camera card by all four Beatles from 1963

• A George & Pattie Harrison Christmas Card to actress Hayley Mills and family

• John Lennon’s Writing Desk and Chair from his Aunt Mimi’s Home in Mendips, Liverpool

• A Ringo Starr Full Signature Ludwig Drumhead

• Paul McCartney’s Demo CD for “Calico Skies” signed and dated

• The Log Book signed, annotated, and illustrated by John Lennon on his 1980 Bermuda voyage on the Megan Jaye, where he wrote most of the material for “Double Fantasy”

For more information you can go to to check it out.

You can always contact Tom thru Beatle Brunch in “Tom’s Corner” or go to Tom's Official Website. We wish him all the best!

The Log Book signed, annotated, and illustrated by John Lennon on his 1980 Bermuda voyage on the Megan Jaye


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